Coirnav - Eastern Coalition (Asian time zone guild). 8 GMT/UTC

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Niefong, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Niefong New Member

    The guild is made up of a few core experienced players but we also cator for casuals in our time zone that are looking for a home.

    We will cover Asian hours as our peak periods so +8 UTC (HK/TW/CN/JP/KR or Western Aus). Early AM US also fits well for those that have a play schedule from 8am EST onwards. Or even afternoon euro players.

    Drop me a line for more info or visit the website below and register if you are interested

  2. Kakashi77 New Member

    Bump - always looking for more people playing on asian/au hours, we have a wide ranger of euro and US players too that prefer morning gameplay
  3. Anasyn New Member

    My name is Anasyn and I should be creating a Paladin tonight to trio with a Druid and Enchanter friend. I’ll be I. Contact we play during Asian time zone.
  4. Kakashi77 New Member

    Bump. PD down and now just farming/completing epics in preparation for velious launch. Always keen on more +8GMT players (Asian/AU or AM US players). Our prime time is 7am EST.
  5. Rovell Elder

    I like these guys. Most of the players I have come in contact with on the server have been skilled and courteous players. Best of luck with the rest of VP and with Velious EC!
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  6. Kakashi77 New Member

    Velious is live and we've been busy working on ST keys while farming kael and ToV. Tormax, Statue, Dain, Yelinak and 3/4 of NToV down so far in just the first 5 days of velious. Also did our first romp through ST 1.0 together /w MiM which was fun (3/4 warders down). We aim to keep our raid duration within 3-4 hours as to meet the different asian time zone(s) and not over drag our raid hours (efficiency is key). We raid 3 days a week - Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays from 7:30pm +8GMT /w some preclears starting earlier.

    Looking for more members to bolster our numbers (especially rogues and mages). We are actively online every day of the week from 7am EST (US) which is prime time Asia/Oceanic hours. If those hours work for you do reach out to any of our members or officers for more information on joining.
  7. Kakashi77 New Member

    Tunare down and we're still working on more ST keys while farming up targets in NToV, Kael, etc. Looking for another 1 to 2 clerics, mages and more rogues! If you play around our time zone drop us a line if you'd like to come hang out at our raids - see what we're about.
  8. Kakashi77 New Member

    Got around to working on AoW and he went down last night. Great execution.

    Recruitment requirements updated on the website but ideally we're looking for 1 to 2 clerics, another mage and a couple more rogues! If you play US mornings or EURO afternoons or from Asia/Oceania time zone drop us a line.
  9. Kakashi77 New Member

    Vyemm and Vulak down so expansion cleared. Recruitment is still open so if you play around our time zone do hit us up.
  10. Biggles - Dune New Member

    Really good people, keep it up!
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  11. Kakashi77 New Member

    We are up in the moon with the rest and have been cleaning house. Every key target has been cleared (including Khati Sha) with only Emp left. Once keys are done we'll be putting him on our farm list too, very very soon.

    Recruitment requirements updated on the website - we're looking for one or two active bsts! If you play US mornings or EURO afternoons or from Asia/Oceania time zone drop us a line.
  12. Hirbow Lorekeeper

    What days of the week do you raid?
  13. Kakashi77 New Member

    We raid Mondays and Thursdays (6am est onwards) and Sundays (4am est onwards)

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