Fixed Internally Cinch of Ro unable to Overwrite Scrutiny of Ro

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Scornfire, Apr 27, 2022.

  1. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Per the title, the single target "Ro" debuff with the heal component (Cinch of Ro | 116) can not land on a target that has already been effected by the AE version (Scrutiny of Ro | 117), thus blocking any further ability to use the single target AA for Tank healing once the AE debuff has been applied (Cinch of Ro MUST land for the heal to proc). I imagine this is a result of the AE version having a slightly higher value ATK debuff than the single target.

    Normal Functionality;

    AE version blocking Single target version;

    The very existence of a separate spell for the AE seems rather pointless in retrospect (Neither AE Malo or AE Tash use unique spells, they wisely apply the single target version to multiple targets), let alone to make it the "Stronger" of the two spells and prevent the use of what I at least perceive to be a rather necessary off-GCD healing tool for druids.
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  2. Lessw Journeyman

    i feel the simplest and best solution would be to have both spells over-right ( Refresh) the either spell.
    the Group version does not do the Heal, but the single does,

    if i do the AE one at the start of the fight, then later in the fight, refresh with the single version it should Refresh or over-right.

    Same Debuffs on each spell, both over righting the other and itself.