Confirmed client crash caused by changing Advanced Loot filters

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Screwedagain, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Screwedagain New Member

    Why is it you can expend resources to "adjust/ combine / balance / blah blah" every single discipline / spell / aa in the game but you can't fix this always broken feature? Advanced loot has been broken since it's inception into the game. Every single time you open "options" in the manage column and select anything your client will crash. What gives? Players whining about what they cannot do is more important than actual game functionality? This problem can be duplicated at will - all you have to do is open the options under manage and wait 10ish seconds for the client crash dialogue box to pop up. This could be a very useful tool if it actually worked, sad that all the resources as of late seem to be focused on the 5% of the player base that should be playing something else.
  2. Zanarnar Augur

    1) TLP players are around half the population. So your off by a factor of 10.
    2) I've never seen this issue. Its likely something on your end. Maybe your UI, but more likely some corruption in your config files.
    3) it is a useful tool. I actually find that I miss it when I play on the emulated servers. Mostly because I forget to loot stuff for a little bit when bouncing between there and live since I've gotten so use to it.
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  3. Tucoh Augur

    Only issue I have with advloot is a very rare crash that sometimes occurs when you change settings on an item. Happens like, once a month for me.
  4. AcemoneyFV Augur

    No problems here with ADVLOOT. I don't think it has ever frozen or crashed my game.
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  5. Diptera Augur

    AdvLoot definitely causes the occasional crash for me - however, can't reproduce it on demand, so tracking down the issue isn't easy :(
    There was an attempt at a fix a while back, which (iirc) was related to problems with either "too many" items stacking up in the window, or "old" corpses, although I can't remember the details.
  6. Screwedagain New Member

    Seeing replies on both sides of this one and it's now " confirmed" -- it happens for EVERYONE on my server in our raids regardless of who the master looter is - so no not a corruption in MY files / configuration unless the other 50+ in the raid are all somehow using my files/ configurations (server config/ conflict maybe?). It happens when the roll option pops up and you hit the options gear icon next to the item to check who is rolling on it - instant crash- makes it impossible to use this tool in it's intended capacity. It may be only a raid thing as in most groups controlling loot isn't an issue. However on raids you have don't have a lot of options to manage loot that aren't time consuming- this tool ( if working properly ) would help a lot of raid teams streamline their loot processes so they can spend more time raiding and less time dividing the loots.

    OMG you are hilarious - thanks for the chuckle:
    original statement: seem to be focused on the 5% of the player base that should be playing something else.

    response: 1) TLP players are around half the population. So your off by a factor of 10.

  7. Magneress Elder

    Had this happen in Paludal Caverns today 5/22/2020 with a Red Fungal Fiend Spores from a a plerg phlarg fiend

    I deleted all my advanced loot filters, disabled sort loot by mob, didn't select to apply any filters. And that temporarily resolved the issue and allowed me to greed roll on items.

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