Fixed Internally Coin still can be lost in a raid

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Jumvapace, Sep 23, 2022.

  1. Jumvapace The Most hated

    Category: Items
    Date/Time: Fri Sep 23 21:44:25 2022

    Character: Level 120 Necromancer (Main)
    Zone: Umbral Plains 29736
    Location: 1065.32, -62.39, 28.38, 216.04

    Description: With the new awarding of raid coin. If you're zoning, or zone while/before coin is awarded, you still miss out on coin. Tonight on Netherbian Swarm Commander, the event was beaten, got the 4 (flag) awardings, but before the 'points' were awarded(new phrase for coin), it was lagging for over 30s. I hit Levant(succor for necro) and while I was zoning, everyone got coins. I did not get coin when landed or before succoring. Looked at coins beforehand to watch. Still had the same amount as before event started. No coin awarded.
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  2. Jumvapace The Most hated

    Along with this, From the Patch message:

    '- Altered the method used to give rewards for Terror of Luclin raids. The new method should be more tolerant of characters who are zoning at the time the rewards are granted. This includes flags and point currency but not the chest.'

    There is a CONSIDERABLE amount of delay/lag in the zone until coin message is given and coins are awarded; which didn't exist before. Sometimes over 1min. It affects chat and tribute on/off commands the most. There are multiple examples I have on a saved video of Freelance Raids on my twitch stream VoDs ( If a Dev would like I can provide links and timestamps to these huge lag examples of finishing event, Flag awards given, and trying to click off guild tribute/send tells, and nothing happening until the coin message is given almost a minute later.

    Bottom line, whatever was done in this patch to alter the way ToL awards are given, it's not working and creating more lag/delay for those in zone when an event is beaten. And if you zone between the time event is beaten and coin awarded, you still don't get coin. Please do not do this for the next expansion.
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  3. Ratalthor Developer

    If you have a VoD of the issue with a link and timestamp that could help us investigate.
  4. Naggaroth New Member

    Category: Quest
    Date/Time: Mon Sep 26 18:52:35 2022

    Character: Level 120 Shadow Knight (Main)
    Zone: Palatial Guild Hall
    Location: -10.13, -360.50, -20.51, 386.00

    Description: I just completed the Oubilette of Light raid and did not get credit, can you fix please
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  5. Silvena *poke*

    Happened with at least one person in Close the Gate raid tonight. Got credit for two of the three achievements, no credit for the actual win. Didn't zone or die during the event.

    Date/Time: Mon Sep 26, 18:53:32 2022
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  6. Eaiana Augur

    In our raids tonight, at least 5 people did not get credit for the Conqueror achievement after getting a lockout and coin for the win on Oubliette.
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  7. Graush.Povar New Member

    The Achievement for Conqueror of Basilica of Adumbration was not awarded after defeating the raid event Oubliette of Light. Please see Graush of Povar server's Expedition event and loot lockouts.
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  8. Jumvapace The Most hated -- Link to end event, receiving (Flags), hitting Levant(evac/zone), Hangs on zoning till rest of raid gets coin.

    After finally zoning and landing at evac point, still no coin.
    Waited in zone for long time to see if they'd come. No coin.
    Tried zoning out/in again. No coin.

    As far as the 2nd issue about the lag for chat/clicking tribute off from inside zone between Flags being awarded and coin being awarded, I believe you have plenty of examples already from our Sunday raids, but if you need timestamps in videos, I can sniff them out. All 3 days of my VoDs with FL(Thur/Fri/Sat) have examples at the end of almost every event.
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  9. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Related issue, but I had a character (Sindoran, 120 monk) zoning as we won Close the Gate Event in ToL with Return of the Exiled Monday Night (today). The zoning resulted in a crash. When I returned, I got the coin, but not the achievements. I don't have a video to share, though, unfortunately.
  10. Toukan Elder

    Same thing happened to at least two in our guild, Oubliette raid, missing Conqueror of Basicalla, on Povar last night (9/26)
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  11. Miminona New Member

    Happened on Bristlebane last night. Everyone who needed Conqueror achievement got one of the other achievements in the raid but not one got conqueror. Most were alive and in zone, a few were in the guild hall.
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  12. edsarto New Member

    Same thing happened on Drinal. I know of a few that needed Conqueror and didn't get it but did get one the other achievements "Complete Control".
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  13. Agrun Apprentice

    Same for me last night on Drinal. I received the achievement for "Complete Control", but no achievement for completing the raid. I have both a loot lockout and event lockout for "Oubliette of Light".
  14. Ratalthor Developer

    I have combined the thread titled "Did not get update for Oubilette of Light raid" with this thread ("Coin still can be lost in a raid") as we believe they are the same issue.
  15. Rolaque Ancient

    We beat the Aten Ha Ra raid (some raiders were reporting lag issues) on Sunday night, Oct 2, but after the chest appeared and people had coins, and all the awards texts appeared, the zone crashed, poofing the chest. I didn't lose coins, but others who were out of zone had no way of recovering what they never received.
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  16. Rashod Lorekeeper

    Just adding another, completed Oubilette of light raid Saturday October 1st on drinal, received complete control achievement, but not the raid completion achievement.

    No real additional details to add, but since the only advice I got from support was we can't help you, but feel free to submit a bug report, here it is.
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  17. ~Mills~ Augur

    This change sure doesn't seem like it was tested much seems lots of people this week have missed out on Conqueror achievements. Beat raid, get coin, get event lockouts sometimes some of the raid achievements for vanquisher but Conqueror doesn't update for them.
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  18. Fenthen aka Rath

    Confirmed - No Conqueror Credit Upon Win | EverQuest Forums (
    ToL bloodfall conqueror achievement | EverQuest Forums (
    [AB] Close the gate not giving win credit in achievements (Bloodfalls ToL) | EverQuest Forums (

    Clearly an epidemic after the last patch.
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  19. Duder Augur

    On Bristlebane opens last night none of the new folks got credit for Obliette. Three characters confirmed, likely more.
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  20. Duder Augur

    In my opinion these are gamebreaking issues. Why do we players accept months and even years for some such issues? When the devs “can not reproduce” I always wonder if they are performing tests in a real environment. Not on test or beta where they may experience no lag whatsoever. (Looking at you “purple bug”/loss of mouse control after falling unconscious bug). Also, is there any logic in not pushing fix patches more regularly than monthly?