Class Race Combo Restrictions

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  1. Rolien Elder

    Why is this a thing? I can understand restrictions like waiting for an expansion to make a specific Race or Class, but why force people to wait for a specific expansion to make a specific class/race combo?

    Does a Gnome Shadow Knight or Gnome Paladin really impact the game that much? Or a Halfling Paladin or Ranger?

    Like I said I understand the restricting classes and races to their respective expansion but the combo's make no sense to restrict them.

    There are some combinations that happen in way later expansions such as Wood Elf Beast Lord and Froglok Monk that some people would probably love to play when the class or race goes live.

    I know this has been a thing for a long time but in my opinion it doesn't effect anything insanely. We already don't have classic zones like East and West Commonlands there's no reason to restrict class combo's.
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  2. Relyn Lorekeeper

    The gnome and halfling combos were in on Ragefire at least before they changed it.

    Wood Elf Beast Lord would be problematic because even on live, you can only start one in Crescent Reach even on a paid account. Just no trainers in Kelethin. I was kind of bummed about that because I hate starting characters in CR.

    Always thought Froglok monk was available when Frogloks were, but since I hate playing Frogloks, I didn't look too closely, lol.

    It would be nice to start with a gnome SK at the start.
  3. Rolien Elder

    Okay so just add some NPC's that sell the spells or give them the option to start in the Barbarian or the Cat starting area... It really don't seem that hard to do.
  4. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Two words - The Vision™.

    Blame Brad McQuaid, or at least the memory of him. There's no real reason outside of a few lore reasons, to limit classes from races. Now though, it's very likely that even if the powers that be wanted to open some up, they couldn't figure out how, due to the tangled mess of spaghetti code dating back more than 25 years.
  5. Rolien Elder

    I have my doubts about it dealing with the code, simple reason for that is we have plenty of out of expansion things currently.

    Spell levels not being every 9 for hybrids, every 5 for wisdom and every 4 for int.
    Zones being different example being Freeport, Commonlands, Ro.
    New Zones period Freeport sewers, this used to be just part of freeport.
    Out of Era NPC's and Out of Era Drops.
    Raid mobs having a special buff to make them take less damage from pets.

    I really don't think it has anything to do with Brad McQuaid's memory, if that were the case we wouldn't have things like EXP pots or all the other stuff in the store.
  6. Installing Updates Lorekeeper

    Wood Elf Beastlord is currently locked to Call of the Forsaken. They could at least move it to the Crescent Reach expansion, TSS or whatever it is.
  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I said the following mostly in relation to classes, but the same applies to race/class combinations.

  8. Cidran Augur

    Agreed with OP - I'm all in for nostalgia but there's too many 'classic' things missing to care about gnome knights... They should be available from day 1 !
  9. Recondojoe Lorekeeper

    It doesn’t make sense either because you can make Erudite Shadow Knights on day 1 and that was never a thing. On P99 you still have to wait a really long time to make them because they weren’t part of launch (neither was The Hole).
  10. noseminer New Member

    Id like to see more combos added too maybe with new expansions. But instead of waiting for the expansion on tlp it’s available when you own the expansion
  11. Basak Augur

    Indeed, there are areas of Kelethin void of NPCs or have NPCs that are redundant such as all those inns and pubs that Beastlord spell merchants and guild masters could be placed. There is no reason not to be able to permit starting in Kelethin, as I do not enjoy crescent reach having the option for the combos that are restricted to Crescent Reach (excluding Drakkin of course) open up to their racial city would be a nice addition.
  12. Lynada Journeyman

    When they started talking about Oakwynd being an 'experimental server' this was the kind of experiment I was hoping for: all class race combinations that are added at a later point, added at the start

    instead, I have to wait til Luclin to roll my Halfling Paladin and Ranger. At least the heirloom makes it so I don't have to pay for a race change token !
  13. Fluid Augur

    More IMO then factual. They always wanted the world to be diverse. The problem with the user base is we are lousy with Min-Maxers. People don't look for a character that is weak and stupid. I think the word 'nerf' may be banned in the forums so let's just call it class balance.

    People ask questions like who makes the best Monk? Right now that seems to be Iskar. If Iskar Monks were in from T-Zero a huge number of people would probably make Norath a lizard people world.

    I've calmed down a lot from the early days. I still cheese it a bit myself. I almost always start a Gnome Magician because of "Gnome Vision" which I find beneficial for looking through walls. Still, if Halfling Rangers were a thing, that would probably be the first or second character I would create. Having tracking out of the box would be overpowered for the race. Honeycomb off bixies sells for ~2pp per to people doing quests, that's a lot of pp for a level 1 character. Other quests/hunts like Orc Lumberjack, Goblin Alchemist, ... become to easy.

    There is the goal to make characters interdependent and travel. It's why we see Enchanters in Misty Thicket and Rivervale. As much as I would like an out of the day 1 Halfling Ranger, I can kind of see there are enough Halflings in the world now. Creating Halfling Rangers would mean I create one less Human or Half Elf Ranger.
  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    The Hole doesn't open on TLP until Vox, Naggy & Phinigel have been killed once each, it hasn't really been an issue though I recall it being something Miragul TLP players ran into they weren't expecting.

    Maybe the devs will make Erudite Shadowknights & Paineel locked upon launch on classic start TLP servers but make them available a couple weeks prior to Kunark unlocking?

    February 17, 2000 7:00 am


    The City of Paineel, home to the infamous Heretics of Erudin, is now
    available via the Optional Patch. In addition, Erudites may now also be
    Shadowknights in addition to the other classes available to them. All
    Erudite Necromancers, Shadowknights, and Clerics who worship the God of
    Fear, Cazic-Thule, now start in the City of Paineel. As such, if you
    wish to create a character of this type from this point forward, you
    *must* download the Paineel zone-files via the Optional Patch.

    Please note that if you downloaded the Paineel zone files recently, you
    must run the Optional Patch again to insure you have the correct
    version of the files.

    In related news, all of the entrances to the Qeynos Catacombs have been

  15. Rolien Elder

    Wow I honestly didn't expect people to agree with me. Guess I've spent to much time around WoW classic.

    I just think it's pointless to make us wait for a specific race class combo. I understand being required to wait for the expansion for races since Iksar start in Cabilis and are legit KoS to everyone outside of Kunark until Velious releases then they can go into towns in Velious. Vah Shir starting on Luclin, Drakkin starting in Crescent reach and frogloks starting in... Okay frogloks legit start in Rathe so... yeah that makes no sense.

    As for classes Beast Lord and Berserkers have gear specifically made for them in Kunark and Velious so keeping them locked till their expansion is kinda a little harder to excuse and it's not like they would be insanely overpowered before their expansions since correct me if I'm wrong but a lot of their power comes from AA especially Berserker.

    Oakwynd is still pretty fresh Kunark hasn't dropped yet they have the chance to change this since it's an experimental server. I really really hope they decide to consider this or at least talk about why not. An excuse of "It's classic" Doesn't work if you want that to work then bring back the old zones, bring back spells at specific levels, bring back hell levels.
  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    They could make it simpler and have all the new combos starting in EC tunnel (it is where most players want to be anyway). That way they only have to add 1 extra set of spell vendors and a guild master for each class.

    I'm not sure I want to see all races being all classes, but a few new combos would be nice.
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