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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Jaxxer, Apr 30, 2020.

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    (None of these are as important as having a working healing multibind key! I bind to the <slash> key usually 2 or 3 remedy heals, an intervention, perhaps a renewal and 17th [entirely situational]!)

    Low Intensity Healing:
    /pause 2, /tar MYTANK
    /pause 25, /cast Dissident Blessing
    /pause 20, /alt act 153 ;(Radiant Cure)
    /pause 34, /cast Dire Renewal
    /cast Syllable

    Add More Stuff
    /pause 31, /cast Curate's Retort
    /pause 31, /cast Sincere Intervention
    /pause 34, /cast Syllable
    /cast Sincere Remedy

    /alt act 1470 (Spire)
    /alt act 169 (Divine Arbitration)
    /useitem Aegis of Superior Divinity (cleric epic 2.0)
    /alt act 137 (Beacon of Life)
    /cast Syllable

    Get out of Jail Free
    /pause 1, /stand
    /pause 1, /alt act 2000 ;(Armor of Experience)
    /timer 6000, /alt act 464 ;(Divine Peace)
    /pause 30, /stand
    /alt act 396 ;(Sanctuary)

    /useitem aegis of superior divinity
    /pause 1, /alt act 169 ;(Divine Arb)
    /pause 1, /alt act 1470 ;(Spire)
    /useitem Velium Empowered Illuminator Breastplate
    /useitem Dreadweave Illuminator Breastplate

    /pause 1, /alt act 7689 ;(Burst of Life)
    /pause 1, /alt act 137 ;(Beacon of Life)
    /pause 1, /alt act 1065 ;(Focused Celes Regen)
    /alt act 463 ;(Divine Guardian)
    /timer 180, /g Divine Guardian >>> %t <<<

    /g Attempting Group Cure! 100 range max
    /pause 3, /alt act 153 ;(Radiant Cure)
    /pause 3, /alt act 1062 ;(Group Purify Soul)
    /pause 3, /alt act 506 ;(Ward of Purity)
    /alt act 626 ;(Purified Spirits)

    ;tell %t Incoming Rez!!!
    /pause 1, /corpse
    /pause 1, /alt act 3800 ;(AA Rez)
    /pause 1, /useitem Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh
    /g Rezzing %t
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    This is perfect, thank you. I can build on it. I think I have the multibind down, but even if I don’t, there some pretty solid walkthroughs built, just have to adapt for current spells. Thank you again.
  4. Pano Augur

    Fade like it's before TDS
    /timer 1800, /alt act 464
    /pause 2
    /useitem Cloudy Potion

    /timer 1800
    /pause 2, /useitem Aegis of Superior Divinity
    /alt act 137 (Beacon of Life)

    Other than this, I usually just click what's needed as hotkeys aren't 100% reliable with lag.

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