Cleric - Extended Swarm AA ? ? ?

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Mopman, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Mopman New Member

    Not only do we have this but auto AA puts points into it !

    Our hammer pet cannot swarm.

    Unless I am missing something this is a complete waste and could it please be exchanged for something else ?
  2. Zipe Augur

    I'll just assume that this AA is extending our Celestial Hammer AA or UF chest click and more importantly... Vander's Bane procs!! I mean... who on earth would buy this AA if this wouldn't extend Vander's Bane swamp imp procs?[IMG]
  3. Mopman New Member

    I don't think Celestial hammer swarms ( this extends swarm specifically ) , I will look into Vander's bane.

    Addendum: Vander's Bane is level 53 maxes at level 55 so useless after level 60 or so ( total use about 6 or 7 levels ) .

    My original complain still holds why do we have this almost useless AA as part of our auto earned set ?
  4. Mopman New Member

    Ok I checked the AA coding - it does extend the time of a summoned pet so Celestial Hammer lasts longer , I was incorrect and withdraw my objection.

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