Clerics: It's quiet...too quiet

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mikestab, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Mikestab Elder

    Every patch I scroll through to see what changes clerics are affected by. For some time the answer has been none. Are clerics considered a finished project the way they are, or is there just so much to do with the class that it has been on hold?
  2. Shang Augur

    Clerics will be the only class not allowed to go to level 100, as they are finished, yes.
  3. Nindale_MS Elder

    Our abilities/spells have just usually been very simplistic, you click this spell, it heals this person. Not much to screw up I guess lol
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  4. menleniel New Member

    Retired clerics need no work. Rangers is where its at now.
  5. Shang Augur

    Who would ever do such a thing.
  6. Alwyzn- AB Journeyman

    Been copy and pasted for years, not much new with clerics. At least we are still needed on raids ;)
  7. Calirian Journeyman

    It's always the quiet ones you have to worry about :p
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  8. fransisco Augur

    Hey be happy!
    Your not waiting for some fix to a big skill thats been broken since HoT!
  9. Eandolf Elder

    Clerics are doing.....ok, I guess, we are treading water. There are some areas where I would like to see improvements (many were made in the old forums), however, we aren't fundamentally broken.

    I would like to see the gap between effectiveness of a real life cleric (one who is alert and awake) and a merc get larger, to make clerics more enticing in pick up groups, though.
  10. Fenthen Augur

    So far I have found people more than willing to drop a merc for a real Cleric.
  11. fransisco Augur

    I would drop a merc in a heartbeat for any real healer.
    If nothing else, you know where to stand to not get hit!
    Trust me, you are lightyears better than mercs
  12. Giddemore Lorekeeper

    I'd like to see:
    • Non Combat AE Rez
    • An increase in our heals well over the other priest classes
    • A reliable invis
    • Better AE heals/cures
    • Lower cool downs on stuns
  13. Tharkis Champion

    I vastly prefer real clerics to mercs. Mercs... to put it plainly, are dumb. They're the same to me as having a 2nd box running a cleric whree all I do is reach over and press my 1 or 2 key to burst heal or HOT the tank in the group while I play another character.
  14. Zachton Soulstriker Augur

    I'm happy with my cleric, but I play him a little differently I suppose. I load up heavy on AC, wade into the fight and rotate through the nuke/heal combos and stuns as I melee. Works just fine on most mobs, though a few namers are more heal intensive and require a little more focus than that. Raid wise is where we fall a little behind I think. The AE heal lines were some of the best spells clerics have had in years for the raid game.
  15. Naeeleu Elder

    Would love to have a reliable invis for the clerics hate having to keep stocked up on cloudy potions.
  16. Nindale_MS Elder

    Completely disagree with that, we're d*** good in the raiding game, I do agree we need better/more powerful heals the druids because they are closing the gap fast. But I have no trouble proving the I can heal far more superior to a druid or shaman. We just need to be set a wee bit more apart from the other 2 priests and get a little help in the group game which I can't speak on to much because I 3 box everyting.
  17. Pizacatto - CT Augur

    Now Clerics know how Bards felt 5 years ago. The Devs even came out and said: The dude that wrote the code is long gone, so we just change the numbers in the songs and call it something else, because we have no clue how it works and don't have the time to figure it out.

    They've since figured it out, but for a while, we were the forgotten class of EQ.
  18. Fenthen Augur

    I use invis click (8 or 9 sec cast?) tunic, or my Fade AA which is a 3 minute reuse perm invis (while you stay in zone)
  19. Naeeleu Elder

    I have the tunic as well and its as reliable as the cloudy potions. and for the fade aa if i have that on i zone and forget and wind up dieing cause im not invised any more.
  20. Fenthen Augur

    Oh but we are pretty AWESOME against undead! =p
    I also have the insta clicky animal invis boots from CT

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