Charms still broke?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Froglok, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Froglok Lorekeeper

    I have an Icebound Trinket of Agony -- I only have 3 Missions left to do. It still provides no stats.
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  2. yepmetoo Augur

    Also, the armor based charms are bugged now. Getting worse stats than 3 expansions ago with full ToV armor.
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  3. kizant Augur

    Before the patch my TBL charm was showing only 14 luck after I started using a group robe from ToV. Now after the patch it's back to 15 luck. I like it. :cool:
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  4. Moege Augur

    Armor based charms is broken, 8/8 Icebound visible items and it shows 4829 hp (with augs)
  5. Eaedyilye Elder

    Velium infused charm of brilliance still shows no stats when I equip it. :(
  6. Xyphen Lorekeeper

    Velium Infused Charm of Brilliance is working for me, but vigor and Security have low/no stats.
  7. Ryne-AB New Member

    Crystal Powder Pouch is showing low stats (4340 hp.. etc) with full ToV - T1 class armors. This happened after the last patch.
  8. Nesalie Journeyman

    I got a T1 ToV charm yesterday and equipped it and it had ZERO stats. The flag on this particular charm is to finish Quests and Missions in ToV, which I have finished more than half of. Here's a screenshot of it equipped: [IMG]

    I put my old charm back on, one from GMM and noticed that it had FULL stats, it had been down to ~60% stats after upgrading to T1 ToV armor, it's flag is Wear TBL Armor. Here's a screenshot of that with ZERO pieces of TBL gear equipped.


    I also tried moving augs to see if it would force stats on the ToV one, it does not. I will test some other charms (I'll get some off the CotF vendor or something really cheap in the bazaar) and report back on those.

  9. Nesalie Journeyman

    Unsure if the Raven Claw Amulet is working, it's on full stats but my begging and AT aren't maxed, but they would have been okay-ish in the SoD eta, but full charm worthy?


    Clurg's seems to be working alright. That's not 100% stats, it seems to be around 70-75% stats.


    Seems fine, with my visibles on it was maxed, this is with them off to confirm the stats do go down.


    Same as the above, seems fine. Has full stats with gear on.


    Not sure on this, obviously I don't have a lot of RoS done.


    This only lost ~200 hp when I zoned out of Kunark, I remember it losing more but it's been a while since I actually wore it so my memory could definitely be off.

    I wish I could get more modern charms or different modifiers to test but the bazaar is pretty empty and I'm not made of platinum and I have long since trib'd my old ones.
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  10. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    this is a duplicate bug report. Closing to keep this forum clean.

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