Class Balancing - When is it happening?

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  1. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    Pallies are still rez better then SK, they really should balance it and add the ability for an SK to rez with an EE like a necro.
  2. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    They just need to create a new size function when creating your race. That way you can make a troll the size of a gnome or make a gnome the size of a troll!

    Think how cool that would be to see a troll size gnome running around chasing a gnome size troll!
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  3. Nennius Curmudgeon

    And to take it a bit further. A gnome in diapers.
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  4. Gorehammer Lorekeeper

    EQ patched today. SK's hit with 6 nerfs (itemized per stat). Mortal Coil proc duration reduced from 5m to 2m and they reduced the AC component of it for some reason, too (we really only proc this solo because DPS classes get most of the kill shots). Soul Abrasion nerf is actually 3 nerfs because it's used to boost 3 different innate procs, Spite is a weak disc with a long-ish cooldown. - Oath/Bargain tweak is them trying to rectify overly-nerfing the disc in a previous update.

    This one's pretty hilarious: Reduced minimum 2H weapon damage (Pally's got hit with this, too). Really makes zero sense as literally no one has an issue with knight melee damage because it's kinda sad. And don't get me started on knight 1h dps.. I don't see a reason 1h should be any lower than 85-90% of our 2h dps.) - And after many years I will continue to say that I'm 100% fine with pallies getting an agro boost. No fight there.

    Warrior tanking and DPS untouched. I don't call for any class to be nerfed, it's just strange when knights keep getting targeted for them despite the fact that no raid is ever saying "man, we have too many warriors on tonight, where dem knights at??" o_O Perhaps, ironically, some Knight buffing is in order?

    Bards essentially buffed. Things like: Lowered proc chance by a little and increased proc damage by a lot, increased the spell damage, Significantly increased the damage, etc.

    If this is the "beginning" of "class balance", is Darkpaw viewing SK's and Bards as the most broken classes in the game? Or are these just the first two classes they did work on? Will there be a 2nd and 3rd round of SK nerfs or are we done now? Any SK/Knight improvements on the way? -- Side note: many of us feel like Clerics need to get their mojo back, plus some reasonable DPS increase even if they stay in last place there. Other people can answer that better than I, so I digress.
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  5. fransisco Augur

    umm..... sk kinda is the most op class in the game, and most of those nerfs didn't really do anything
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  6. Cadira Augur

    Sks went from being the most op class by a good margin before patch, to the most op class by a good margin after patch. Nerfs were nothing but rounding errors.

    And lol, people in several guilds I've recently raided with absolutely complain there's too many warriors and not enough sk....err, knights by comparison. Warrior's...well, "warrior's x" line did get a buff too btw, not that it'll make a huge difference.
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  7. MiataDriver Augur

    Speaking as a healer class that spends a lot of time soloing/moloing when not raiding, I use a healer merc, and my pet tanks, including the named mobs in LS.
  8. Bigstomp Augur

    Yeah, the warrior buff was spitting in the ocean. But we're in ok shape, I have no idea why they buffed that button but it's not a big difference maker for us either way.
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    It's been weird on our casual raids (not just since patch, but the last maybe 2 months?)
    We used to have about 7 sk's a night. Now, we get 1 sk, maybe 3 by the end of the night as late arrivals show. Some nights 0 sks.

    Purely anecdotal, but war numbers have stayed about the same, and pally numbers have jumped a fair bit over the past few months.

    This is new for me on tanks, but for dps classes, swings like this usually correspond to one class getting stronger, and one getting weaker. Example, we now have a whole bunch of monks.
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  10. Iven the Lunatic

    Which healer class do you play ?

    Sounds more like you do play a pet class but maybe you do play a druid that does charm animals. Or has the shaman became that OPed ?
  11. Iven the Lunatic

    Frankly, Darkpaw does lack the needed infos and manpower to get class balance ever done. All they can do are a few adjustments here and there.

    Buffing bard DPS does not seem to be right from my perspective but I only played my bard to lvl 100, and the class is very OPed until about then. Mostly because of having to much DPS and ADPS, but not only. Haste is generally very OPed, and can create lag, and it would be a good start to nerf those and ADPS stuff at first. Theoretically it could be totally different at lvl 120. Not to forget about twincast spells and AAs, which are the casters haste = DPS boost.

    Slow spells/songs are also OPed. They should be nerfed for the BRD and SHM classes. ENC should have the strongest slow spells because it is one of the weaker and unpopular classes, and cannot heal/regen like the other two. Heal/regen + slow = extra OP. The only unique class bonus of the ENC is mass CC by mez, but that is often just not needed with single pulls, root parking, or just OPed tanking and healing. It is nice for relaxed boxing tho, but does not further the multiplayer group game. BRD can grant nearly the sama mana regen as an ENC to a group, which is blatantly wrong. It should be 66% at max, and not 95% as of now.

    ENC having the best slow spells, by far the best CC (as of now), and by far the best mana regen buffs/auras, would bring that class back into the game.
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  12. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Two part plan to addressing Paladin complaints:

    1) delete the class
    2) convert all pally’s to clerics

    They’re the same class anyways, one is just more righteous and annoying than the other.
  13. Iven the Lunatic

    Both are not really needed anymore as player classes, but I do like them vs undead mobs. The cleric class downfall from once being the most sought class to zero is impressive. Cleric lfg in 2004: 10 seconds, 3 group calls. Cleric lfg in 2024: ....... and going strong. But they are not rly lfg anymore as nobody does play them.

    Fixing the paladin:
    Unique tank ability like having the best aggro of all tank classes, and being a shield and bash master. It should be the best tank as it's DPS is the worst.

    Fixing the cleric:
    Nerfing the heals and buffing DD and AE nukes. And adding more DPS to the hammer pets. The class is way to much focused onto heals. It should still remain as the strongest healer class. Something unique and "cool" could be added to make the class interesting again.

    I am thinking about a static/local sanctuary sphere with a small radius, that does make the group invisible vs all NPCs (roamers) for about two minutes while being inside the sphere. 5 minutes if not being affected by focus/AA duration effects. It could be used for (med) breaks and would also grant an endurance (fatigue) regen bonus, and does remove all debuff/curse/poison/disease effects. It would also instantly activate the fast regen mode for all players, even in raid zones.

    Cooldown of about 20 minutes after activation. Any hostile action of the players or leaving the visible sphere/dome would break the sanctuary. To prevent the players from moving, the sanctuary could cast an unresistable (-1000) immobilize effect onto the PCs until it does fade away. It would add QoL to the game, and further socialization by conversations. The duration has to be long enough to fully recover the group while being 100% save, and granting it a RL bio break, but not being annoying and unnecessary long. A fix duration of 5 minutes might be the best compromise.