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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Khalifa Kush, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Khalifa Kush Lorekeeper

    With the release of two new TLP servers I wanted to see what the community would rank classes based on strength for classic. Not during Kunark, Velious or any future expansions. Yes I know this is extremely bias and broad since some classes are strong solo, some group and some raid (warrior). However in classic aren't the group tanks reliable enough for Nagafen and such? Also side note - I realize this post will be butchered to no end with how wrong my list is. But that's why I'm making this post, I want to hear it from the veterans on what are smart classes to start off with in a progression server. Let me hear your opinions!

    No Berserker / Beastlord

    Here's my list; 1 being strongest all around

    1. Cleric
    2 .Monk
    3. Enchanter
    4. Magician
    5. Shaman
    6 .Shadow Knight
    7 .Necromancer
    8 .Bard
    9 .Druid
    10 .Warrior
    11. Wizard
    12. Rogue
    13 .Ranger
    14 .Paladin
  2. Spayce Augur

    The correct answer is Enchanter #1, and it isn't even close.
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  3. Trevalon Augur

    1. Enchanter (Just overall the strongest class for quite a few expansions there is really no competition here)
    2. Cleric
    3. Monk (best melee dps, so that gives them a good edge on alot of bosses with resists and high sustain)
    4. Shadow Knight (Great group tank and can still tank Raid bosses fairly well and can do some decent dmg for a tank with the right weapons - overall a super versatile tank)
    5. Necromancer (Not quite as good as mages in groups but vastly better in raids - I think this may be their best era through PoP but I could see some making a case for both Kunark and Velious)
    6. Shaman (Good, but not as great as future expansions and dot revamp means they pull agro so easily it makes it difficult to use)
    7. Bard (Good but not as good as future expansions)
    8. Magician (Great in groups, lackluster on raids but hey dmg shield! Honestly they could probably be lower but I bumped em a bit because they are really good for groups though chanter is better)
    9. Wizard (Not good in groups, though they are good for Oh crap pulls, but they are excellent on raids)
    10. Warrior (Worst group tank but best raid tank so while they are lower on this list they are definitely essential to every raid)
    11. Paladin (Good group tank but not quite as good for raids as SK cause SK's pull better and do more dmg)
    12. Ranger (Can tank in groups and tank raids ok in classic - Rangers are actually not bad in classic as tanks but then they become true trash after classic till Luclin)
    13. Druid (Just overall a mediocre class. Low dmg compared to dmg dealers, bad heals compared to healers and doesn't really bring anything super worthwhile to raids or groups in classic other than ports, but ill take 15 Wizards before more than 2-3 Druids)
    14 Rogue (Rogues are absolutely useless in classic. Terrible dmg to the point of almost being useless and they offer nothing else. Rogues in classic are by far the worst class.)

    Im gonna go with that, of course this is all subjective but a few I am sure about like Rogues. Rogues are soooo bad in classic.
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  4. Moranis Augur

    As with many of these types of posts, the question is far too broad ("best" or "strongest") because the answer varies wildly as you look at narrower situations.

    In that light, I can really only answer is a very general sense:

    1-4. Enchanter / Monk / Cleric / Warrior - Enchanters have unreal power with charm...positively broken. Monks have the best combo of DPS and AC. Clerics are required on raids and warriors are mostly required on raids.
    5-11. Everyone else...
    12-14. Ranger / Rogue / Paladin - Depending on your bias, any of these classes can be considered the worst. They can all be replaced with a similar class that can do nearly everything better than they can.

    If the question were more granular, I think there could be better responses (i.e. Best burst DPS for Class raiding) but the "everyone else" classes are all mostly interchangeable depending on whether you find raiding, grouping, soloing, or a host of other things more important.

    The top 4 classes though all shine above and beyond the others in either the group or raid game and therefore are undoubtedly the "strongest".
  5. taliefer Augur

    if we are just talking classic, i would paladin as the highest tank, well above sk, then warrior.

    paladins can tank anything classic has to throw at them, have decent heals, and there are a ton of undead around where paladins can perform quite nicely as DPS. i really enjoyed playing a paladin in classic.

    it quickly goes to come kunark and velious, and you get to be Rampage in luclin if thats yer thing, but classic was good times at least
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  6. Lortl Journeyman

    1. Enchanter
    2. Cleric
    3. Necromancer
    4. Mage (Can't charm, root or Mez)
    5. Monk
    6. Shadowknight
    7. Rest of this list doesn't matter...
    8. Rogue
    9. Ranger
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  7. Renshu Augur

    There is a reason why people make mage armies in classic.
  8. Lortl Journeyman

    MoTM made that no bueno
  9. RandomStrategy Augur

    Anything but MotM is pretty well owned by mage teams (with the exception of a well placed harm touch by a max level SK).
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  10. malaki Augur

    In Classic you should be basically tanking everything with a knight. Warriors are pretty bad prior to Kunark and discs.
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  11. Wulfhere Augur

    True classic in era, Bard.
    TLP "classic", Enchanter.
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  12. KegadinIsGod Journeyman

    I would switch necro and cleric, otherwise I bless that list.
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  13. Lortl Journeyman

    Only reason I have cleric higher is because you can put cleric with almost any other class and they are unstoppable. Like Cleric/Enc or Cleric/Necro and you can down most content in classic pretty easily. Whereas you can't put Necro with an Enc and get the same result. But, yeah.. Necro is basically an Enc with Dots in PoHate or Fear and LGuk in classic.
  14. TLP Addict Augur

    1. Enchanter - completely broken class on TLPs, nothing comes close.
    2. Cleric - Kings of healing in groups and raids for a long time.
    3. Monk - Another broken TLP class, probably overdue for a nerf.
    4. Mage - MoTM hits them pretty hard on raids, but for group dps or farming they are very strong, will beast most others in 1v1 race unless it's an SK with HT up or Wiz gets really lucky with crits.
    5. Necro - Solo kings, DPS kings with a charmed pet, mediocre grp dps outside of undead content.
    6. Shadowknight - Strong tank in classic, strong dps racer if HT is up.
    7. Wizard - Caster dps is king in classic when all melee have junk weapons. Essential for serious raid forces interested in mobility and burst dps for contested content.
    8. Bard - Good bot class, decent pullers, in high demand for raiding, red headed stepchild to enchanters in xp groups though.
    9. Shaman, bit meh in classic, become much much stronger after that. Good backup healers and malo for charmed pets.
    10. Paladin - Great tanks, can help with heals, nowhere near as bad as people claim.
    11. Warrior - Have to have a bunch of these to raid, super gear dependant. Could get by without any in classic, but absolutely needed in Kunark and beyond.
    12. Ranger - Great group tanks, extremely easy to hold aggro with, mediocre dps
    13. Rogue - Weak in classic, if you can stomache levelling one though you get ez pickings on raid loot.
    14. Druid - second rate heals, second rate dps, popular first class due to strong solo skills and usefullness as a Port/Powerlevel box. They spend more time LFG than just about any other class for good reason.
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  15. Crayon123 Augur

    Anyone that doesn't put Rogue dead last on their list is just WRONG. They are WORTHLESS. At least Rangers can tank in groups and take DT's on raids. Rogues may as well not even be there.
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  16. malaki Augur

    As a thing Druids and Shaman have Superior Heal in Classic now so if people are basing these rankings on older data that's a pretty major change.
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If you're playing classic seriously then you have at least 1 enchanter carrying everyone else who is not an enchanter.

    Likely, that enchanter is also boxing a cleric who is rezzing said group as well.
  18. Iyvy Augur

    1) Enchanter by a mile

    2) Cleric best healer, straight forward

    3) Necromancer, similar to a less strong enchanter, their classic damage is actually very high ( it's kunark where their dots don't keep up) and they get undead charm and feign death. Easily number 3 in classic.

    4) Shaman, the first major drop off in strength, Shamans rocket up to top 2 in kunark, but in classic they're quite strong. Just don't make them heal and you can see why they are underrated in classic. Their slow is already extremely strong (better than enchanter) and their dps is also very strong in classic, similar to necro (but unlike necro it keeps going into kunark). Alchemy should not be underestimated in terms of how much strength it brings to the class, and the ability to make potions on hand is very strong.

    5) Druid, Druids are extremely underrated because they're a bit of a newb trap. Druids can charm. This alone makes them in certain situations as viable or more than a necromancer. There are charmable mobs in Guk and sol a, ports are extremely useful at this stage in the game, they can PL, and their damage is underrated, a druid + shaman/enchanter makes an extremely strong duo/trio. Any situation where they can charm or interact with a charmer (snaring enchanter pets makes enchanters life a dream). They can also root rot adds very well and their dots are somewhat underrated. Track is extremely useful, they can also forage from level 1 and end up with lots of vegis/fruits to sell as some starting income.Terrible nukes, but all around a very underestimated class.

    6) Bard, Bard is sort of a wierd class. They're not the best soloer but better than any other melee (they play like a caster). Very afkable and also very very very strong as a puller in a multiple enchanter group. Bards are desirable and strong, but very intensive to be played to their full potential and also require a smart/powerful group and enough mobs to be played to their full potential, in more cramped spaces/without enough mobs they can be sorta boring, and they don't do real dps. All around a great class that's hard to place.

    7) Magician,Magicians are okay, okay pet, good damage, not comparable in terms of raw power to necro or enchanter due to lack of utility

    8) Monk, the best melee dps, they don't require any weapons to do good damage, have useful feign death, basically the only melee that isn't an active detriment to a group, they're also tankier than the tank classes for non raid stuff, at least until full raid gear.

    9) Wizard, Wizards are a crappier druid with more dps. Super important for raids, but otherwise pretty meh. Not a lot too them, boring to play, low utility. In a group a charmer is far more useful, but when pumped full of mana they can do pretty great dps.

    10) Ranger, yeah you heard me. Ranger. Ranger in CLASSIC is the best. They are extremely tanky since they are not crippled by a lack of disciplines that come in kunark. A ranger could easily tank any boss if your raid will let you (they wont). For group tanking they are easily the best tank, snare grants so much safety, and theirs doesnt fall off and doesnt break mez. They can root which is even better. They can track/harmony which makes them the second best puller after bards and the only tank you'd ever legitimately want in a group (warriors and SKs are not needed, just use 3 charm pets). Also their damage is very high. They have a lvl 49 nuke that is super out of era and really strong. I've had rangers top charts on certain non charm fights using bow + that nuke. This drops off immediately in kunark and they suck until luclin BUT in classic they are by far the best "tank" dps and will even beat out rogues until you get deep into sky.

    11) Paladins suck. They can rez. That's sort of useful in general, and is useful on raids. They hold good aggro and are decent group tanks. If you have a tank for some reason. Not sure why you'd need one. They get pacify and LoH. They are the worst tank (cept ranger if you count that) in kunark, but the best in classic.

    12) SK, SKs suck. They get Feign, they do no damage, they're squishy. They get better in Kunark ofc, but in classic they suck.

    13) Warriors suck. They get nothing, they're the best raid tank. They do no damage. They aren't useful in groups at all. They will be necessary for kunark raiding, have friends.

    14) Don't play a rogue.
  19. Lumiens Augur

    This thread just reinforced my bad decision to play another rogue in classic again. Thanks guys!
  20. Bobbybick Augur

    Imagine maining a rogue from classic through OoW, you'd have to be some kind of idiot right?

    And making a second rogue in Luclin after you get the first one banned and doubling down.

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