Coirnav Progression Server - Coming March 16, 2018!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    My main issue with this server is nobody will spell Coirnav correctly, same as they do now with Agnar. I mean Aggnar. I mean Aggnarr. I mean Agnarr!
  2. Nicolos New Member

    Will Agnarr be able to transfer to that new server once it hits LDON if we wish to continue on?
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  3. strongbus Augur

    ohh great another tlp server to drain derv time away form the real game on live. if they want this many tlp sever spin it off into another game and have a different team then who work on live. the more time dervs wast on tlp the more they can't get fixed on live.
  4. vylo Journeyman

    This is a super important question that needs to be answered. I'm torn between Agnarr and Coirnav, and this would solve that problem.
  5. Mashef Augur

    Just awful guys. Not even a single improvement made. The demand for bad exp rates isn't there.
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  6. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Just a quick stat report, which seems to support the idea that new TLPs kill old TLPs:

    Current population: 968 across 3 /general channels,
    Launched: May 24, 2017

    Current population: 396 in /general, >100 in /baz (request cut short), 91 in POK
    Launched: December 9, 2015

    Current population: 196 in /general, 69 in /baz, 73 in POK
    Launched: May 29, 2015

    Current population, 308 in /general, 97 in /bazaar, 84 in POK
    Launched: May 21, 2015

    Fippy Darkpaw (Vulak'Aerr)
    Current population: 0-1 (I was the only person listed in /general or /who all)
    Launched: February 15, 2011
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  7. Nicolos New Member

    I’m on Agnarr and I will stay so long as my guild doesn’t fold and if it does then I will simply unsubscribe. The ONLY way I’d play the new server is by allowing Beastlords/Berserkers to play in Classic. Obviously VahShir might be excluded but there are other races. I always want to play a Beastlord on these servers but by the time they finally come around I have too much invested already.
  8. Accipiter Augur

    LOL, I thought it was Corinav (seriously).
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  9. Wriffraff New Member

    Utterly and completely stupid. How about create a server that BANS krono use and have true nbg looting, ie. warriors cant roll need on ODS for instance? Just stupid. /ugh
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  10. Accipiter Augur

    They have only ever stated that it's PoP locked and you can't transfer off. However, they also said , "We have no plans to release another TLP server" only 3-4 weeks ago.
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  11. Accipiter Augur

    Why would DBG ban use of a currency they created and that they profit from?
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  12. Forgar New Member

    Just stop it already ,please. Restarting eq on these servers will not fix the overall general problem of you're main servers stretched thin and the absolutely no advertising that is being done for your product. Everquest will never be able to replicate what it once was, those that lived it knew that the novelty behind the beginning of everquest was the mystery, was running into plane of fear and having absolutely no clue what you we're bound to see, as there was no allakhazam, no eqresource, there we're no guides, besides the overwhelmingly large binders we all had from eqatlas and even that was speculation at best. Those that are dedicated to eq from back in the day wear our experience and our characters as a badge of we've been there, but will we want to do it again? Probability is low and those that weren't there, try to relive what eq once was through these servers but they will never be able to experience that. It was a one time thing that will never be able to be harnessed again, if you weren't there you missed it. Is what it is.
    Here's what you can do if you want to do those servers though. Make something new, create a whole new game with the same lore. Similar to the legendary server you once have, something that can't be googled and figured out within a mere matter of seconds, that an army of mages can't take out and create a rerun of what always is.
    Perfect your pvp. Pvp on eq was amazing at one time, then it fell to the waste side as resources we're thinned out, pvp servers we're merged losing their rule sets. But you guys ALMOST had it. Faction pvp, all out pvp, the list goes on. Guild wars would be a great thing to implement again to, maybe a server where people can merge there guilds over and have wars, or bring it back on all servers.
    Better yet. Just fix the current server population problem and market for yourselves and don't depend upon your customers to market for you, hoping that making "bring back the original everquest," would appeal to these people and make them bring their friends back and market for you. The customer base is already slim sometimes at best, i'd suggest working on that solution first, instead of adding to the chaos of server population that already is
    -safe travels-
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  13. Cybergun New Member

    I'm all for the progression servers.. but why not try new things? I'd love to see them perfected in each iteration, maybe by adding the Bazaar in some form/fashion to the Commonlands and Gfay, for example. That was my only issue with Agnarr. Old school trading wasn't fun.. for me, at least. Also, i'd remove the use of Kronos if you truly want to improve the experience.. but I know that isn't likely to happen. You could also do things like allowing berserkers/beastlords to be playable from day one. Would be interesting to see the retro dynamic with those classes, having more options, etc.
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  14. Schwifty New Member

    Too soon.

    A_Dud incoming
  15. Silinius Augur

    You are forgetting that TLPs bring in a ton of cash flow which is what this is about. If you want to recommend something that gets the attention of a company starved for cash, then do yourself a favor and think through what you are asking for. PVP isn't it.

    Server life, strong economy that runs on Krono where people are willing to drop $$ on Krono to twink out Alt_0210 and spend countless hours for drop items that sell for insane amounts of plat / Krono and re-sub accounts. I'd bet dollars to donuts that is what drives decisions. But I'd bet that FV loot rules would bring in 10x the amount of cash that a standard TLP would bring in. FV has the highest pop of any live server. It's a proven winner in the long term. Phinny 2.0 is a short term cash grab.
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  16. Horathmir Lorekeeper

    Looks like Ill be buying McDonald's Chicken McNuggets instead of EQ like i said. Might as well call teh server "Groundhog Day Server" .... since its a rehash of the last 5-6 servers.......zzzzZZZZzzzzzz!!
  17. Horathmir Lorekeeper

    THIS ^^^ would be the ONLY way Daybreak would get a single nickel out of me again after this announcement. Greatly disappointed with today's sad, sad news.
  18. Kolani Augur

    FWIW, the guild war interface was replaced by the LDoN interface.
  19. Goodkitty Augur

    So this is just a phinigel 2.0 server?
  20. Goodkitty Augur

    DBg you could be more creative with this new server with Class unlocks day 1 to experience the content with the raid gear theyll never use and thats already in the game but nah
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