Coirnav: Please reconsider the xp rate during Velious

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by a_librarian, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Accipiter Augur

    Wow, that's saying something for you, since you're a self-described altaholic.
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  2. Accipiter Augur

    In many ways 1-5 is the worst of it.
  3. Risiko Augur

    I am (or was) a huge altaholic when it comes to MMORPGs.

    Coirnav is the first server I have ever played only one character seriously.
  4. oldkracow Augur

    Why I quit....
    I need another TLP I'm sitting on around 350 krono and waiting.... :(
  5. Risiko Augur

    LoL give me some krono money bags!
  6. a_librarian Augur

    So I leveled a few characters into the 30s during the labor day double xp bonus, and now have kind of hit a wall in terms of what character to work on.

    I'm going to just focus on my current highest alt (48 mage) until I hit 60 or burn out completely on the class. Just as an experiment for my own amusement I'm going to keep track of xp gained/time played and in which zones.

    Seems like since the end of the summer the evening (US time) population on Coirnav has dropped significantly. Pure speculation but I think people being discouraged from rolling alts is one factor, among many others for sure.
  7. Zinkeh Augur

    Heh, I don't know why the exp on Cor feels so terrible....but it really does. I got a rogue to 55 on Phinny w/out a ton of annoyance and 3 chars to 60+ on Agnarr....which was actually fun. I started on Cor just before the big 2 week exp bonus thing and it felt alright. Once the bonus ended it became more like work than anything else.

    That slow exp rate combined with how fast content comes out = endlessly chasing one's tail just to keep up.

    I got nicely geared and up to lvl 45 before I've decided to pretty much throw in the towel on this one. It's just too frustrating and too much like work to grind for 3 hours nonstop in velks to see the bar nudge 1/4 of a level @ 45.

    Most of the folks on these TLP's already did the grind of doom back in the old days. This is more like a nostalgia return tour for most of us. I really don't need to re-experience all of the terrible crap again just to try a new class.

    Coirnav is just straight up boring.
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  8. Hinastrom Lorekeeper

    I've tried to make Coirnav work for me so many times now. I don't really care about classic-velious anymore, but I really wanted to do Luclin+ in era for the first time.

    If yer reading this devs, this exp rate on any new TLP will be a hard pass from me and many many others. If that means losing money on exp pots, make it up elsewhere somehow. We'll pay more in some other way if it means having a sane exp rate.
  9. Trevalon Augur

    I've said it before and Ill say it again. Me and all my friends (Not a huge amount but a good 5-6) would ALL be playing Coirnav multiple accounts if the EXP was faster. As it is, were all unsubbed from EQ right now because there is nothing here for us.

    After doing every other TLP server they have made Coirnav is our first one not to do because we just cant stomach the slow leveling again. Its NOT fun.

    Oh well, we will wait for the next server and hope Daybreak isnt dumb again.
  10. Delphwind Augur

    Just took a small group to Iceclad. We were getting about 2 levels per hour. XP is fine.
  11. Hinastrom Lorekeeper

    Assuming low 30's, thats triple to quadruple my rate on average in pug groups, with exp pot. I can only do so much in a group, not sure what yer secret is there. Especially since iceclad probably has no exp modifier.
  12. superman Augur

    had a phenomenal double charm chain pulling group last weekend slaughtering yellows/reds in chardok and with an exp potion made it through 51 in about 5 hours. The group was friends who are accustomed to playing together, can't get much better than the setup we had without it being AE.

    I think 5 hours is fair, for 51, for a fair group. I think the discouragement comes from being in suboptimal groups....Anything without a good enchanter seems almost like it's not even worth doing. Which raises a whole new problem because if the right classes aren't available not only are you gonna get 1/2 to 1/4 the exp but some people are going to quit the group as well because cleric/ench isn't available. that hurts even more..

    I guess what I'm tryin to say is I don't mind suboptimal groups, as a shaman I kinda thrive in them as a class....but, I wish they were more profitable.

    Say Sk,Shaman,bard,rogue,mage,wiz A plenty workable combination to get things done, but not optimal. I think that combo should be able to get 51 in 5-6 hours not 10+ /shrug

    +1 to bump the exp!! its horrible!
  13. Risiko Augur

    I see no down side to increasing the experience gain on Coirnav at this point, and that's coming from someone with a max level character in top tier raid gear on the server. In other words, I'm not specifically going to benefit personally from increasing the experience gain on Coirnav.

    Some will say the experience is fine, and that's great for them. The thing is that it's not fine for the average modern day EverQuest player, and that hurts the overall longevity of the server.

    There will be attrition over time just as there is on every TLP server. There needs to be a low pain point for new and returning players to create a character and catch up to the end game on the server at all times. That is the only way to insure that the attrition rate does not kill the server for the long run.
  14. malaki Augur

    Based on your posting history I'd have thought you wouldn't be the type of person to do Tear quests while farming NToV with all the faction swapping required. I was going to level some characters on Coirnav because of some people that were there, then after getting to like the low 20s even I decided cross server tells are just fine.
  15. Master Kahleem Augur

    I want to come back to Coirnav so badly, but the exp rates drove me away. I've played every single TLP prior to Coirnav, but Coirnav is just absolutely FAR too slow.

    I've been sitting in the rafters waiting to hear about a new TLP with actually playable exp rates. This is literally the slowest TLP we've ever had, or at least it feels that way.

    Perception is reality.
  16. Fiugvktffkhgvkkh New Member

    I started late and I’ve 3 boxed almost the entire time. I just hit level 38 on all 3 characters and I have around 75 hours /played. I’ve been averaging around 1 level per 2 hours lately with a 25% pot on. Is it noticeably worse in the 40s and 50s? It’s pretty slow but hasn’t been too bad thus far. This is my first TLP so I have nothing to compare it to.
  17. Hinastrom Lorekeeper

    It gets much slower, and im not sure where you've been going but the good higher level spots are much more likely to be taken.

    I don't want to discourage you, its great you made it that far with a 3 box, I made it to high teens before I couldn't stomach it anymore. Just know what yer getting into.
  18. oldkracow Augur

    Compared to the other servers at launch the best way to put it would be half speed.

    If 100% was Agnarr (the fastest TLP) at launch
    Coirnav is about 50%
    Phinny was slower at launch but the patch in Feb 2016 put it at the same speed as Coirnav was at launch

    Good luck if you enjoy it.
  19. a_librarian Augur

    I boxed a mage/enchanter and could feel a noticeable slowing starting around 43 and finally hit a wall at 47 where I stopped playing for a few months.

    To make quick progress as a boxer you rely on the insanely OP charm abilities, mainly enchanter but druid and necro can work too for certain zones. A charm pet basically is like adding a tank and a strong DPS player to a group without splitting the xp two more ways. If you hate the gameplay style of charming then you can make do without it but there's no way around the fact it will be slower.

    I ended up coming back to Coirnav when they had a double xp bonus event and leveled up a druid to box with my enchanter. I tried to stick to zones where I could double up charm pets, the most successful one by far was Chardok. I did most of 54 to 60 there because it was one of the few places in kunark to find plenty of dark blue mobs. I wasn't keeping track closely but it felt like 1-1.5 hours per yellow there in a duo running two charm pets.
  20. a_librarian Augur

    Totally agree with this post. The current xp rate feels tuned to slow down optimal min/max style players. The problem is all the other players who don't want to box, want to play sub optimal classes/zones they enjoy, don't have a static group that eliminates their LFG time, don't have the desire or knowledge to form their own groups and find a decent open camp, and don't have many 3+ hour blocks of playtime a week.

    There's already a ton of barriers to players getting to the fun parts of the game. The players like that who missed the boat on Agnarr, or who came to Coirnav to see post PoP content are just getting screwed over by the current xp rate.

    To me it feels like an arbitrary barrier to one of the largest appeals the TLP servers offer to casual players. That is getting to see raid content in era that you never had a chance to before, and getting to do it at your own pace with your guild.

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