Claw of the Mature Patriarch

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Snakes, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Snakes New Member

    this is the 5th quest for iksar beastlord, is this quest working?

    Done the 4th but having trouble with the 5th, FM mob didnt drop its item, got the one from burning woods and sofar no sight of the mob in DL.
  2. snailish Augur

    Cabilis class weapons started in Kunark/Luclin as per the classes being available.

    Most/all of them had more stages added at a later date. Iirc OoW was the "mop-up" era where this work mostly got done. The quality of some of the later stages is arguably later-era (than Kunark or even Luclin) so even though the quests have you running all over Kunark... doesn't mean we'll be able to do all the stages on progression until OoW.

    Not working later than OoW probably means broken quest.

    And being progression, any of these things could be era-set to suit progression vs. whenever they originally were completed historically. So they could all be PoP era set now for the final stage for example, if that is where the dev team deemed them to "fit" best.

    Iirc, the necromancer skullcap quest has made patch notes in recent memory (past few years) so it is possible the answers you seek are buried in a past patch impacting progression.
  3. Catashe Augur

    Iksar BL quest #5 and #6 is the only Iksar class weapon/item that doesn't allow you do to it era aka Kunark/Luclin
  4. Snakes New Member

    guess i can stop camping loyalists then
  5. Catashe Augur

    Yea it doesn't fully unlock til I think OoW.. which is sad.. I tried to get Prathun to do something about it but.. Alas didn't happen.. I can only get him to nerf stuff
  6. snailish Augur

    From Gidono's post over at Allakhazam:

    "This is in the test patch notes as of 1/20/2017.

    - Demi Lich Skullcap - Lowered the restrictions on the spawns needed for this quest so that it can be completed in Kunark era."

    So it may now be that Beastlords are the only one with a not Kunark era for the final stage, but it wasn't always so.

    If all the others (including ones that were added onto outside of Kunark) have been fit into Kunark... not sure I see why bst can't have their's in Luclin.
  7. Herf Augur


    Has anyone on Agnarr completed claws #5 and 6?

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