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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Rubiota, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Rubiota Journeyman

    I saw in another thread devs are looking at mercs 106-110, I don't know specifically what capacity though.

    I would like to request a qol upgrade where we can shift the burden of buff blocking to mercs instead of player tanks. Specifically the promised healing lines - every tank has these blocked because mercs tend to let you die if you don't block them. Is there any way we can just delete this entire spell line from the merc spellbooks and actually let clerics use these and all the aas we've spent enhancing them?
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  2. Annastasya Augur

    How about we just give mercs rank 1 spells instead.
  3. Brohg Augur

    spells are not differentially blocked by rank
  4. Annastasya Augur

    Buffs of a higher rank will block, or overwrite the same buffs of a lower rank. Surely, you know this.

    What Rubiota is primarily talking about is tanks that he/she groups with who have Promise blocked because the AI likes to cast this spell but only does the math very fast, and does not have any real sense of anticipation which is what the spell was designed for. Promise leaves a buff on the target for a few ticks and when it wears off, triggers a large heal.

    If mercenaries only had access to rank 1 spells, a real cleric could gain the rank II or III and use it with impunity.

    Now, if i'm grouping with a tank and he has spells blocked that i am using, i'll ask him to unblock them. It's my job to determine what spells and buffs best fit the situation, in order to keep the group healed. It doesn't happen often, but it happens. Frequently i ask shadowknights to drop some of their junk buffs because keeping them alive the best way i know how requires several open buff slots. Typically, they oblige.

    Don't be an ^&%hole to your real healers.
  5. Zalamyr Augur

    I guess I'm not sure I see what that solves.

    If you give them rank 1 spells, people would still block the promised line. And it blocks the entire line, rank 1, rank 2, rank 3, doesn't matter. Buff block doesn't care about rank.

    Unless you're suggesting that mercs are overwriting/blocking your own casted promised buffs with their own. In which case, why is a cleric using a cleric merc anyway?
  6. Wulfhere Augur

    Another way around some of the blocking is to use group versions of the spells.

    I think I've noticed that spells cast by other spells also bypass the buff block. Sometimes Merciful Elixir (blocked) lands on me from I guess Merciful Acquittal (not blocked).

    [55251/4771] Merciful Acquittal
    Classes: CLR/109
    Target: Caster Group
    1: Cast: Merciful Elixir
    2: Decrease Disease Counter by 34
    3: Decrease Poison Counter by 34
    4: Decrease Curse Counter by 25
    5: Decrease Corruption Counter by 15

    If buff block cared about rank (didn't it once upon a time?) then one could block rk. I and II, while keeping rk. III available to raid players.
  7. Conq Augur

    Tanks who block my cleric spells because of their relationships with their mercs...Well, there are other tanks to invite. Dime a dozen. I give them 2 chances with a polite, "yo, you blocking my promised heal?", followed with "unblock that ." If that doesn't work, I'm grabbing the next tank. Fix your merc lovers. Merc's are the Devil.
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  8. Cadira Augur

    Don't use promise all together? Problem solved!
  9. Tatanka Augur

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  10. Durbah Lorekeeper

    Okay, first things first, who even uses promised lines? The most useless line ever, I don’t want a heal in 20 seconds I want one now. I don’t have any room on my spell bar for that garbage line

    My only concern is they are going to make healer Merck’s more useful. It’s just dumb that a healer Merc can for the most part replace a real healer, in some situations not all, but a tank Merc can’t come anywhere near replacing a tank. Healer mercs are good as they are and either need to be nerfed or left alone, left alone is what I would prefer tho. But tank mercs are useless
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  11. Gnomereaper Augur

    Promise line was originally a replacement for Complete Heal to allow for the cleric to melee and do other activities while waiting for the large heal to go off. Also, using support heals to keep the tank up. This was a fun way of playing a cleric.

    This was also the time when the Light line was sufficient to be a good heal for healing.

    The mercs heal like we used to do during TSS, while everyone else has shifted towards using 3-5 spells using keybinding because of the rapidity of damage nowadays.

    Promised needs to be a quicker trigger and a larger heal to keep pace with the swift and high damage.

    Light needs a hastened light line of AA to drop the casting time down by 50%. This would place it in line with the Remedy line, return it back to it's original standard as our go to large heal.

    These are problems with how we used to Heal and how we heal now. Certain tools were never upgraded sufficiently to meet new demands.
  12. Tour Augur

    Hey man, I don't have a heal for you right now. I'm a little short. You know, hard times. But I can give you this IOU for a heal. It's just as good. Don't worry, you'll get your heal. Just need a little more time. I'm good for it, you can trust me. :)
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  13. Gundolin Augur

    I use the promised line a lot in raiding, maybe a waste of mana, but since mana usually isn't an issue it really doesn't bother me. Generally in a raid I'll be in the off tank group, where I'm only providing some support on the main tank. So I'll throw a promise on the MT just before add waves or other areas where my support will drop off. I think the majority of the heals are wasted, but over healing the main tank is never a problem, while throwing an extra full heal on him some times helps.

    Basically I'm looking
    1) Is someone I'm directly responsible for needing a heal
    2) Is the main tank needing a heal.
    3) Is an off tank or someone not in my group needing a heal.
    4) Same set of questions but for buffs.
    5) If 1-4 are all ok then throw a promised on the MT, cause if your not casing what are you doing?
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  14. Durbah Lorekeeper

    Please define raids LOL. I know you aren't using these heals for TBL stuff... Maybe RoS, but still, if I used promised heal during a raid my butt would be guildless lol. So I'm just curious what raids you are using these spells on and how do you fit them into your spell bar?
  15. Gundolin Augur

    Actually used it in a TBL raid last night without issue. But I'm always happy to learn. What is your current spell line up?

    I'm currently using
    Greater Word
    Misc Buff
  16. Brohg Augur

    I leave third Remedy on the spellbar, mostly for healing folks doing crowd control. I've dumped the third Inter since it doesn't benefit from focus AA. Typically it's Syllable in the multibind now, or just jump to the third Rem if I expect folks to be OOR of Syllable.
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  17. Gundolin Augur

    Thanks, I'll replace the third Inter with Remedy. Do you generally keep the other 2 inters or are you running three remedy?
  18. Brohg Augur

    Third Remedy is pretty weak compared to tank hp pools, keeping it out of the main multibind. I use for being easy - it's fast, it has range, it's consequence-free (re:accidental damage or curing). It does still fire the AAs, so that's nice
  19. Durbah Lorekeeper

    Similar, except minues third int. Also, some fights you don't want to use int at all.

    So my overall spell bar is 3 QH, everyone says third is useless i tend to disagree, for many reasons, 1, i prefer to use QH over all because it has a small cast time, whereas if i cast int or renewal im stuck for 2 seconds before i can react to anything. So really, i rarely use my int or my Renewal, but i also prefer renewal over INT because this happened once, but i hit a tank with int not thinking, he targeted an add that was mezzed, let's just say i have yet to live that down with my inner circle lol. Pretty embarassing to wake an add as a cleric.

    So, My spell bar usually looks like -
    Reverse DS

    and last slot is usually for ward, or for most raids i keep assurance up in case i need to buff someone that was rezzed mid fight.

    There really is no room nor use for the promise line, now, that's just my 2 cents. I wasn't aware of anyone actually using that.

    I didn't mean to sound insulting if i did lol. I thought at first we were joking.
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  20. Durbah Lorekeeper

    Wouldn't let me edit my post, sorry for the double post, but between renewal and sylable was supposed to be Dissident lol.

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