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  1. Clarisa Augur


    Blank Cleric Cast Parse Spreadsheet 1.9.9v2 for TBL (7 Cleric Version).ods
    Sample Cleric Cast Parse Spreadsheet 1.9.9v2 for TBL (7 Cleric Version).ods

    I made some minor changes to the formatting of the bar and "piebar" charts ("piebar" is my name for the second chart pictured with the bars and percentages of each category shown). The "Nukes" category is now positioned first on both charts and the text/numbers on the piebar chart are mostly center-justified instead of aligned to the right. This should hopefully prevent issues where the text/numbers of adjacent categories get scrunched together making them difficult to read, which could have happened before if a cleric had a very low percentage in certain categories.

    I have also updated the sample spreadsheet with a new cast parse:


    Note that I have altered Tohya's cast parse, adding Merciful/Ardent/Virtuous Contravention and Unyielding Judgment usage. Though this isn't a real parse based on one of our clerics, I wanted the sample to show what the "Nukes" category would look like when populated. The amount of nuke casts in the count is entirely guesstimated and might be inaccurate/exaggerated, as I have never seen an actual parse from a cleric using these spells heavily on our raids for a more accurate representation.

    I should mention that if other clerics want to share spreadsheet pictures from their raid teams and hide the cleric names (to avoid upsetting those who don't want their performance shared) it is really easy to do. You just need to change the names of the clerics on the first page of the spreadsheet (on the "Spells" tab where the parses are pasted into), and it will use those names for the rest of the spreadsheet (including the pictures).

    I am not entirely sure, but my guess is it doesn't. Using this example, I cast "Channeling the Divine" (to increase twincast chance) then cast a Merciful Remedy on Hacket:

    [Sun Aug 04 18:58:48 2019] You begin casting Channeling the Divine I.
    [Sun Aug 04 18:58:51 2019] You begin casting Merciful Remedy Rk. III.
    [Sun Aug 04 18:58:51 2019] Hacket's wounds fade. You healed Hacket for 0 (46484) hit points by Merciful Remedy Rk. III.
    [Sun Aug 04 18:58:51 2019] You are bathed in an alleviating burst.
    [Sun Aug 04 18:58:51 2019] Your Salus Faycite Shard: Merciful Remedy feels alive with power.
    [Sun Aug 04 18:58:51 2019] Your Amulet of Dark Radiance feels alive with power.
    [Sun Aug 04 18:58:51 2019] Hacket's wounds fade. You healed Hacket for 0 (45097) hit points by Merciful Remedy Rk. III. (Twincast)
    [Sun Aug 04 18:58:51 2019] Hacket is covered in a soft healing light.

    There is only 1 casting message for Merciful Remedy in that sequence, so assuming the parser uses those to assign credit to the caster for the cast, I would only get credit for 1 Merciful Remedy cast even if it technically landed twice. The extra healing does show up on a heal parse, I think, though a lot of the twincasts from our priests are generally lost to overhealing and result in not much actual healing (which might not hold true for other raid teams with different priest counts/spell usage).
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  2. Pano Augur

    I haven't updated the 10 cleric version in a while because there wasn't much traction with that file but if it's required, send me a PM or a tell in game.
  3. Pano Augur

    Added a history of someone over 8 weeks.

  4. Pano Augur

    Redid the whole cleric history thing in Excel. Didn't lock or protect anything, so you are free to edit it as you want. This is for a single cleric, over 8 weeks, unlike the other chart. You can basically track how terrible your cruise control habits are getting.


    For anyone interested, download here.
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  5. Pano Augur

    And here's the other one redone in Excel. It's slightly different but not that much. I didn't really take the time to play with colors.


    Download here
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  6. demoria7 Elder

    I have a question about the Fast Single Target column, and what heals those are. Is it the Burst of Life AA? NEVERMIND.... just looked at the data points from inside the spreadsheet. Someone asked me and I did not think.... sorry.... love the spreadsheets.
  7. demoria7 Elder

    Is the data from game parse entered any differently? I tried putting the same toon's days in A1 then B1 but nothing filled in .... or do I need to pull each weeks summary from the other spreadsheet to add manually into this one for a single toon, weekly results?... that was convoluted.. hope you know what I am asking.
  8. demoria7 Elder

    Hope you are still updating these spreadsheets... need "Dissident Blessing" and the new "Vicar Spire" added and the old 1st and 2nd spires removed.... I tried, but damaged the formula on my copy. Appreciate a fix and new download... these are excellent tools.
  9. demoria7 Elder

    Dissident Blessing and new spire added, with old ones removed would be nice.
  10. Pano Augur

    I'll update them once all the changes are pushed to live in a week.

    As for pasting data, do you select Export to Forum in gamparse? It should look like this:

    I'm using the sheet from the download link and I see it updating. There's only the pie chart that need to be refreshed manually because it's linked to a pivot table. Just right click on the pie chart and select refresh.

    As for formulas, it should work from Excel 2013 and upwards. IFNA isn't supported by Excel 2010. You can technically remove it, it's just in case of error to put a 0 in the cell. So just remove 'IFNA(' and at the end the ',0)' without the quotes.

    If there's anything, PM or quote me as I do not always check these forums or threads.
  11. demoria7 Elder

    My guild host 8 or 9 clerics on most raid nights.... I was unable to locate the 10 cleric sheets... if possible please update and post. I am running two sets at the moment and copy pasting the extra cleric into a static sheet for the guild.. We have really stepped up our game play since we started using these. Thanks again for all your hard work.
  12. Pano Augur

    Glad to see it helped someone. I'll try to get a 10 clr version done in Excel before the expansion, as I will be busy once it releases.
  13. Pano Augur

  14. demoria7 Elder

  15. demoria7 Elder

    I did not see Blessing of Sanctuary on the spell list... is it hard to add? Nice big heal for a raid cleric. Auto attack undoes the de aggro so we started using it.
  16. Pano Augur

    I can add it to the Excel one. I'm probably not going to reinstall OpenOffice so that it doesn't mess up my file associations again.
  17. demoria7 Elder

    I love your work and use the 10 cleric spread sheet still, with modifications for the new spells.

    I was asked to do one for a DPS class. I used the same format, and built one, using your formulas, just modified for the proper line number/letters and headings.

    Then GamParse returned

    --- Potion - Restless Focus - 1

    The formula did not expect a extra dash or the word and dash, and was unhappy.

    I am not savvy enough to fix the formula and am hoping you have a min to help.

    =IFNA(VALUE(RIGHT(INDEX(GamParse_Data!$A:$A,MATCH("*"&$B$97&"*",GamParse_Data!$A:$A,0)),LEN(INDEX(GamParse_Data!$A:$A,MATCH("*"&$B$97&"*",GamParse_Data!$A:$A,0)))-FIND(" - ",INDEX(GamParse_Data!$A:$A,MATCH("*"&$B$97&"*",GamParse_Data!$A:$A,0)))-2)),0)

    Thanks in advance.
  18. Pano Augur

    Sorry about delays, I don't watch the forums a lot. Technically, if your potion click always remain under 10 (0-9), you can just use the following:


    If not, let me know and I'll try to come up with something.

    Just use this, it should work as long as you aren't clicking 100 potions during a raid. I shouldn't try to do formulas mid raid.


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