Click Effects from Gear. Permanent?

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  1. Brohan07 Journeyman

    Hi all,
    Just a quick question. Gear we have that have clickies and by those I mean the EFFECT ones like
    Effect: Expanding Mind XXII (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 0.5) found on belts for instance, once you CLICKED that ONCE, and it's added to your "AA" list thingy... you NEVER ever have to click that again right? You can remove the buff that appears in your buff window and also completely destroy the item (if you chose to of course) etc., and you would STILL have the benefit permanently, until say you get a better one? You do not have to re-click after a rez or logging off and back on right?

    I keep seeing people with a string of these "permanent" buffs in their buff window and they are buff locked and I am trying to buff them and have them refusing to remove those buffs. I can understand using them as fodder if you know you will have the first few buffs dispelled, but I just wanted to clarify this in my own mind for their actual benefits.
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    I believe they are called "shadow" buffs since most of them have "shadow" in the name on the buff. IE "Shadow of Knowledge:permanent" And Permanent is just that :) No need to recast on death or logging. They go to AA like you said.

    They can come from armor and weapons. Some common ones are Form of Endurance, Myrmidon's Skill, Knowledge of the Past, etc.

    I think many players do not understand that these can be clicked off but the benefit remains. Just one of the many changes to buffs over the years that is not really documented anywhere so I try to help players who are asking for buffs but they are full by letting them know they can drop any "shadow" buff. If they refuse then I just don't buff them.

    /Inspect any maxed out player and see how many shadow buffs they have up. Usually 0. So I really have no idea why players keep those up. I ran a couple debuff slots in the past but it was a pain cause soon you run out of slots for the good ones.

    Edit I have no idea why there is a purple smile on P in permanent
  3. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    I just learned that they can be clicked off a few months ago. It needs to be better communicated.

    As it is, my SK is at 35/42 slots used for buffs, just from the buffs in our group. I was thrilled when I found out I could click off the shadow buffs.
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  4. Mikana Augur

    Shadow buffs were added after people complained about losing the ability to use clicky buffs in the first few buff slots to guard against mobs that dispell.

    On the rare occasion that I'm not wearing the item that gives me the current version of the AA/buff I'm using, I keep the item in the bank, "just in case" ;)
  5. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I was today years old...

    So for real I can just click them off? I knew they were in the AA window, but figured that was just a way to get the buff back if you deleted the item. This is going to be so great!
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  6. Zinth Augur

    any "shadow bla bla" buffs you can click off (or use as trash clickies for dispelling mobs)
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  7. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    If you right click and hold the buff icon in effects window, the popup will report: This spell has no effect. Some clickie AAs share the same slot, there is an AA to unclick all those abilities to reset / reorder / reestablish / trade them, so be careful about actually deleting the item with the clickie.
  8. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Shadow buffs do nothing. Click them off once the AA is unlocked.

    If you don't click off shadow of knowledge, don't be shocked when you don't get rebuffed with Clarity on raids.
  9. Brohan07 Journeyman

    Thanks everyone! The simplest thing ever really, where many just simply do not know. Well unless they right click the buff, or check the AA listing or google it, or ask folks online or consider the term SHADOW... etc.
    Just wanted to make sure. Cheers.
  10. Herf Augur

    If you mouse over the shadow buff (or is it click and hold?) the shadow buff icons will say something like "This does nothing."
  11. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Keep the original item-clickies just in case.
    There are 2 ways you can loose the AA-effect:
    1. You can manually use the ability: "disable Item abilities", which will remove all of the permanent effects until you re-click the original items again.
    2. "soothing breath" and "knowledge of the past", doesn't stack with each other, and a low-rank of one can overwrite a high-rank of the other, if you click it by accident.
    In both cases you would need the original clicky-item to get the effect back.
  12. Flatchy Court Jester

    How about the buff from your mount and the genie veil buff? Asking for a friend who does not know (me).
  13. Zanarnar Augur

    Neither of those have been converted to AA's; and the buffs don't start with "Shadow" then you need to keep the buff if you want the benefits. The same is true, for example, with JBoots.
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  14. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    They can be dispelled, and they are not shadowbuffs. They are worth their buff-slots.
  15. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Mount buffs, such as Mount Blessing Izah etc can be cast and you will get the mount buff and the Blessing buff. You can click off the picture of the mount buff and leave the Blessing buff.

    The blessing buff from mounts is not dispelled and shows permanent. You can take it off by right clicking to put a different mount blessing on if you wanted.

    Edit except for that one raid
  16. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Mount blessing was sometimes dispelled/overwritten on the stratos raid, not sure if it happened on other encounters.
  17. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I did it, I clicked them off, and I didn't die. This is like the first time I pulled a USB stick out of the port without clicking eject. I FEEL SO ALIVE!
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