Clarity potions are back...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Zekson, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Zekson New Member

    Hey... So clarity potions are back. When looking at them in the DB store there is no mention of a lvl 60 req but after purchased showing there is a 60 req, that was a cheap move... cheap move...
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur


    Servers coming down
  3. kdomg Journeyman

    OP: how did you get the potion? I purchased the Bottle of Clarity Pack, but after clicking on it, nothing happened, it just poofed. The potion doesn't appear in quest reward window, nor /claim, nor inventory.

    Am I doing something wrong? This is happening with all "pack" potions.

    (I'm on Coirnav - lvl 46 if it matters)
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Where in the two places where I have red arrows does it not say what the required level is?
    That said... it should not be giving you a potion outside your level. What server are you on And what is your level so I can look at it in your environment so I can be sure to be looking for the correct issue.
  5. kdomg Journeyman

    Ngreth, I'm level 46 on Coirnav. When I purchase that potion, it's giving me the Bottle of Clarity V (Level 30), instead of the Bottle of Clarity VI (Level 40).
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Okay. I see what's causing this. I'm not sure of the timing of the fix at this time.

    I don't have enough information yet to see what's up with the Original Poster.
  7. Zekson New Member

    After logging back in today, I am showing the potions as lvl 30 potions when inspecting . I am and was 41 on corinav when purchased. Looks like it was corrected but still not to the correct level for level 40 potions.
  8. Zekson New Member

    And another update the haste potions I bought however were indeed level 40 unlike clarity potions
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Yeah. I don't see the same bug on the bottle of alacrity pack.
  10. Yarteb New Member

    I used the button to get the reward window for my Bottle of Clarity, but I did not get a "Select Option" button in the Reward window. I tried clicking on the option offer shown, inspect, preview etc., but I couldn't get any further.
  11. taliefer Augur

    maybe if you hold down ctrl, while making a circle with your right index finger and thumb, while at the same time standing on your tip toes, and THEN buy the potion it will work.
  12. Kukaw Elder

    First, thank you for putting them back on the store.

    Second, what I think the OP meant was that when he examined his it said level 60, even tho he probably isn't 60 himself.

    I have a ticket in for this so that is not why I am posting this; just some possible clarification on the examination of the item.

    I purchased 1 last night and when I clicked on the blue backpack the usable potion never appeared.
    I wasn't sure what happened or if my DBC was even deducted (I thought it was but I wasn't sure now) so I bought another one, and yup it did deduct the DBC. Except this time I inspected the backpack thingy before I clicked on it, and it showed the level 60 pot; I am level 36.

    So, that is most likely what the OP was referring too.
  13. Zekson New Member

    But my question now is, how do I go about getting these level 30 potions previously bought converted to the correct level 40 ones
  14. Kukaw Elder

    That's probably a ticket item like my missing pots unfortunately.

    Good Luck
  15. Snakeater1999 New Member

    Except there is I purchased five packs of alacrity on Ragefire I am a level 70 Ranger and when I opened one pack the pack disappeared from my inventory without any result. I have put a ticket in but really this is broken and should be fixed.
  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This is definitely a bug (Acknowledged in the bug thread)
    The bug is that right click works (I left a spell on the bundle item when it should not have a spell on it) Right click should do nothing.

    Instead of right clicking on the potion, inspect the item and click on the button left of "Claim Reward:"

    Additionally, for the Clarity potion, there is an additional bug where there is no potion for level 30 to 39, and anyone in that range may get a weird result. And then there is a "Shift" and 40 to 49 players get a level 30, 50 to 59 gets a 40, etc...

    Becuase this is causing CS issues, the broken potions are no longer on the marketplace until we can fix the issue.
  17. Lomus New Member

    How can something that used to work perfectly suddenly not be? Can't you cut and paste the code?
  18. Febb Augur

    Oh mylanta. I can tell from that question that you're not a programmer.

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