Classic quests: 25% undiscovered / incomplete?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Hythos, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Hythos Lorekeeper

    I had returned for Lockjaw (and now Phinnigel) - and have heard that there are ~25% of Classic EQ's quests yet to be discovered or solved; is this true / possible? If so, are they bugged or incomplete?

    Years ago, there was a reference to a second Oracle - but the Oracle of Marud wasn't in-game. Has he ever made an appearance? Were either Oracle's full dialog & quests been discovered?

    I couldn't imagine how epics were first revealed (unless leaked), but figuring out quests on my own was part of the fun (years ago). I'm still interested in knowing about 'em.
  2. Brohg Augur

    When epics were introduced in Kunark, a lot of their parts stuck out as file changes in the existing zones. Those "just" (still not a trivial task) had to be assembled by the appropriate folks. Quests wholly contained within an expansion, especially the Basic-Kunark-Velious-Luclin ones that were pretty darned bad at providing prompts / context, did not have those uberhelpful contrasts to highlight open ended tracks.
  3. Tatanka Augur

    Unless this number came from DBG/SoE (25%), how would anyone know? And if they're undiscovered, how would we know that it's 25%? We have to "know" how many "unknown" quests there are.... somewhere Donald Rumsfeld is laughing and shaking his head :)

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  4. Borek-VS Augur

    Some number did come from SOE (as it was) a few years ago. But, in reality, it is most likely that these were really broken quests, unimplemented quests using NPCs/items that were in game, and a very few that were undiscovered.
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  5. Napol New Member

    Idea for daybreak... Make a daily Quest of the day section with unsolved quest or something to that effect where it hints where we need to start looking.
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  6. mackal Augur

    There are a few quests on alla that have never been solved (that are part of this percentage of unsolved quests), can always try to figure those out.
  7. Gundolin Augur

    How does Daybreak know which quests are unsolved? Would they have to parse all player logs? Or is there a counter out there for every quest that shows the status? Programming something like that at the time of the expansion may not be too bad, but unless the quest gives a real unique reward it seems like it would be hard to go back through the content and find all unsolved quests.

    I'm mostly just thinking out loud about whether or not this would be doable. I love the idea of clearing old quests that have never been solved.
  8. Egat Master

    At 1:55 in this video it is stated that roughly 3000 items had yet to be discovered by players. As to how they know that, I'm unsure, but the failed player database used to record who discovered what items by server. I remember that clearly from their first TLP servers.
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  9. Vanrau Augur

    Playing on Phinigel, I have looted quite a few items that are marked as Quest but there is no quest records on any of the database sites for Everquest. I'm pretty sure these items are imcomplete quests that were never full developed. Just like the Quest tag being applied to the Glowing Black Stone. The developer who did that never finished making the quest.
  10. runecrow Elder

    I heard the same thing and am sure that, while some few may be broken, the rest are still waiting to be discovered. The problem is that, I can't find anyone who wants to explore, everyone just wants to power-game blam blam kill kill get get until they're top level. It's too difficult to find people who actually just want to explore. The response I would always get from "anyone want to try to explore this possible quest?" would just be "there's no quest" or "it's broken" or "if there was a quest someone would've found it by now" just all manner of nonsense.

    I went that direction for a while then gave up because, maybe it is broken? It really kills the spirit to want to look for hidden things but knowing that you'll never know if you're on the trail of a never-discovered-quest-item, or whether you're chasing wild geese fiddling with a broken quest that's eating up your game play.

    If you're talking about the "other" Oracle (of K'Arnon) in the Ocean of Tears (who gives positive Marud faction for a kill) then sure he's got dialogue and quests. I'm actually doing his quest now. It's long, and very tedious. Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere. If that's the "other Oracle" you're meaning. Which probably is because his faction is the foil of Oracle of Marud.

    About 75% of EQ I can't figure out how anyone ever figured them out. I guess when you've got tons of people all working on something they get it figured out?

    I don't think they should make it that easy, but I think they should at least put up a list of "broken" quests so if you think you're on to something, you can at least look at that list and see if you're going to be wasting your time. It's the part where I don't know what's broken that kills my drive to find new things. Because I don't want to waste time then figure out it's a broken quest.

    What a great video. Thanks for posting it was great.
  11. Egat Master

    You may find old forums like this interesting then.
  12. Tanise Elder

    Safehouse, Steelwarrior, eqdruids, etc etc, Not sure how many of those places still exist but there would be threads regarding the quests and everyone trying to figure them out. Devs/guides gave a few nudges from time to time particularly when it turned out that the quest was broken/bugged or the text wasn't making sense.
  13. Derd Augur

    I've always wondered if there's one or more Killable npc's that have never been killed. Just due to location or any other reason possible to come up with. But I have a strange mind lol
  14. Tanise Elder

    Almost anything in PoM lol.
  15. CrazyLarth Augur

  16. Lizzarn New Member

    HAHA, Its EQ, so I have no doubt 25% of the content is broken. Especially from the early days!
  17. Umbraeques Lorekeeper

    Before the new fangled tradeskill window, and the scribeable books; many recipes were either written in books that you had to find and read, given out by NPC's after some dialogue or simply not revealed at all.

    The folks at EQTC spent many a late night trying to figure out the recipes for things; much stuff was lost to experimentation (till they changed that). I suspect there are still many recipes out there that have never been made, there's no easy way to tell unless DBG give us a hint.

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