Claws of Veeshan, Preorder and Beta, OH MY!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by JChan, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. frozencow New Member

    Hmm Technically shouldnt it be 27? Lol... but Either way good to know... thx for info Drac... but id still like to hear it offically from dream or someone so i dont throw out 100$ and have something screw up... I R POOR!
  2. CrazyLarth Augur

    its 27 should be in BETA but only 26 is LIVE currently
  3. SubEffect Journeyman

    The 27th isn't actually out yet, so - no.

    Also, the little ? at the top of the buy screen tells you that you get all expansions when you pre-order CoV, FYI (implying immediately)
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  4. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I believe so, i don't think it's on the list of prerelease available items.
  5. dreamweaver Community Manager

    The expacs you dont have should open right away once everything has been applied to your account.
  6. Rikkitikkitavi Journeyman

    We bought the friends and family for the first time today. I do not know how to include the two accounts other than the one I bought the expac from. Can anyone help?
  7. Nniki Augur

    Last year the tradable expansion wasn't available until launch. I assume it's the same this year.
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  8. Khat_Nip Meow

    from the page.
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  9. Varsak New Member

    I do not currently own ToV. If I preorder CoV will I get immediate access to ToV or will I have to wait until CoV goes live in Dec to access ToV content?
  10. Rikkitikkitavi Journeyman

    Thanks, folks. I will wait semi-patiently until Sat then. Appreciate your responses !
  11. Riou EQResource

    You get immediate access and you get charged immediately as well
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  12. Unoneemoose New Member

    could this expac have ripped off GoT anymore blatantly? good grief... if there are "white walker" baddies of any sort, then it's time to just close the doors to Norrath...
  13. Vanrau Augur

    You obviously have never played EQ or else you would know Velious is a snow and ice continent. There were undead in Velious long before GoT was a TV show.

    You'll need to try harder than that.
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  14. Torin New Member

    Has their been a change in how payment sources are confirmed? I pre-ordered the expansion on one of my accounts successfully a few days ago using a card on file. I am unable to add that card or any other card to my other accounts. My wife is having a similar issue with her card.

    It keeps saying the card info may be invalid for both of us.
  15. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Not that I am aware of, you may want to reach out to CS directly to see if they can assist.
  16. Torin New Member

    Ok thank you, I will throw them an email.
  17. Unoneemoose New Member

    Aside from Dragon Nec and ToFS, there really aren’t undead on Velious. That aside, i’m referring more to the lazy storyline of “creeping winter death threatening all of norrath”. that’s ripped straight from GoT. There was The Rhyme story arch in EQ2 which could be part of this, but otherwise... to quote you directly regarding your defense “you’ll need to try harder than that”. feel free to fill me i on where there’s a genuine undead threat in Velious that isn’t what i mentioned. The smattering of dwarf skeles leading out from undead thurgsrdin doesn’t count.
  18. Vanrau Augur

    Most of the base EQ is a straight rip off from the Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons. What is your point? That games aren't original and have their own unique ideas? Welcome to the gaming industry in 2020.
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  19. Szilent Augur

    Pfft, next you'll be saying EQ didn't invent swords
  20. nemotech Lorekeeper

    If you think GoT is original, I would suggest a library card and some reading. As GoT is a re interpretation of a series of novels. Hell, even Tolkien borrowed from Beowulf. Fantasy and Fairy tales are tangents in a framework, like Sci-Fi or any genre in fiction. U find the ones which speak to you and enjoy. GoT's LuLz that's funny. <Insert Pop Culture reference here>
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