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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dobs, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Dobs Lorekeeper

    Hey folks

    Having trouble picking a trio, and i'd love some input.

    • Enchanter / Cleric / Druid
    • Enchanter / Cleric / Wizard
    • Enchanter / Druid / Magician

    or go the tank route

    • Paladin / Shaman / Necromancer
    • Paladin / Enchanter / Druid

    Not a fan of SK's or Monks. I'm leaning more toward Enchanter / Druid / Magician, but i dont know if i will miss the cleric.

    Goal: Group stuff. Seb, Chardok etc. Regular exping. Longevity is a concern too. I'd like it to last GoD+ give or take

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Lankie Augur

    Go play WoW if solo playing is your thing.
  3. Dobs Lorekeeper

    Despite the sheer forum-warrior quality of your comment, then I'll still take the effort to reply to your post.

    It's me and my wife that are going to give Coirnav a try. I want to venture into boxing and she wants to play a single character. My concern is not getting a mismatch on the constalation, so that we'd struggle more than nessesary through content.

    And my knowledge is not good enough to determine that. Hence the post

    But thanks for taking the time, to give some quality feedback.
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  4. Dahaman Augur

    If you or your wife may ever play on occasion without each other, then making the solo and duo portion able to do things independently may be good.

    Example - Wife: Magician (can solo and farm well), You: Enchanter, Cleric (good duo)

    If you like to live cutting edge, then playing an enchanter with cleric can be exciting using charmed pets. The cleric portion would not need as much attention.

    Since you are new to boxing, then I'd recommend something with a tank potential. This can help you slow things down a bit if needed.

    Enchanter / Cleric / Magician (pet tank with cleric buffs) <-- all dark elf potential for starting area
    Paladin / Shaman / Necromancer <--- change paladin to SK and start all as iksars
    Paladin / Enchanter / Druid <-- all elf potentail

    For quite a few expansions, having a source of extra mana regen (via enchanter, or necro/shaman pairing) can really help with the sheer amount you have to sit to get mana regen.
  5. Potawatomi Augur

    If you're going to box a tank, box a warrior. Utilizing a paladin or an sk to their full potential takes attention and yours will be split across three toons.
  6. Raina Lorekeeper

    If you want it to last in GoD and beyond, you're best off having a tank. That way you'll always be able to do something when you have the time, rather than having to look for a tank.

    Charm pets can tank great in some expansions, but you won't always be able to charm your way to success.

    The Enchanter/Druid/Paladin is a good combo in my opinion. The Paladin gives you a rez option, helps when charming (nice to have another reliable stun, and they can taunt obviously), and are solid tanks. The downfall of this grp is that it is kind of low dps when you cannot charm.

    Sk/Sham/anything is always very strong. Sk/Sham is really the go to duo of EQ. I would personally go Sk/Sham/monk but you don't like monks, so idk, maybe a Wizard or druid for ports. You could even run a cleric with it for a reliable rez and easier healing, and let the sham dps. They can dps reasonably well.
  7. Riler Elder

    Cleric/Enchanter is by far the most powerful duo in the game due to charm being the most severely OP skill in EQ (perhaps all of MMOs). The early game literally revolves around the charm pet.

    Any other caster goes well with the Cleric/Enchanter duo. Mage will be able to malo the charm pet, and the earth pet will be able to offtank whatever you're trying to kill when charm breaks. Wizard and Druid will be able to provide snare, easy travel, and evac/succor will allow you to save your bacon when things go bad. A Necro would also be a good choice. You will succeed with any 3rd class, but I would lean towards Mage because travel becomes trivial in PoP with the PoK books (and to some extent Luclin with the spires).

    At some point though, charm gets balanced and you're going to need a tank supported by a normal group. I started SK/Sham, then added Mage for DPS, then added Bard for CC and stat songs that required almost zero attention. Sometimes I wish I could wipe the slate clean and go with SK, Enchanter, Cleric and Mage/Wizard (CotH/pets vs ports/evacs is a tough choice).

    The reason most folks pick SK as the tank is because they come with snare. It is absolutely essential to prevent runners in dungeons, and root is unreliable due to the mob running off at full speed once it breaks. Therefore, if you go Paladin as the tank, you are almost forced to take Druid as your 2nd box (because you can't rely on your wife always being there), and the Druid isn't as good a healer as the Shaman is after the mob is slowed (which is important in low DPS 2/3 box groups). Paladin stuns will help lower the mob DPS, and act almost like ghetto slow.

    If you go Paladin/Druid, you would want your wife to pick up Enchanter, but that is not an easy class for a new player to just pick up and play.

    I would suggest going Paladin/Druid/Enchanter, letting your wife play the Druid when you play together, and then you just 3 boxing when she isn't playing. I wouldn't worry about charming while 3 boxing.
  8. TLP Addict Augur

    Paladin Druid Enchanter sounds pretty strong. One of the biggest downsides (besides lack of CH) to taking a Druid instead of a Cleric is lack of rez, Paladin mitigates that somewhat.

    I'm currently running a Paladin/Druid duo because i only box two accounts, if i could I'd run an Enchanter or even bard as a 3rd just for some form of haste/slow and mana regen.
  9. Saolyene New Member

    I have played paladin/druid/enchanter trio up to level 85 and it worked well as a trio. That was on Fippy, so still a TLP. You get tank, charm, snare, buffs, heals, track, forage, rezz, cc for a trade off that the DPS is not always that high especially if you can't charm. I prefer utility characters though.

    This time around on Ragefire I went ranger/cleric/enchanter with better heals for the charm pet and best heals for a ranger who's often forced to tank. Works well enough in group content if the toons are well geared. Still get everything from the first trio except trading tankability with the paladin for dps of the ranger.

    Taunt and snare are important skills to complement enchanter charming if you're running a three box with an enchanter in it.

    PS: If you really want to go the mage route, their pets can taunt while you focus on druid for snare / heals for the enchanter.
  10. YouareWrong New Member

    Dude, 3 box is always what is refered to from old-schoolers as: 'the holy trinity'

    Cleric, chanter, tank (warrior)

    That is the trinity, there is no discussion to be had.
  11. YouareWrong New Member

    If you need more dps you ask 1 of the 40 dps in LFG to join you. simple
  12. Dobs Lorekeeper

    So much terrific insight here.

    Thanks a ton.

    Have anyone tried a Pal/Dru/Bst trio? Looks decent on paper.
  13. Xhartor Journeyman

    Is there a reason that you didn't enjoy playing the Monk or the SK?
    If your don't enjoy playing melee classes, then you won't enjoy the paladin.
  14. Dobs Lorekeeper

    Main because that there's a ton of both around, and being a tank, I naturally want to be getting gear on him. Which will be harder with all the others around.
    From a tanking perspective, then I enjoy the defensive nature of paladin. I see how strong SK's are and how they bring more to a trio (in a group setting) than a paladin, but.. dunno. Can't deny the capability of sk/clr or sk/shm.

    Also liked the notion of having hard CC around, in terms of a chanter.
  15. Riler Elder

    That trio used to be what I used on Live way back when I was grinding AAs in MPG, but mainly because the BL and Druid more or less fell into my lap as extra accounts. I set up in a corner of the maze, and had the BL and his pet set up such that they were both able to melee when I pulled it in with the Paladin.

    With the Pal's pacify and the Druid's evac, you can probably get by without having any CC other than root. Just be sure to evac the moment you realize you've bitten off more than you can chew.

    The main issue with BL will be getting him to melee, whereas a Mage/Necro does DPS via spells and can stand anywhere facing any direction (especially useful when everyone is on auto follow and you are crawling through a zone). Trust me, it gets annoying trying to position more than 1 melee character over and over after you've already killed 100 XP mobs. The key to boxing more than 2 toons is to spend as little time as possible on the extra toons while getting ~75% of their benefits.

    If you are going Pal as the tank I would still suggest Enchanter and Druid as the additional boxes.
  16. Chuuk Elder

    Life is generally just so much easier with a druid porting you around - even post-PoK.

    I personally lean more towards having a tank but that's only because I rarely get truly uninterrupted gameplay - which is a near requirement to play an enchanter with a charmed pet.

    If you're going to roll a charm pet trio, the mage would be my choice for a third - ENCH / DRU / MAG. The mage pet can tank the mob when your charm pet breaks to help you out a bit. Also, if you don't feel like charming for some reason, you can still just use the mage pet as a tank and DPS with enchanter spells.

    If you're tanking with a Paladin - definitely don't go PAL / ENCH / DRU unless you plan on charming. That will be an abysmally slow DPS group. PAL / SHM / NEC would be much better, although you lose the porting.

    I personally love NEC / SHM as a duo - so throw in an actual tank and I think you have a solid trio that will last for a while.
  17. Dobs Lorekeeper

    Reckon SK/SHM/NEC would do ok?
  18. monkypowah Elder

    yes, you have tankage, slows/heals and some dps there and even some cc

    that group will be much funner on phinny/agnarr and quicker to level up also.. just sayin. you might run into roadblocks on coirnav due to it only being on kunark which isnt a good expack
  19. Raltar Augur

    While I think necromancers are cool, in the group game, mobs don't last long enough for dots to be meaningful. So you can tap, but that is pretty mana inefficient. Maybe replace the necro with literally any other DPS class. Since you've got a shaman in that trio, a melee would be ideal because shamans have some great ADPS for melee and not so much for casters.
  20. Rhodz Augur

    Heard a new expression and think it applies...
    The BS flows here like lava from fissure 8.

    Any Healer will work fine with a Chanter and Mag dont over worry it.
    As for a tank, only if it can be twinked

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