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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Strathy, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Strathy New Member

    Hey everyone, sorry if this has been asked before.

    I'm new to EQ, I have played all up about 6 hours but haven't played in a year or two now so I started fresh.
    I was just wondering is the stitched burlap cloak quest item from the slave camp at the beginning tutorial supposed to show or is it normally invisible?

    Thanks for the help :)
  2. Moege Augur

    Cloaks do not show, never have.
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  3. Darafel Journeyman

    Back, ear, finger, shoulder, charm, face, power source and neck slots are not visible. I think I got them all there.
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  4. Moege Augur

    Waist ;)
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  5. Strathy New Member

    Oh sweet as thanks for the replies Moege and Darafel!
  6. Tatanka Augur

    Also, for wrist, one side (I forget which) determines the graphics for both sides. If they're different, swap them to change the graphics.

    Also, I know capes don't show, BUT, I have a definite memory of being in Howling Stones back in ~2001 and one of our guild necros was showing off his cloak, and I remember seeing it "wave in the breeze". Was that just part of an illusion? Been so long, it's a bit hazy :)
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    Yes, Tat is correct. The one on the right determines the look. So keep that in mind when making armor sets, that if your going for looks you just need to wear it on the right

    However then you come up on wrists that can adapt to both wrists for some classes. Like Wristguard | Wristband
  8. Tatanka Augur

    My right or your right?

    j/k ;)
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