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Discussion in 'Priests' started by alaskaskies, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. alaskaskies New Member

    I am trying to max out my skills on my cleric. She has a lvl 3 skill on throwing. (think its a 3 very low) I can not find anything that is cleric friendly for throwing. Can anyone tell me what a cleric can throw and where to obtain it. Thank You

    Edit to add she is lvl 22
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  3. Enigma Maitreya Augur

    Just curious so nothing wrong with throwing ....
    What, if any Merc do you use? For my Cleric it is pretty much Merc Tank all the way. Setting the Merc's role to Main Tank pretty much keeps you out of harm's way, meaning you can cast a root or direct damage on your target, one you get the mark's you can cast them to pull.
  4. Nylrem Augur

    Basic suspension of flames.

    Get a shaman friend or create an alt shaman to make them.

    Tier 1 are super cheap to make, like 17 pottery trivial and 30 alchemy or something, and all vendor purchased components, for lowest level ones.

    All/All thrown potions that nuke.

    Can also make snare or stun ones as well, very similar recipes.

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