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  1. ARCHIVED-noise Guest

    Neither are working on two chars (both on gold accounts, but chars created after F2P). All other chars on those accounts have normally functioning chat/mail. I'm guessing /friend is broken also, but haven't tried yet.
    Only thing they have in common (other than being created after F2P) is that they were both born on charslots from loyality dolls (14th char on one account and 12th on another account).
    Any suggestions please?
    Things these two chars were able to do:
    - Parcel send/receive.
    - Tells/ooc/shout/etc
    - Everything else that I tested worked normally (shared bank, augs, prestige, etc)
    Things that didn't work:
    - /join (any channel, tested general).. nothing comes up on screen, no text error, just nothing.
    - ingame mail
    - /friend (text comes up, soandso is now your friend, but repeating /friend shows "you have no friends, sadface".
    Basically, something is preventing them from connecting to channels/mail/etc. Like the service was down (and yet it's working for other chars). Even F2P chars can connect to certain channels, can't they?
  2. ARCHIVED-Sarkaukar-Povar Guest

    The parcel/shouts/etc are zone(server) specific, whereas the other chat channels utilizes another server.
    Are the two toons in question in the same zones as your other toons?
    Have you zoned those toons to see if mail/chat starts working?
    I would suggest petition and opening up a ticket, especially noting the differences, after F2P and additional char slots.
    Was going to ask about toons 13/11 but the names given would determine where they are on the lineup of the character screen.
  3. ARCHIVED-noise Guest

    I generally only run one account at a time, but one of the chars has hit 40'ish and not gotten a single "congrats" email from the server. I think you get one at level 5, 10, and then every level until 50 or 60 where it goes back to every 5 levels. This was in about 10 different zones for 3-4 days so it's definitely not zone related.
    The two previous chars (13/11) have functioning chat/email.
    I'll petition after May patch if they're still refusing to connect. I'm sure they're more than busy atm.
    Thanks for the response :)
  4. ARCHIVED-noise Guest

    Both chars are working now, not sure if it was the patch or what. Didn't notice until this morning.

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