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    In the begining, there were two superpowers of the realm called Coirnav.
    The giant, Imperceptible and the titan, Magus Imperialis Magicus.

    They realized an existential threat to reality as we knew it and came to the conclusion that the only way to overcome it was by joining forces, and thus Magus Imperceptible Magicus was formed, Voltron-like, to battle the evil known as The Entropy.

    We thought The Entropy defeated, but like any good villain, it bided its time, gathering its strength to reemerge stronger than ever demanding that we relinquish all of our cookies!

    We need your help to combat The Entropy.

    Stand with us, raise your fist, and shout: These are our cookies, and you can't have them!

    Join us and together we shall overcome! The Entropy will be defeated again!

    <MIM> Coirnav is recruiting active raiders to help combat The Entorpy, which rears it's ugly head everytime a new TLP launches. Coirnav is about to come into some of the best content EverQuest has produced in it's 21 year run, so if you want to stick around and experince it with a group of people that put family and real life over pixels, in a relaxed and friendly environment, with an active guild with a long history spanning all the way back to 1999, then <MIM> might just be right for you.

    Head to and sign up for the forums and click the link to the right to apply for the Coirnav chapter.

    This server is about to get a whole lot more intimate, so come cuddle up with us and keep raiding!

    Also, we have cookies.

    Current class needs:
    Clerics - HIGH
    Berserker - Medium
    Beastlord - Medium
    Bards - HIGH
    Druid - Medium
    Enchanter - Low
    Mage - Medium
    Necromancer - Low
    Paladin - Low
    Ranger - Low
    Rogue - Low
    Shaman - Low
    Shadow Knight - Low
    Warrior - Medium
    Wizard - Medium

    Stop in and leave a message, or head over to and register for the forums and fill out the application. If starting fresh is more your style, we have a chapter forming on the new Aradune TLP. Links to both applications are on our website.

    Hope to see you in game!
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    Coirnav MIM are using a Closed Bid +1 DKP system. In short you pay +1 of the second place bid.
    I bravely copied and pasted this from out Aradune brothers and sisters!
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    Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30 to 10:30 Eastern.
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