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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dobs, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Riler Elder

    That trio will work just fine if that's what you and the wife want to play. Any Tank/Healer duo with any 3rd box will do ok. Any Enchanter with any other 2 classes will do ok.

    Folks typically avoid SK/Necro because their skills overlap so much, but it will definitely work.

    I consider playing 3 toons an awkward number of characters. When 2 boxing, you want both toons to cover as many roles as possible, which is why SK/Sham is so powerful (tank, FD, snare, dots, slows, heals, buffs). When you play 4 toons you want toons that are the best at what they do (for example, tank, cleric, enchanter, wizard). With 3 boxes you are kinda in between, and if you are playing 3 toons at once, it won't be long before you want to add a 4th and will be wishing you had Enchanter/Cleric instead of Shaman.

    I know I wish I could switch from SK/Sham/Bard/Mage to SK/Cleric/Enchant/Wizard if I could start all over, but I grew my 4 box organically from an SK/Sham duo that added the Mage for DPS, and then the Bard for Lull/CC/Mana.
  2. Ronzark Augur

    I started with 3 box and added a 4th, and I will verify that Riler is 100% correct. 4 toons is completely different setup than 3. With 3 i used Enc/Mag/Dru and was very effective thru Luclin. However, at PoP I changed the Dru to Clr and added another box (ranger). Then I replaced my mage (2ndary tank) with a Warrior.

    So now I'm Enc/War/Rng/Clr and I can farm anything groupable, and even a bunch of past expansion Raid bosses with MoTM (pretty tough to do without a tank as you get the pet's agro as a chanter). And when charm breaks, the warrior has the agro on the mob I'm fighting, the cleric stuns my pet so I can re-tash, snare and re-charm it, and I keep on keeping on.

    If you're gonna stick with 3, I'd highly recommend Enc/Mag/Dru. You have nearly every base covered. The only downside is after PoP the druid will struggle to keep up with healing a charmed pet vs. a cleric who will have little trouble. Cleric also offers rez and stuns for pet charm breaks. Very important when you lose charm in the middle of a boss fight.

    If you go 4 box, I'd suggest one of the following:

    Enc/War/Clr/Rng - Not a single base isn't covered here. Not much burst dps, but solid on all fronts. I'd choose ranger over wizzy for Tracking. If you don't have tracking, you will lose lots of potential loot to those who do.

    SK/Bard/Sham/Wiz - Very effective group but no enchanter so dps takes a hit. And Bard tracking sucks, but at least it's something.
  3. Agonybot New Member

    Enc/Clr can do almost anything in the game. Having a druid would probably be a very helpful (snare, dps, ports, heals, evac, PL a different 3rd character (ranger) when the druid is washed up after PoP).

    It is irresponsible to do any kind of boxing without an Enchanter. For anyone to suggest not using an Enchanter is disingenuous and irresponsible. Enchanter is the gateway to all content and carrying even the worst players to the top.
  4. Ronzark Augur

    Who died and made you the judge of how people should have fun?
  5. Agonybot New Member

    Not telling anyone how to have fun; I'm telling everyone that anyone answering the question about what to use in a trio that isn't including an Enchanter at all times is being disingenuous and irresponsible. The person can play however they want; but if that is the case, then there is no reason to post a thread asking for tips. My Dude.
  6. Ronzark Augur

    That is certainly a good example of someone telling other people what to do. It may be implicit, and you didn't say it explicitly, but it's as clear as the Liberty Bell that you think your opinion is far more important than anyone who might disagree.

    Get off your high horse, not everyone wants to play the game for the same reasons you do.

    Oh, and they didn't post asking for snide condescending opinions that insult and degrade any that think differently. If they did, you'd be in the clear.
  7. Riler Elder

    LOL, define irony:
    A guy coming in on his high horse telling someone else to get off their high horse.
    The OP literally asked for opinions on how to play. The only one who got upset is you...on your high horse.
    What a knight in shining armor. My hero!!
  8. Ronzark Augur

    He asked for opinions, not derision. There is a difference. Sad that you don't know that.

    FYI, I play a chanter. And I think that without one when boxing you're crippled. But IF you want to play that way, go for it. I'm not gonna say someone is deluded or irresponsible for wanting to have fun however they wanna have fun. And that's what he did, and you justified with your sarcasm and veiled insults.
  9. Dixa Elder

    this has not been my experience on agnarr. necro dots don't last very long while leveling and you have to recast them somtimes three times starting in the mid 20's and that's on a twinked necro with bone-clasped girdle. their damage per dot is not on the same level as druids or shaman and the amount of mana necros blow on dotting is pretty insane while leveling
  10. Dobs Lorekeeper

    Thanks a ton for all the insight on this thread.

    I've decided (till i change my mind again, damn EQ choices!), that i will go for PAL/SHM/NEC. Gives me the opportunity to charm and the shm/nec in itself is pretty good damage for my needs. If i set up the nec/shm as base, i like what they bring, then the SK wouldnt bring more than the paladin and his utility and defensive nature. Both their DPS is bellow average at best (Not taking HT and tap-spam into consideration).

    And then it's just a huge plus that there isnt a million paladins around, like with shadowknights.

    Thanks for helping out! ;)
  11. Riler Elder

    This seems like a potentially really fun 3 box that I wouldn't have immediately thought of because I was set on "SK main" and built off that.

    Don't forget, that Necro can also mez a mob once he hits 22.

    You also have 2 toons with rez in that trio once the Necro is 53.
  12. Machentoo Augur

    One advantage to sk over paladin is that the entire group could FD then. Being able to train down to whatever you want to do and flop your entire group to clear aggro is pretty handy. Something to consider...
  13. Dobs Lorekeeper

    Okay... well...

    Changed our minds again from pal/nec/shm to pal/dru/Ench and then again back to sk/shm/nec. While I still think that enchanters are so very powerful in so many ways, regarding the group content, and I really wanted to main a druid, then we went back to the sk/shm/nec after leveling past 25.

    I was excited to try and make the enchanters work as a dps off character, only focusing of charm, CC and some buffs. But it didn't take us long to realize that the upkeep was too high for me to box the enchanters, and my wife really didn't felt it neither. And if we didn't charm, our dps was horrible

    The sk/nec/shm has a lot of dps and the ability to charm if we feel like it. Then I just need to work harder to try and keep ae aggro.

    EQ is frustrating :)
  14. Riler Elder

    Did you ever try pal/shm/nec?

    Seems like there is too much overlap between sk/nec, and I can't imagine the dps upgrade from pal to sk is even noticeable.
  15. Dobs Lorekeeper

    It probably isn't to be fair. I mean who even uses the SK pet? :)

    The issue with the paladin was mainly two things (at level25ish anyway). They need some sort of mana regent, and necro feed didn't cut it and I had issues both holding aggro on one and even more on multiple targets. And without hard CC, that was a problem. Granted I don't have my stun yet, but even if it did felt with the aggro, then I'd have more mana issues.

    I realize that with luclin, they get cease and desist.. but that doesn't seem to fix the AE aggro. That's an assumption though. If someone know better, please let me know :)
  16. Riler Elder

    I suppose I didn't realize Pals didn't get a single agro spell until Stun at 28. That's rough, though I've heard of folks using Flash of Light for agro...assuming it doesn't cause mobs to run away.

    The Necro gets mez at 22, so that is hard CC on at least 1 mob (just have to set up a macro to cast Screaming Terror 3-4 times).

    At the end of the day the SK will probably be better, which is why SK/Sham is so popular. Adding a Necro to the duo pumps the DPS, gives you a mez, and gives you 93% rez at higher levels. Next you will be adding a Bard for mana song haha!
  17. Saolyene New Member

    Paladins also get heals which make a big difference on aggro. Group heals = a form of AE Taunt.
  18. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The game changes ao much after POP. I would consider not just your goals but when you want to peak and or if you want to reroll.

    Early on for group content you cant beat an enc. Its just not even close. They can duo mini group bosses in era and even in pop the enc charmed pet just embarasses tanks and dps classes in pOF. But that doesnt last.

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