Coirnav EU Guild Recruiting! Join <Reckless>

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Gerhart, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Tris Augur

    Come join the fun :)
  2. Quinoss New Member

    Still time to come chill with us in discord prior to launch!
  3. Tris Augur

    We have opening for all classes.
  4. Quinoss New Member

    Already 100+ mains have joined our ranks the past couple weeks, always room for all types of players playing on EU time zone. Come join us!
  5. Tris Augur

    Socials are also welcome.
  6. Denno Elder

    less than 12 hours to get in if you want to avoid a regular trial. Come join the fun.

    // Denonia
  7. Magic Augur

    • Your username on this forum needs to be your in-game Main's name*
    How do ppl apply on forum if hard to know name ingame? :)
    Or name on forum will be changed as server start and name reserved?
  8. Gerhart Journeyman

    You make it what you think your in-game name will be and then you can edit it if you need to choose another name in game =P
  9. Denno Elder

    "Join Reckless
    The European guild on Coirnav
    We are ready with a great DKP system, open bidding, and have experienced tlp raidleaders ready to bring you through the expansions.
    Socials are very welcome"
  10. Denno Elder

    We are still loking for all classes.
  11. Tris Augur

    Still recruiting
  12. Denno Elder

    We are starting to look realy strong. We can stil find room for more though.
  13. Quinoss New Member

    Reckless still recruiting new members for our raidforce, come check us out !
  14. Denno Elder

    Raids are starting up. So if you are 46 +, on euro time and wanna come raid with us. then apply on our boards :)
  15. Tris Augur

    If you are on european timezone, and looking for a home. Then we still have room for you. So dont be shy, come apply on our boards :)
  16. Gerhart Journeyman

    Bump! CT, Innoruuk, and Spiroc Lord are dead!
  17. Tris Augur

    Bards and melee dps classes are very welcome.
  18. Tris Augur

    We are still recruiting.
    High need: Clerics and Bards

    Currently closed: Enchanters
  19. Gerhart Journeyman

    Bump bump bump!

    Vox split instances are now a reality!

    Need more clerics and bards, but also other classes! See our homepage for details!
  20. Tris Augur

    Clerics and bards are in high demand