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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ruven_BB, Jan 2, 2019.

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  1. Ismel Augur

    /Gasp but no one resists sprinkles !
    I am happy that the base pop in raid instance don't drop the augs I wasn't looking forward to the mess of sorting loot lockout and player who want to farm for the augs, I do hope the drop rate after patch isn't too horrible =)
  2. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    So this has been asked a few times "secretly."

    Killing mobs in zones outside of The Burning Lands is NOT an exploit. You are welcome to go to older/easier zones. The experience per kill will be smaller, but kill speed will be faster and make up for it.

    We're cool with you going to Veil of Alaris to kill appropriate mobs.

    EDIT: I found I was incorrect with part of my statement (as you may see in quotes below) I removed them from this statement to keep it clear.
  3. Marike Elder

    So, who's ready for a new shirt?
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  4. Drogba Augur

    sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but is a fix intended to be implemented to fight fire to change the path of least resistance for getting the evolving items? if someone hasn't been reading the threads, they could well find themselves in line for a suspension for flipping the instanced, it's basically entrapment.
  5. Forcallen Augur

    This mission has slowly become the exception to every thing in everquest.

    I fully expect it to be considered an exploit if you dps to fast, stun, root or snare any mob in this instance to negate the intended tanking off all four at once.
  6. Cadira Augur

    Asking for a friend?
  7. Lianeb Augur

    You're being obtuse
  8. Drogba Augur

  9. Rulah New Member


    So leaving a mission to reget it for XP is now consider an exploit / cheat. Good to know. Never knew this before.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Will we be told if someone has a loot lockout when we create the instance?
  11. feeltheburn Augur

    never got frowned upon it seems until the onset of the chase items, seems the thought process on it change somewhat.
  12. Forcallen Augur

    Says the kettle. The stance on this mission is a complete 180 on whats been considered fair play and was explained as fair play by the producer of everquest only a few years ago. He is now telling us if we just kill the zone trash for an hour and then forfeit currency, coin and experience at the end its exploiting.

    I totally buy into the four mobs at the end being considered a "chest" by a different name, which is why he added a loot lockout for them, and thus not something to be flipped. But this new stance of zero tolerance for instance flipping is complete BS. The entire population of everquest that has completed all travelers achievements would need to be banned as no one has completed every single instance they spun up for their reward of traveler for every zone. They got an instance and either got their reward without completing it and dropped or zoned into a zone they didn't want and dropped to avoid wasting time while in pursuit of the reward they wanted instead. Which is now deemed a bannable exploit. The same with how the majority of collections and hunters mobs that spawned in instances were handled by almost the entirety of everquest.

    Feign death splitting, stun locking, root rotting, hiding behind/or in geo to avoid certain things have all been considered exploits at sometime so following down this slippery slope for them getting people in trouble isn't being obtuse. Its following the bouncing ball down its natural progression.
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  13. Lianeb Augur

    I guess you missed the part about "to get accelerated respawn of mobs" Which has always been frowned upon.
    Every instance in EQ I have ever heard of that is a "mob generator" has been nerfed. To include the post you included above about flipping CoF missions. Why did they move all the XP to the end?
  14. Lianeb Augur

  15. RangerGuy Augur

    Thats a measure that can't really be measured. Some situations have people killing 50 mobs in under 15 minutes so regetting the instance every 15 minutes would be beating the spawn timers. Others might only kill 15 mobs in 15 minutes and drop it just to get the easier to kill mobs on the large island not accelerating anything. But they are both doing the identical thing. Killing mobs for 15 minutes and then getting a new instance. Are you saying ban person 1 but not person 2? Because then dps just became a reason for a ban.
  16. JacLuc Lorekeeper

    So is running an HA in older content to get collectibles considered an exploit? Say in TDS, running a zone HA but dropping the task right after collecting the 4 collectibles but before completing the task so it can be requested again for another run at the collectibles. It's basically the same thing, just a different intent. Having to wait for a 3 hour lockout just to get 4 collectibles to drop does not sound fun at all.
  17. Forcallen Augur

    The goal posts keep moving. Its not because its a mob generator, which typically has been a situation of endless mobs or bugging something out for tons of spawns. This is simply killing normal base pop trash because its easy and convenient and then repeating. Thats now an exploit based on the new stance.

    Here are his exact words on the subject. Its EVERYTHING related to instance flipping. If its an instance and you do it more than once every 6 hours(or whatever the timer is without dropping the task) you have just exploited.
    So like I said common place things that were fair play and deemed fair play by the producer. Stuff like flipping instances for collects, flipping instances for specific named, flipping for various achievements be it travelers, conquest, etc. This means everyone with collects done more than likely exploited. This means anyone with travelers done more than likely exploited. This means anyone who completed hunters more than likely exploited. People who flipped CoA raid instance for augs more than likely exploited. People who flipped CoA signets from instances more than likely exploited. That means many people with challenger achievements from events that are often one or the other that flipped exploited.

    So when "fair play" suddenly becomes an exploit out of no where its not obtuse to think other things that were "fair play" might suddenly come on the table as exploiting again as well. Based on new varying individual pet peeves or special circumstances. It is the same thing with pick zones. People intentionally create pick zones when they can for more collection chances, more named chances, more mobs in particular camps for xp and faction, etc. Flipping a pick for these reasons is now bannable based on the laid out "new" guidelines.

    This task should lock on request, give a spawn lockout on entry and thats that. Then this special case is protected to doing it once every 6 hours and all the other "fair gameplay" for years rules don't have to get tossed out of the window just because.
  18. Lianeb Augur

    I can tell you that the topic of this post has shifted and some people are clueless about it.

    Ngreth’s last Comments are about a certain mission that people are flipping to gain 3-5% on chase items in 2-5 min. I don’t believe there is anyone in game that can claim this is was the intent of the developers ever. And this comcidered an exploit.

    How about applying some common sense.
  19. Lianeb Augur

    Oh and let’s not forget the part about zero risk to some.
  20. Forcallen Augur

    And some people are flipping it and getting that once an hour just because it’s convienent but no faster than having headed elsewhere. If ones bannable and the other isn’t your penalizing having dps. And associated with this tasks drops people are currently flipping instances in old content for travelers, hunters and collects. Which is supposedly a bannable offense now. So it’s all related and on point topic.
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