Chosen Prophecy on Bertox Server - Recruiting!!

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    CHOSEN PROPHECY is situated on the Bertox server. We welcome both dedicated raiders and non-raiders alike and are family oriented in both recruiting aspects. Join our RoF and CotF raids, or join our groups for xp and / or progression. If interested, please contact either Purazz, Carnitor or Pikake and let em know your interested.
    Information is available on our website at

    RAID times
    Tuesday & Thursdays 6:45 - 11:00 EST
    Sunday 6:45 - 11:00 EST

    RAID minimum requirements:
    Level 100
    At least 5000 AA - well spent, some classes will require more
    All Expansions

    Bard - High
    Beastlord - Low
    Berserker - Low
    Cleric - High
    Druid - Low
    Enchanted - Low
    Mage - Medium
    Monk - Medium
    Necromancer - Medium
    Paladin - Low
    Warrior - Medium
    Wizard - High