Coirnav EU Guild Recruiting! Join <Reckless>

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Gerhart, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Denno Elder

    Most of all, we are looking for more clerics.
  2. Stylez New Member

    Still looking for more + clerics :)
  3. Denno Elder

    If you wish to become a Conqueror of Norrath. Then we can deliver :) I just noticed last night quite a few of our members getting that acheivement after finishing poSky.

    We are still looking for clerics.
  4. Tris Augur

    We are adding Druids to the high demand list
  5. Stylez New Member

    Still looking for people.
  6. Stylez New Member

    Still recruiting
  7. Denno Elder

    If you are European and looking for a raiding guild, or just a place to hang out with friends, then come join us.
  8. Denno Elder

    We are opening up for Enchanters again.
  9. Quino New Member

    Reckless is always looking for new talent, come by, or talk to us ingame :D
  10. Denno Elder

    Ok Kunark is 2 weeks old. We got Trakanon down 2 times allready. So VP is closing in.
    Our current highest demand is
    Warrior, Cleric, Druid and bards.

    If you have any questions Send a msg to Sugarpops, Crew or Jobned in game.
  11. Stylez New Member

  12. Gerhart_206 New Member

    Bump! Come join the Euro Hours fun!
  13. Denno Elder

  14. Neemo1983 Journeyman

    Just started again after 10 years or so. Debating a cleric bard or shaman. Raided as a bard through velious into ldon? I forget now. Not sure on my available playtime as of yet but would love a place to call home while i try and lvl up. Are you still recruiting
  15. Denno Elder

    Hello there, and yes we are still recruiting. Just not checking in on this thread every day, therefore the late reply :)

    We are currently Three split raiding old content, and two split raiding some of the Kunark raids. So we get tons of loot, and can gear up new raiders fast. We are going to be ready and strong for Velious when it comes out. We got experienced TLP raidleaders with Veliouss still in fresh memory from the Agnarr Server.

    Still we need a little bit of everything to fill out our raids and preparing for Velious. Dps, and Priests are very wellcome to apply. We take both upcomming lvlers, and lvl 60 on Trial. Afterall, its much more fun to lvl while being in a filled guild, than when you are on your own. Also, we want to be the European Stronghold on the server. So if you are on European times, and are looking for a home, both for Raiders and casuals, then we can supply.

    Our raidtimers Central european time.
    Sunday 19.00-24.00
    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 20.00 - 24.00.

    Sometimes finnish a little early when there is no more targets up. We dont do Batphones, but we do take open world targets when they are up in our raid time frame. Also we have a super well functional DKP system, so raiders deside themself what gear they want for their toons.

    come apply on

    If you have any questions talk with
    Veshzan, Sugarpops, Emari, Gerhart or Jobned in game.
  16. Krand(Coirnav) New Member

    Good guild, joined on day one, didnt know anyone but good atmosphere and very capable and has FUN!
    Cant wait for next expansion!!
  17. Denno Elder

    Reckless Guild recruiting we are the #1 EU guild on the server. Our raid times are Mon/Tues/Thur 20:00 CEST & 19:00 CEST Sunday. Be Reckless join today!
  18. Gerhart_206 New Member

  19. Clonkers Lorekeeper

  20. Tris Augur

    Last night on Velious opening night we had a blast and did some open world targets. We got Klandicar, Velketor the Sorcerer, King Dain, Cazic Thule 2.0 and Woushie down. There was alot of racing against the US guilds and alot of fun.
    We are still looking for more to strenghten our Raids. So if you are interesting in joining The best European raid guild on the server please post and application on

    If you have any questions about joining ask Veshzan, Jobned or Quinoss