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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Velerin, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Velerin New Member

    Wondering if anyone else noticed this camp seems to be permafarmed by box groups on Coirnav? Is it even that lucrative anymore with overfarming prices are plummeting? On Agnarr I used to be able to pick hop and eventually find an open PUG spot in one of the groups. This isn’t an anti box thread, just an observation. I rarely see normal groups here anymore. Gave up and just bought a fungi and moved on.
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  2. Hateseeker Augur

    I thought coirnav was true box? So truebox doesn't do much to reduce box crew sizes or numbers of box crews?
  3. MesoSKCoirnav New Member

    It was pretty heavily camped on Phinny too, so was Hierophant Cloak. This had the side effect of making the item super common and cheap. It was a bit expensive until Velious on Fippy, so I'm not too upset about it. I'd much rather have a fungi leveling for a krono or two than wait until 50s to loot one because they're too expensive!
  4. Stune Elder

    Same Chinese farmers, just push them off the camp. They have cleared the area pick back and forth, auto login, rinse and repeat. Eventually they will leave. So form up a group and go there... the problem is they call pick by pick there camps so it causes people problems not wishing to go there.
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Those chinese farmers thst spam kr0n0 in global are probably the same ones from agnarr.

    Pathetic lack of enforcement. Its like target allowing walmart to set up pop up tents in their parking lot.
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  6. Fhiele Augur

    On Agnarr, Heirophant Cloak was always 1-2krono after the first couple weeks. The Fungi fluxuated a lot. It was heavilly camped. Often by a 2 box for Heiro. King needs a bigger team.
  7. Numzan Augur

    Yup chanter, healer and puller. Helps a lot having loads of dps. Solid camp for xp though....
  8. Velerin New Member

    Yeah, always been a well farmed spot. Just remember mostly guild or PUG groups with occasional box crew. Usually could hop around picks and eventually find someone looking for a rep soon. Recently doing that I just see box crew after box crew. Most with the generic EQ generated names.
  9. Scrax Elder

    King doesn't need more than a 2 box. Shaman enchanter can do it easily
  10. That One Guy Augur

    technically a chanter can solo king camp if we are talking about what you NEED for the king camp. I soloed it at lvl 57 on my chanter.
  11. Scrax Elder

    I don't believe this at all. The King is extremely resistant, it's very very very hard to get slow to land on him and he will grind your pet to bits well before you can actually kill him. It seems unlikely to me that you could hold your pet long enough to kill him, especially with the amount of mezzing/CCing you will need to do to keep the adds at bay, even when standing on the dais.

    I actually don't even think with slow landing relatively quickly that your pet would out last the kings damage, he hits very hard and is very tanky and has a lot of self healing, yes you could drain him but he's very resistant even to drains and you also need to be mezzing/pacifying much of the room. If your pet breaks your dead.

    You could pacify everything and bring him to the water but I still don't think you can land slow in time, especially at 57.

    I specifically remember trying (and succeeding) in soloing him as a shaman in velious, but that involved repeatedly zoning out and back in, first maloing zoning then dragging him into the water, and it took me several attempts at 60 to get a resistable malo to land and then a slow to land in a timely manner (I body pulled with a low hp mob which I used to drain his mana and had him premalo'd).

    I don't think a level 57 enchanter could land a slow on him in a timely manner, nor could an ilis wizard stand up to the king without heals even if king was slowed.
  12. That One Guy Augur

    I understand why you would think it is impossible. But, if you charm a cleric shroom, it will Complete Heal itself. Also, it will Complete Heal you. And, I used mem blur to reset my aggro if I had to recharm during the fight.

    The first few tries I did try slowing and yah it took like 30-40 attempts and then slow would even wear off before the fight was over, so I stopped even trying to slow.
  13. Scrax Elder

    I just don't see you holding a cleric for any length of time at 57, the shrooms break in under a minute usually even with tash and malo at 60 they would break fairly constantly. Add to this an instant summon/bash by king... an unslowed king.

    Like sorry, but I don't believe you.
  14. That One Guy Augur

    I don't believe that you soloed it with a Shaman in Velious.

    I'm sure you care about as much as I care. I wasn't trying to convince you. I was telling you how I did it lol.

    Also, I am joking about not believing you, just giving you my point of view. You clearly did it... and you told me how you did it.

    It's okay to believe me. It won't hurt your story about how your shaman soloed it in Velious. I am still impressed by your great accomplishment. Soloing King was fun, stressful, and not easy. Those charm pets are OP though.

    I don't know what to tell you. You don't have to believe me if you wish to stay in your fantasy land :) Was just explaining that it is possible to solo King with an enchanter.
  15. That One Guy Augur

    Also, I think you need to revisit Charm. I was charming those shrooms at 55-56 on Coirnav and to say they only last a minute is just absurd. According to you, even a chanter/cleric will have trouble because their charm can only hold 1 minute! And, obviously a chanter/cleric can take the king camp... it isn't even a question. If charm was breaking every 1 minute, it would not be possible. You'll get 10min+ off Allures and 5min off Boltrans pretty consistently.

    Your recollection on charming shrooms is just a tad off.
  16. Yawutokay Journeyman

    yep seen chanters solo king, although not consistent but doable
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  17. Scrax Elder

    At level 57 in kunark? Calling bull on you sorry, you're clearly lying, the resists you would get on the shroom pet and the king are insane.
  18. That One Guy Augur

    Git gud...

    What spells do I need to land on king again? Oh, none... right.

    I'm pretty sure you are just messing with me at this point LOL. I am enjoying it though :) I will play along!

    If you actually thought I was lying, put up some krono and you can watch me solo it with a charmed cleric shroom.
  19. HoodenShuklak Augur

    You cant kill king without a slow! Never!
  20. Numzan Augur

    Your too deeply involved... cant you see hes taunting you? we all know what is up with the king camp. Iis charm will do well, but when it breaks or no heals hell that sucks.

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