Info Needed Client crashes after raid wipes in raid instances

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by AraduneKnight, Mar 18, 2023.

  1. AraduneKnight New Member

    We have noticed a lot of client crashes that occur after raid wipes in a raid instance. It seems to be related to casting buffs on people and may be related to decaying corpses or just that there are corpses. Dropping the expedition / task and getting it again resolves.
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  2. TrueNorth Developer

    Are you still encountering this after the hotfix, and if so, please include the server and approximate time.

    Thank you!
  3. FrankTheNotTank New Member

    This has been a problem on Ragefire, since at least House of Thule or Veil of Alaris timeframes.

    Raids (mixed guilds, different guilds, etc) will wipe in an instance. Someone will run back to rez, and everything is fine. The moment buffs start being cast, anywhere between one and eight different clients in the raid (different people every time) will crash to desktop. Sometimes it happens more frequently than other times. There are lulls where it'll be fine for a week or two, then spike where it's more frequent. RoF it was very bad.

    Not just that, but people would would two box, have taken their rezzes, sometimes one box would crash, sometimes both clients would dump, sometimes both clients would be fine.

    There is something wonky in the system. Dropping the DZ does fix it until the next wipe, but it's awful tedious to drop, run back for a new, run another 12 out for a banner, etc. Sometimes running one cleric out to mass rez worked. And sometimes it would happen if all bodies/corpses were rezzed.
  4. Luminya The Ancient

    This happened last night on Aradune after defeating the Zek brothers in the Rathe Council Chambers: Eriak's Downfall Event #1. The entire raid went LD to character select. When we were able to log back in, the instance and the reward in the loot chest were gone. Some folks have a lock out timer, some of us dont. Some of us were rolled back as well. A petition was sent last night with a live video of what happened, but that lead nowhere.
  5. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    The above poster is 100% correct in that whichever GM she and another member of my guild dealt with, basically brushed the entire thing off with the ol' friday afternoon responses.

    Last night when we were raiding, we defeated one of the Rathe themed raids on Aradune, began to bid out the loot and were just about at the stage of handing it out, when boom...the raid goes linkdead. We all go back in, just to find out that some of them lost their flag, the DZ was gone (no loot now), and some still got their flags....somehow.

    I will start off by saying that I have absolutely no clue how to do any kind of programming, and if you asked me to build a PC, I wouldn't be able to without good instructions.....

    BUT this has become a consistent issue with the crashes. Sometimes it comes in waves of 12-50, sometimes its like 2-5 people. The only thing inconsistent is when it happens, and how many, but it happens EVERY night that we raid. It becomes a constant hassle with the raid window, and even completing an event if half the raid goes linkdead curing the encounter. Nothing like losing 2-3 clerics at once....

    Somethings gotta give, because the GM that responded didn't give Luminya or Vexd their loot back, or even read the complaints most likely. One of those generic responses.
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  6. anonymous_ Lorekeeper

    On Mangler this very specifically began happening during Secrets of Faydwer. The general consensus is that it's related to rebuffing the raid in the instance following mass deaths, but there's really no way to confirm or refute this on the players' end since it's so random who gets disconnected and when.
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  7. Tankkin Journeyman

    Very common on Vaniki also.

    Always after a wipe with corpses in zone. Whether it’s buffing or an event is trigger there are normally a number of crashes seemingly at random.
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  8. Ankarv Harbinger of Nightmares

    My guild on Cazic has lost 4-5 chests due to full zone crashes in the past few months. And nearly every time we wipe, rez and begin rebuffing 5-10 people crash to desktop. It is often the a few of the same people, but also some of the people crashing are not crashing on a regular basis. I have only had the wipe crash issue happen to me once, but there is a small amount of people that it happens very often.
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  9. Penelo Lorekeeper

    Still continues to happen. No rhyme or reason other than lots of corpses, then ressed or decayed and during re-buffs is when it seems to happen most often.

    Possibly some interaction with buffs trying to hit corpses that aren't there, or entities sticking around after they are ressed/decayed? No clue. All I do know is it is very random who and how many crash because of it. We'll have people that will crash once every couple months, and some that will crash 8 times in one night then never again.

    Also it's an instant force-close of the client crash. All of a sudden you are sitting at desktop. No Linkdead message or true-box style crash. Your character stays in world until you log back in and have it removed.
  10. Penelo Lorekeeper

    The first raid where we really noticed it bad was TBS Solteris. After wiping to the buggy 3rd event boss we noticed a giant up-tick in crashes. So we end up having to kick and re-request DZs sometimes if we have a lot of bodies.
  11. AraduneKnight New Member

    Also the whole zone crashing and losing loot is a different issue. What this post was about is instant client close crash of some members of the raid and sometimes it happens over and over as we continue forwards in the instance until we decide to leave the expedition / task and get it again.
  12. Soapy Journeyman

    Excerpt from guild discord chat. There were many more who didn't post a msg. AB server. This not a zone crash, just some individuals.

    Name 1 — 03/19/2023 3:58 PM

    Name 2 — 03/19/2023 4:02 PM
    and I just crashed

    Name 3 — 03/19/2023 4:02 PM
    just chrasted

    Name 4 — 03/19/2023 4:03 PM

    Name 5 — 03/19/2023 4:14 PM

    Name 6 — 03/19/2023 5:12 PM

    Name 7 — 03/19/2023 5:12 PM
    [5:17 PM]
    Crashes messed up puter, rebooting

    Name 8 — 03/19/2023 5:47 PM

    Name 9 — 03/19/2023 6:41 PM
    [6:43 PM]
    whats with these crashes, i never usually crash

    Name 10 — 03/19/2023 7:14 PM
  13. Luminya The Ancient

    The client did crash, it just happen to be the whole guild this time and when we were trying to loot the chest. This happens every single time, but it is random on how many it happens to.
  14. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    There's an obvious issue going on right now, and some of it concerns loot being lost when it happens. Adding things to an ongoing issue is not ignoring your original post. Might as well use this post as a platform so they look into the entire issue, not just a small part of it.
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  15. Semadien New Member

    A recording of the raid for the night (please excuse the language on the video, it's not me so I can't really control what he says) can be found at:

    Time stamps are as follows (HH:MM):

    - Beginning of raid to include the date of the raid (00:00)
    - Raid defeated (01:18)
    - Shows unopened chest (01:19)
    - Shows loot reward for completing the event (01:21)
    - Shows the specific items awarded as loot (01:22)
    - Instanced zone crashes (01:30)
    - Announcement of who won the loot according to the DKP bidding system used (01:31)
    - Shows zoning back into open world because the DZ closed and shows rollback on buffs given (01:32)
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  16. anonymous_ Lorekeeper

    Sounds like people are describing two separate issues. One is individual players clients crashing repeatedly, other is the DZ itself crashing.
  17. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    That continue to happen hand in hand, man. They are all happening during raids, each night.
  18. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Also, outta pure curiosity, why is his Semadiens post edited by Accendo?
  19. Fanra

  20. Fanra

    As I've mentioned before, upon crashing the dbg.txt file created in the Logs folder of EQ contains lines like the following after a crash:

    [Sun Jun 04 20:25:54 2023]02257:knockout 3
    [Sun Jun 04 20:26:40 2023]0225 [number 8 removed to prevent this forum from putting in smiley face] Dump generation request succeeded: C:\Crash\72a2c71e-5783-4a9f-8149-7db0e1c62365.dmp
    [Sun Jun 04 20:26:40 2023]02259:Fatal error occurred in mainthread! (Release Client #630)
    [Sun Jun 04 20:26:40 2023]02260:Client Version: May 24 2023 09:48:34
    [Sun Jun 04 20:26:40 2023]02265:Crash (char = Fanra, zone = deepshade)
    [Sun Jun 04 20:26:40 2023]02266:Local Player's World location at time of crash: 308.170380, 1079.287964, 19.659573.
    [Sun Jun 04 20:26:40 2023]02267:Gamestate at crash = 5

    So the game knows it crashed. This information should automatically be sent to Darkpaw by the EverQuest client, rather than relying on players to report it.

    If required, there can be a popup box asking permission to send it, but it should be sent (or offered to). While, of course, the program might not be able to send it when the game crashes, there is no reason that the next time you start EQ (or LaunchPad) it does not send it.

    While restarting EQ deletes dbg.txt (and creates a new one), that can be fixed by EQ checking for the file containing "Crash" before deleting it and if "Crash" exists, do not delete it but rename it so you can make a new dbg.txt file. Then send (or offer to send) the renamed dbg.txt file with the crash information to Darkpaw.

    It is useless to have this file exist if the data in it is never used.

    [Also, the dump generation fails on my PC]

    Thank you for your time and consideration.