[Clerics] Breastplate Focus/Click Feedback time

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  1. Iila Augur


    I push "e" and my spell stops.
    Please go into detail how pushing duck twice is faster than pushing this key once.
  2. CaRnon Augur

    I stand corrected I miss understood what you were saying.. BUT my main point was that using a mount over AA Yallup makes no sence.

    You can recast it in between spell refreshes and its better mana regen then a mount... I used to use Yallup spell version in my old guild cause we had 100 clerics but since I joined ROI I took it off my spell bar and just use the AA version IF I need to use it at all.. Normally stuff is dead before I start to worry about mana.
  3. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    My Yaulp keeps not taking hold, mana isn't my main problem, so I havn't bothered to click off other buffs to find out what, but it doesn't stack with something.
  4. Mykaylla Augur

    You are most likely either getting the ranger "Strength of the X" line or beastlord "Spiritual V____." The attack portion of each of these spells does not stack with the attack on Yaulp- Brell's from a paladin serves clerics much better, being more hit points with no conflict.
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  5. Crystilla Augur

    Kaenneth - unless it's been fixed, if you're in the warrior groups on raids and getting that message, it's due to the warrior ability that they use with the +AC and +mana regen.
  6. Gladare Augur

    Just get your warriors to chain imperator's command on you. It's way more mana regen.
  7. Mykaylla Augur

    That's true, Imperator's Command will not stack either, though it will not be up all the time unless you have three warriors in group chaining in succession. A bigger question in that case though, is why they are not getting Group Armour of the Inquisitor in a raid environment? Unless the raidforce is lacking in paladins, Group AotI is a much better option for the tanks, with four times the AC and a significant increase to the amount of healing they take- though the mana may be nice for you if you are finding you actually need it.
  8. Anop New Member

    Who broke the Cleric BP? Put it back please. Remedy is a not a heal we even mem on raid!! Who is healing with Remedy when the mobs are hitting for 92K? It's just too small of a heal. None of the clerics in my guild use it, ever. And a damage click on a healer BP, really? I use my BP click all the time, especially with mobs hitting for 92K!! A reduction in the cast time of Light would be a blessing!! The current BP for the few hundred mana is just not worth it. The 7% to light is way better than the current (i don't even want to call it a BP). The refresh timer on Renewal is way to slow to use as our bread and butter heal!! OMG please, please, please, fix our BP's!! I don't see the Light going away anytime soon.
  9. Adaire Lorekeeper

    That's because you have no idea how to play your cleric as effectively as possible :)

    In today's game, base and even modified heal has no bearing - crits do. Me casting 100 remedies to your 80 lights is simply more affective at healing any tank in any situation because of crits and uptime (the amount of time you are actually adding hps to tanks - the very second a heal lands) Mix in more than 1 Renewal (did you know Renewals don't share recast timers?) and it makes a mix of Renewals / Remedies FAR FAR FAR superior to light. Most of the clerics who even USE light, I look down upon nowadays... Not to say you cannot heal alright using it, but I promise those of us who are effectively not using light are doing a better job of healing than you are...

    Also the older BP still does what you want it to, wake up and see the DON'T USE THE OUTDATED LIGHT SPELL :)
  10. Adaire Lorekeeper

    Oh and Imperator's Charge >>>>>>> Command. Warrs who are NOT chaining this in cleric groups are not getting what they can get out of the clerics in their groups. Only time its NOT more affective is when a cleric is using Celestial Rapdity (every 10 mins or so is the recast and clerics should be using that basically anytime its up)
  11. Anop New Member

  12. Anop New Member

    Is this your magelo profile? http://eq.magelo.com/profile/1423184
  13. Mykaylla Augur

  14. CaRnon Augur

    Sorry but your guild must be horrable! The primary heal our clerics use is Remedy.... wanna guess what heal we use the least... Light... Yeah Light is a nice big heal.. BUT its too slow... the cast time on it is not worth the higher heal amount.

    I personally use 5 heals weaved into my main heal key + I keep Light up (just for when none of my other 5 direct heals have refreshed yet)...

    Remedy is my first heal... then my heal/cure combo spells (x2) and my interventions as the last 2.. and then I just alt-3 to cast my Light heal IF none of my other spells are ready to be cast yet due to recast timers. But I only use Light if NONE of my other heals are back up yet... Light is just too slow to be the main heal anymore in the raid game. If you want to question anyone in my guilds knowledge on being the most efficient as we can healing then feel free.. but I think our serverwide first wins speak for itself...

    I feel for ya. I also was like you at once time when I thought spaming Light heal was the best option for clerics... But with how they fixed our current Remedy heal and added our other type of heals to our roster Light is no longer the best option for us.

    Try joining serverwide.cleric:cleric chat chat sometime there is a decent group of clerics in there more then happy to help fellow clerics out,... and most are a lot nicer then I am... Just seeing someone still in love with our Light heal makes me laugh cause it reminds me of a cleric from my last guild who thought he was Tunare's Gift to Clerics... when in reality he was holding the rest of the clerics back cause we had to pick up the extra slack he causes.

    Anyways I hope you decide to atleast try out different heals.. Coming from a guild where clerics used Light heals as primary heals made us need 10-12 clerics... but in my current guild we use 5 clerics max...The DPS you gain from only needing half the amount of clerics you used to need is huge. And the reason we only need half the amount of clerics is that we are using more efficient/faster heals to keep our tanks up.
  15. Anop New Member

    12 clerics lol, that's funny!!! Are there still 12 good clerics on any one server to be in one guild on one raid night!! I haven't seen 12 clerics on a raid since Time!! I don't even think there were 12 back then!! How many shamans and druids go with those 5 clerics???? Granted you guys have server first all the time!! Congrats to you!! But you change your raid schedule when new content comes out and you raid 6 or 7 days a week until you beat it. We don't change our raid schedule to accommodate expansions! So grats again to not having a RL. And I know people in your guild, they came from our guild and are friends of mine. I'm not against trying something new but how many times do you rock that new BP clicky on a raid?? And assume we only use Light is preposterous. I still believe that with a 2.2 sec cast time and less than 2 sec cool down it's a valid heal considering the return you get versus the mana cost along with the base heal amount of 3k more. ! I have no issues with mana on raids, but then again I have about 4K more mana than you do. So my guild is that horrible and some weeks we raid only 2 nights a week for less than 3 hours, hmmm how bad could we be?
  16. CaRnon Augur

    Yeah we changed it from Sunday to Wed so we could do the content the day it went live... But we do not raid 6-7 days a week... But its neat you think we do..

    yeah raiding on a Wednesday instead of a sunday sure means I have no real life... We raided for 1 hour 20minutes to beat the new content when it came out... We still only do 1 night of raids (all 8 CotF) and we do optional raids on wed for our alts... So 1 real day of raids and 1 day of optional raids we do to gear up our alts... Gives us all kinds of time to have a life...

    Its not about the click on the new BP.. its about the worn FOCI on it that I like...

    I guess when you only using Light heals you would not have much mana issues anyways.. I do not have mana issues either.. but I don't know many clerics that do anymore with all the tools and abilitys they have given us to keep our mana going..

    And congrats on having 4k more mana then me... Be proud of that! Specially since I stoped gearing myself for mana a few expansions ago... If I was using all them junk mana augs you use I would be right up there with you. But I choose to focus on stats that will allow me to stay alive HP/AC/H-AGI/etc... A bigger mana pool does not help you out when your dead.

    /shrug... you tell me... Looks like you guys are 3rd best guild on Povar? Is that good?
  17. Tour Augur

    There is no bread and butter heal anymore, at least, not in the sense that complete heal and the light line were in the past. As mentioned, the light line is very mana efficient, strong, and great for grouping, but just isn't fast enough for raid content. Many clerics use remedy in conjunction with other spells. Commonly you'll see this in a remedy, intervention (x2), renewal (x2), light weave (people sometimes vary about the exact ordering of the intervention / renewal portion, and I also add a ward of cert for heavy tanking, but the overall direction is the same). Light gets used last when there is just nothing faster to use.
  18. Adaire Lorekeeper

    For what it's worth I do almost the exact same thing Carn does except I have my weave 100 renewal 100 intervention 95 renewal 95 intervention 90 renewal and I alternate remedy in between just about every other cast of those 5 others if done correctly you will never have to cast light. Fair warning although parses and numbers and logic have proven this to be an extremely affective method of healing it is both mana intensive and NOT kite /OT friendly :)

    Oh and ya my magelo is borked just changed servers but I have a sneaking suspicion that even if you saw my correct magelo you'd have said something like "I glitz and glam more mana than you so your opinion isn't valid omgzorz!!!!1!1!one11!!"

    I tend to gear differently than most clerics around and go AC/hagi whilst not totally abandoning mana... Kind of a best of all the worlds even keel approach.
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  19. Crystilla Augur

    Adaire - was too funny the old one from you here with me is what got pulled up initially /hugs.

    You'd be surprised, among clerics at your level, more and more are going that way (or more accurately maybe most of the posts that I see saying they're going hAgi route have been at your level).
  20. Adaire Lorekeeper

    Ya haha =p good ol days!

    Yeah hopefully some folks are seeing the Light! /pun intended :)
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