Claims bug - It's time to do damage control, Daybreak

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Warrior007, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. khysanth Journeyman

    Just wipe the server and start over in classic again
  2. Warlorf Augur

    terrible idea ..
  3. Strawberry Augur

    If someone bought those items fair and square from the bazaar, you need to prove he didn't know he wasn't supposed to buy those items.

    (remember, there were TLP where defiant did drop)
  4. Progress Augur

    If you are smart enough to make 100k then you are smart enough to know defiant isn't on the server yet.
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  5. MaxTheLion Augur

    People didn't know they shouldn't claim something that they were able to claim.
  6. Strawberry Augur

    Nope, that's not proof. Second, you don't need to know much about EQ to make 100k on a server where you can buy krono and sell it.

    Some people have bought defiant fair and square from the bazaar, it's your job to prove they knew they were not supposed to do that if you want to remove the item, which would result in them losing an item and money. Otherwise you need to compensate them if you remove the item.
  7. Varisath1 New Member


  8. Catashe Augur

    Doesn't matter if he knew or not, since there wasn't any defiant gear on this server(minus the crap when the servers first launched and we rolled back right away) it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it should be on this server now
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  9. Immortalus Journeyman

    Not to mention it has been the topic of discussion in General Chat for hours. The 'duh I was too stupid to know' excuse doesn't hold water.
  10. Warlorf Augur

    ignorance is no excuse. period
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  11. lakedoo23 New Member

    This should be a simple fix without rolling back anything.

    1. Fix the claim window issue.
    2. Pull all the current players from the database.
    3. Iterate over all the player's inventory/bank/parcels etc
    4. If the item id numbers equal x or y or z ... ( they shouldnt have for this era)
    5. Set the item id to a rusty axe or something.
  12. RadarX Augur

    The team is currently working on this issue and we'll obviously relay what's going to happen as soon as it's finalized.
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  13. Toadwater Journeyman

    Why in the HELL have we not heard from DB about this yet!? DO SOMETHING FFS. You're going to lose a hell of a lot of accounts, including my three if Defiant isn't removed.
  14. Lariza Journeyman

    They just responded, maybe take a walk? Relax, breathe....
  15. lakedoo23 New Member

    did you not see the post right before yours?
  16. Warlorf Augur

    lol responded right before he raged
  17. Catashe Augur

    not to mentioned he posted 2 mins after RadarX did.. shows how well he reads rather than blindly complain lol
  18. Lithien Journeyman

    It affects everyone who tries to sell items. These people (with out of era gear) won't be buying any upgrades for a few expansions now.
  19. Machen Augur

    I nailed it almost to the minute!
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  20. Kuma New Member

    Eh, I play a caster so a much more minimal impact on me but...

    How would you treat an tank applicant to your guild if you already have 5-6 tanks with the +1400 AC Mount buff and the applicant did not exploit the bug, and could never be more than 60% of the other tanks?

    If I ran a top-end *bleep* of a guild, I'd close tank apps that didn't have the buff. They could not possible be competitive.

    weapon DPS is a mixed barrel.. some DPS are so bad that you could give them a 80/20 weapon and they'd still do bad DPS...

    Casters, well, they have FT cap... raising mana caps is nice, but it really doesn't help as much as any of the others
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