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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Crowd Controller, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Crowd Controller New Member

    Due to a change in my schedule, I am gonna have to really reign my alt-itis and focus on a single crew.

    I have 3 accounts (all Gold, all EoK) with the following 105 chars (unless specified):

    1. Bst (85), Enchanter, Druid
    2. Ranger, Bst, Necro
    3. Mage, Bard

    My goal is to do EoK progression but...
    - I suck at boxing, so I normally just play 1 char, use another one to click a couple of buttons and ignore the third one
    - My gear mostly sucks (best geared is ranger with Sebilisian, still missing higher-end augs and some non-visible)
    - All my pet classes can have EM24 (I think that's the one)
    - Can't tank worth anything

    I was thinking of doing one of:
    - bst (needs levelling), ranger, bard (will play the ranger or bst, depending on what I am doing, pet will tank, bst can heal reasonably well, ranger can help some more, 2 pullers, headshot can help with AAs)
    - enc/nec/mag (will play the enc or nec, mage pet will tank. Good cc, no healing, 2 pullers, 2 possible tanks)
    - dru/nec/mag (will play the nec or dru, mage pet will tank. No cc but more healing and transport available, 1.5 pullers, 2 possible tanks)

    What's your suggestion? Before you say 'play what you enjoy' I enjoy most chars, apart from the mage (he will be a pet tank, 1 key only char), which is why I want to choose one of this, I have other 105 chars as well.

  2. Kelset Journeyman

    If you're using a mage pet as tank, then I'd say the enchanter so you can supplement with charmed pets for tougher targets, cc, runes and a number of get out of jail tricks. For the 3rd 1 or 2 click class, you could do the ranger with autofire or necro for macro spell casting. Necro would also add another pet plus pull capability.
  3. Thoxsel Augur

    If you "suck at boxing" as you say, I would suggest you don't box and instead join a lively guild and make a lot of friends. I'm sure there are others that wouldn't mind getting their alts or some newer mains EOK progression done.

    But if you are insisting anyhow, then resort to the easiest setup you can for your own sake but expect that you might need assistance from others to do some progression missions as your dps and handling multiple mobs will be limited.
  4. IblisTheMage Augur

    Maybe bst/ranger/brd, maining the bst, and using the mage for pet gear?

    Especially with em 24, I think bst pet will tank very well, and you will have the positive experience of continous progression, gearing up your toons. Brd will /melody, you can position him for melee, and the upcoming changes will help with maintaining higher bard dps.

    I think it sounds fun.

    I would suggest you look at Tucos’ guides and posts, he is the Grandmaster of boxing.

    Also I would suggest that you look at ISB, its is actually great fun to use.

    Also, get a mouse with many buttons and autofire software, it will save your fingers’ tendons etc.
  5. Crowd Controller New Member

    Sorry, I forgot to say that I am in a guild, I just happen to play odd hours, when most people are not around - if I could not box and play just one char, I would be happy but that's not often possible.

    I fully expect to need help, no two ways about it but, at least, I want to be able to do most of the progression by myself.

  6. Wizlard Augur

    Mage chanter necro.

    Make your first key target top slot of extended target (via options, keys, targeting) and send pet/swarms on the same key (/pet attack and /pet swarm in a macro). Make your second key a macro that casts 5 DPS spells. Mage's top slot of extended target (ET1) is set to auto, the other two main assist's target (mage's target). Pull on mage, mash send pet + target ET1, hit macro, move to chanter window, mez if needed, mash send pets + target ET1, hit macro, move to necro, send pets + target ET1, hit macro. Repeat on each mob.

    Have the 5th spell on each macro unique to that macro. When that spell is being cast have an audio trigger or gina trigger to alert you so you can click the macro again if mob is not dead.
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  7. IblisTheMage Augur

    Why the necro?
  8. Crowd Controller New Member

    I love the necro, I just don't think I can do the progression on his own. Also, because the account has necro/ranger/bst and the necro seems to be the best synergy with mage/enc.
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  9. IblisTheMage Augur

    I am wondering if bst/bst/mage could work...
  10. Vinjin New Member

    I've been running a crew of Necro/Druid/Beast (all 100) for a couple years and really enjoyed it. My main was the necro and I simply added the other two in over time. Necro pet tanks well, Beast pet tanks better. Both use EM18. Can tank most RoS T1 named well enough. Have not tried anything tougher. Necro uses healer merc and 2 wizzie mercs for the other toons.

    Wasn't overly happy with the Druid's level of contribution so I'm currently exploring swapping out the Druid for either a Monk or a Bard. The Monk just reached 105 and the Bard is 100. Based on what I have read, I suspect the Bard will be the way to go but I'm going to test them both our otherwise.
  11. foypofs New Member

    boxing has kind of ruined this game. you boxers use a program to play the game for you and dont group with people, so people like me who dont box look for a group for weeks even months and just finally give up and quit..... which makes the game even worse....
  12. Thoxsel Augur

    Boxing and boting are not the same thing. And I certainly don’t see a majority 6 boxing and thus “alienating” others. Sounds more like you just need to make more friends instead of blaming others for playing the game the way they choose to.
  13. bigpapa Elder

    I box and don't use any programs , and helped many players with my * crew * to do progressions and all . when I add players I drop some alts and do dps outside group to kill mobs faster as well,.

    players usually in a guild have better chance to get groups , ( I have seem guildmates going all the time afk as well and had harder time to get groups after ),

    in FV I see many times players looking for more , but FV is imo the highest populated server .
  14. Vinjin New Member

    I typoed this. The Necro, Druid and Beast are all 110, not 100.
  15. jhaimes Journeyman

    Can you explain more why the necro? I know solo, the necro is top notch but how do they do in a box crew like you describe? Something like Bard/mage/necro...would the necro really give the group much? I am completely ignorant to necros, well the game in general, so I love to ask questions.
  16. bigpapa Elder

    well I think that is what might *** saved*** the game , with that many who box and good $$$ for daybreak , EQ would maybe not lasted that long without boxers...
  17. IblisTheMage Augur

    Hi Foy, just checked your posts, I can see that you have experienced some frustrations in EQ the last couple of months, so in the spirit of Everquest, I just wanted to reach out and say: EQ is still the great game that we all love, with the unique experiences that you don’t get other places. I speculate that you ‘just’ need to crack the nut to connect to other players today, which is different than it was 10 years ago. I would suggest that you look up larger family/casual guilds on your server, get in, and mantain and project a positive outlook, and keep grouping with guildies. Good luck, buddy.
  18. jhaimes Journeyman

    Iblis you are awesome man...People like you make EQ still the best game on the market...I might suck at this game still but I will never quit because of folks like you!!
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  19. Rizzin Journeyman

    I two box a Necro and an Enchanter. The Necro allows me to tank most things and I can split pull things I can't control with my Enchanter. My Enchanter allows me to skip most things I don't want to fight (AE mez, mem blur) and ensure my pet tank isn't overwhelmed. I generally run one healer and one dps merc, but for named I switch to two healers.

    I can kill most things, and box/molo most content, I just do it a little slower. I prefer this so I can play on my own timeline (I feel guilty getting into a group and leaving 20 minutes later).
  20. strongbus Augur

    I 4 box necro/mage/bst/druid. running 1 healer 1 wiz merc changing in and out the wiz merc for a 2nd healer as needed for names.

    I main the necro. a necro can pull and cc mobs. as well can if you want have one mob dieing to pets/alts and be root rotting a few mobs with necro. FD comes in handy for bad wipes.

    on a side note I like having a real healer in my box setup as I don't trust healer mercs that much. They follow scrips for healing depending on how you have them set and whats going on. With my druid I can spam a key and have it non stop healing(single target on mage pet as well as group heals.)

    Yet to find a mob I can't drop.

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