Coirnav Progression Server - Coming March 16, 2018!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. AlmarsGuides Augur

    For all Daybreak knows the TLPers might even LIKE the expansions after SoF if only they'd let them get to play them.
  2. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    I happen to think the game really picks up at TSS. There are just so many spectacular expansions that such few people know about from the TLP community.

    That being said a new server would be fine if it was any different from the recent servers at all.
  3. Tachyon Augur

    I think the reason you make the argument you do is because you don't play on them. It sounds logical but it doesn't take into account how people play on a server as more and more players level and gear cap. Grouping disappears long before the next server comes along.

    Grouping has been getting thin on Agnarr since the Fall. The same was true on Phinny, Fippy, The Combine, etc. after the first 6-9 months give or take the XP rate. The same was true on EQ live way back in 2002-2003 after PoP had been out for a while.

    Leveling is behind you. You have good to great gear and enough AAs to get by. Improvements become incremental. Completionists and min/maxers stick around to raid and quest but a vast majority of the population have had their fun so they go play elsewhere. Very few people group. They just play with their friends or box solo/duo.

    The original progression servers faced no TLP competition for years and they became ghost towns as time went by. New TLPs actually bring people back! I speak from experience. And not just my own.
  4. Soulfire Lorekeeper

    What a boooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring and lame TLP release.

    Atleast make it a capped TLP like Agnarr (at a different xpansion), or new ruleset, or PvP server.

    Total failure imho.
    Clearly a lot of thought at DBG HQ went in to this.
  5. Zaviere Augur

    Just throwing this out there...

    The "original" progression servers gave birth to what is now the #1 (Live) progressive raiding guild in the game.

    Take that fact for whatever it may be worth to you~
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  6. Febb Augur

    I'm pretty sure Realm of Insanity is a collection of people who played on the live servers before they formed the guild on The Combine.
  7. Dahaman Augur

    - There is no other just starting Classic-Live TLP at this time. The others are many expansions ahead of Classic at this point. TLPs are a recurring "product cycle" to sell. They are popular. It makes financial sense to start one up on occasion.

    - It has been two years since the start of Phinny. Having a new Classic-to-Live progression server start every two years means that each non-special TLP server is 8-12 expansions apart. That's a reasonable enough gap in between to keep them unique from each another. One new Classic-to-Live TLP server every two years means that there (eventually) will only be 2-3 such servers in existence... ever... at one time.

    - Phinny was a hugely popular server, so basing a new TLP on that ruleset is a "safe bet". It's also an easy and cheap setup, as it has been done before, serving TLP customers while keeping resources spent doing so at a minimum.

    That said, I do hope they move to use FV loot rules for Coirnav. I also hope for faster scaling XP as they release expansions.
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  8. Galleyan Augur


    Oh... Right...

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  9. Zaviere Augur

    I'm pretty sure that you are correct. That's not a point I am arguing against. What I am basically saying is that, given time, great things can come from new and unique ideas. These days, nothing significant and long-lasting is ever going to come from all the generic TLP servers popping up so frequently.
  10. uk6999 Augur

    First I love the idea. Fresh TLPs is what keeps the cycle going. Thanks for putting this out there.

    Some suggestions:
    1. Merge Ragefire/Lockjaw. There are to many TLPs that fragments people. Doesnt it make sense to put these together?
    2. Release the xp penalty on Phinny when TSS lands in May to be the same as live.
    3. Do something about huge bottlenecks for raiding early on. VP and VT key access comes to mind. Increase spawn rate or increase # of key releated items dropped per mob.
    4. Consider improving epic 1.0's for classes like ENC and SK mob availability.
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  11. Tachyon Augur

    Realm of Insanity actually started on Stromm which was pre-progression (2002?). It was a server that opened in the PoP era and was basically a clean slate, no transfer server. Later they reformed on The Combine. They were a fun group back then, but I'm not sure how many if any originals are still playing.
  12. Xauninae New Member

    Lame, do 600% increased rapid release xpac server. And coulda let agnarrr clear pop... so like a week after pop comes out.
  13. Nolrog Augur

    I don't think this is a great idea. There are too many TLP servers right now. Agnarr isn't even a year old, and now there's another one. There is much to be said about revisiting the old content again, but it's too much now. All this does is dilutes the TLP population even further. . . .

    IMO, a much better idea would have been another even type server, discord or something along those lines.
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  14. Nolrog Augur

    The problem with that argument is that Agnarr is only 9 or so months old, playing the exact same content that this server will be in. People want to go thru that content, not play opening to live (the servers will invariably peter out around HoT / VoA like the others have.)
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  15. Brunnt ForceTrauma Lorekeeper

    Boxable server or bust. Enough with the True Box garbage.
  16. Varu Journeyman

    This is pretty lame. FV loot rules or a new Quarm type of server would of been new and interesting but instead they do a copy of what Phinny and Agnarr have just gone through.
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  17. Gremin Augur

    Daybreak just does not learn....
  18. Bobsmith Augur

    So another tlp goes live and not a peep as to weather dot revamps are mothballed or wip.....
  19. snailish Augur

    Corinav is happening sooner than I would have expected, but I am not surprised. It being nearly direct Phinny 2.0 is not a surprise at all. It will do fine (and certainly pay for itself).

    Ragefire and Lockjaw don't need any of us that don't play there advising mergers (though I admit having suggesting diverging their rulesets if population drops). Simply put the players there will either keep the server(s) viable or not. This has no real impact outside of those that play there anyways.

    Phinny will automatically get to live. If Phinny players stick with it... probably gets to be a special ruleset live server. If it is a ghost town... then characters likely get moved to a normal live server at some point. My bet is on stays special, as I think there is a market for offering that special ruleset for other live server characters to transfer onto.

    Agnarr remains an experiment. Do people play into the lock or not? If they do, is it 2 years, 4 years?

    Questions Corinav causes me to have are:

    1. When is Quarm event 2.0? (summer 2018 please! and make it something really different. With the ability to earn mulitple rewards solo-group-raid-top tier raid)

    2. Is spring 2019 when we get a racing-unlock progression server? [beat expac, next one opens 2 weeks later, no AoC, no load balancing, normal or slow XP, possibly "hardmode" via restricted level caps, reduced raid size, some other mechanism, maybe free trade loot code... so it could flush into Brekt when live is caught up to and be restarted as a cycle] --after all, we won't need Phinny 3.0 until 2020.
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  20. RandomStrategy Augur

    I don't know if I plan to do the craziness of another TLP server high end raiding guild (even though I love the one I'm in). I'm glad Agnarr is stopping at PoP, but I did expect the next TLP to release sometime after Agnarr locked into PoP, so I won't be going to the new server until I get done on Agnarr. Then again, I'd be far enough behind on the new server after Agnarr is done that I wouldn't really care to start, so I might as well wait for the next server. Good job driving me out of playing your game.
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