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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Alkerion, Dec 3, 2023.

  1. Alkerion Lorekeeper

    So I was power levelling a new toon and I was seeing that every now and then my cleric casting Guileless Remedy Rank 1 wasn't healing the toon AT ALL. Not even a single hp. It isn't a fizzle as there is no fizzle message and I see the graphic effect hitting the toon just no movement on hp at all.

    For a moment I thought it might be because of the heal being 116 and the toon was below 75 where 116-120 buffs don't land. However the toon is now 80 and I can buff him just fine with 116-120 buffs but this bug still exists and has gotten that toon killed multiple times.
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  2. Iuwene Augur

    Given the probable level difference of more than 30 levels between you and the powerleveled toon I assume you were not grouped, else the toon would get no xp at all.

    So the merc has no business in healing the toon at all. Not their group.
  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    This has been happening to me for years.

    I cast a heal, no fizzle, I get a "you healed Soandso for X" message, but the health bar of the targetted character doesn't move and continues to go down as they take damage. Even if they're not taking damage (out of combat) and I'm trying to top off health bars, some heals just don't do anything. Sometimes, I have to spam 2 or 3 heals to see any result on the health bar. It's almost as if they have some sort of buff or something that's preventing heals from landing, though there's no message to indicate that.

    I just chalked it up to lag for a long time, but I started to wonder if maybe it's all related to this:

    I've just learned to deal with it and assume, like a lot of things in EQ, it'll never be fixed.
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  4. Alkerion Lorekeeper

    Correct as that would completely negate the point of a power level. No the cleric and the toon being power levelled were not grouped together.

    Not even sure where you are bringing this up from. I am not using a merc to heal and never said I was....
  5. Alkerion Lorekeeper

    I don't think it is that. Or at least not directly that as my main shaman sees that garbage all the time on The Star event. I posted about that purple bug from the shaman's perspective as well as it is very consistent on that event. It isn't a single healing fail and most work. That one I can literally try to cast ANY heal on myself and it won't work. This one isn't a consistent failing to heal for multiple heal attempts like the purple bug bit. It is an occasional healing fail but the rest of the time it works just fine.

    To be more on point outside of the purple bug like you mentioned when I am playing or raiding with my shaman and using direct heals via the reckless healing line there is no such thing as a failed heal. They ALWAYS work for me. This is why I posted this as a bug as it is a different experience than what I see as my shaman.
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  6. Iuwene Augur

    Most complaints about cleric healing are about mercs, so I assumed yours would be as well. I apologize for wrongly assuming.
  7. Alkerion Lorekeeper

    Hence why assuming is bad form. It is my level 82 druid being healing by one of my 120 clerics using the spell listed above. The druid is not grouped and not using a merc. I am just standing there healing the druid with the cleric and as you pointed out not grouped as the over 30 level spread would just screw things up. The druid gets solo experience for this. Most of the time the cleric heals land just fine but some don't heal the druid and there is no obvious reason as to why.
  8. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    I get a lot of ghost damage casts as well- The spell happens, damage is assigned, but the mob takes none of it. Happened the night before last, several times vs Rats in Blightfire, who also somehow manage to interrupt me and stun me without actually hitting me to take damage from druid spell Wrath of the Wild. Mobs break all sorts of aggro rules to avoid it, I have had mobs stun me and aggro mage pet and melee dps merc and go a whole fight ignoring me just to waste time. I've has the rogue merc just run out and engage incoming mobs.

    EQ has some under the table math. Level 37 mage DD casts have a roughly 40% higher resist rate when the caster has a Wrath of the Wild on. mobs will to try and suicide on the DS without any attributed damage to remove a charge for zero XP. Little hidden stall tactics, like the treant who just misses hits for 22 swings in a row to not take DS damage and slow the kill rate down. It lets you know when you're being handled.