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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by globeadue, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. globeadue Journeyman

    I am a Mangler player, formerly Agnarr, it is beyond frustrating to not know if things bought online will be available on the server I am purchasing them for.

    Example: House of Thule Collector's Edition Revival makes zero reference to TLP redemption on any item in the descriptions.

    I'm saying mark items TLP blocked or unblocked for every item listed or TLP Blocked until expansion xyz.

    Additionally, era locked items are not redeemable when their content unlocks, I had several LOY /claims that remained blocked on Agnarr.

    Additionally, additionally... items available for sale in the DBG store should be unlocked for claim on a TLPs. I have a handful of exp pots greyed out for claim on TLPs.

    Additionally also any DBG store or marketplace purchase needs to be marked Heirloom. I bought the anniversary bag/potion bundle and have a no trade haste pot on my mage because I redeemed the bundle and it gives you everything with one /claim instead of breaking everything out to individual /claims
  2. Nennius Augur

    I don't play on a TLP server, but it seems kind of obvious that basic information like limitations of use should be on an item description.
  3. dreamweaver Community Manager

    This isn't a bug report so I am going to move it to the TLP area but thank you for pointing that out. I will bring it up.
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  4. Herf Augur

    I also have a useless haste pot from that expansion. I wasn't surprised at it, because I had to laboriously interrogate Forum member to get a (then, hopefully) precise idea of which items were heirloom and which were not, but it's just absurd that the two were mixed in. More to the point, that any of them were non-heirloom toon-restricted. I ended up min-maxing my purchase to ensure that the minimal amount of content was wasted.

    I can't even imagine the absurd hell that is the DB code base for EQ which ties items to expat releases rather than reasonable consumer offerings, not even including the absurd mixing or Lore, Heirloom, and no Trade items mixed in packs which are sold on TLPs.

    ...then there was that time my bazaar mule bought 3 XP II pots and tried to put them in the shared bank, discovering only then that while the 3 XP pots we can get per month for our DB cash ARE heirloom, XP pots bought with DB cash from our wallet are actually no trade.
  5. globeadue Journeyman

    why, was not this new bug report section for feedback and bugs?
  6. Zanarnar Augur

    Its just for bugs to keep it from getting cluttered up with suggestion and feedback posts. I think thats why the sub-forum is titled "Bug Reports" not "Bug Reports and Feedback" :) The normal forums are a good enough spot for feedback as the devs/etc read these too.
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  7. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Zanarnar is correct.
  8. Risiko Augur

    It would be nice if we could get a section devoted to suggestions, and have it work like the bug area where likes on the initial post in each thread determines how hot the suggestion is.
  9. dreamweaver Community Manager

    It's probably going to a while before this is put into place since we are still working out issues with the bug report section but it is possible in the future. Until then [Feedback] or [Suggestion] in front is probably the quickest way. I try to stay caught up on everything as much as possible.
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