Charming mobs about to die and DBG does nothing

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Bonified, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Bonified Lorekeeper

    Currently up in rathe mnts bunch of necros up there and as we have mobs about to die an enchanter Mcharms the mob, brings it back to her mage boxes that she is using a 3rd party program not to mention and kills the mob when she breaks charm. I have filed petition as well as others up in the zone and DBG does nothing to prevent this from happening. I have kept updating the post over 90min worth as to how many mobs she has done this just to me. Yes i know rathe is a sh^t show but that goes directly against code of conduct for this game and DBG does nothing
  2. Grailer Augur

    Name & Shame isn’t allowed .

    Im pretty sure necros have dispell . And funny enough I had a necro breaking my charm the other day due to a camp dispute.

    If you knew they were going to charm then you could dispel easily.
  3. Captain Video Augur

    My suggestion is if dispel doesn't work, try using datspel or dotherspel.
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  4. Atabishii Elder

    The rule of the land is there are no camps and every mob is contested. DPS racing and charm gating has always and will always be a thing that is perfectly within the rules. If you want to compete for mobs then be competitive, and this is exactly what grailler was saying. It's insanely easy to stop someone from charm gating mobs or from charming and running it away. You succeed a few times in a row and they will just give up, leave you alone, and go try somewhere else.
  5. Pharone Elder

    Yeah they don't allow that here on these forums because of reasons. You can get your information out to the community in other ways though. Try sending a message to @EqNewsAndPolls on twitter. I've been told that they will post things for the community.
  6. Numiko Augur

    They wont do anything about it, because it is within the "wild west" DPS race rules they introduced when Daybreak took over EQ and laid off 75% of the customer service staff.....
  7. Volts Elder

    Thank the maker! Nothing worse than petition quest and p99 style rules lawyering! (IMO)

    Fight it out, see who's packing more heat and move on. There are plenty of camps and picks!

  8. Silver-Crow Augur

    yeah downside of necro is that there's usually a ton of dots stacked on the mob.
    Any dispelling will have to get through those first

    This gives the chanter time to get the mob back to 'base' at which time charm is broken and bot army kills mob with one concerted nuke (since it's low hp by that time)

    ok... say you do dispel, then you're back at having to stack dots on mob again... at which point chanter plops a low level charm on again... and you're back at square one. I know in this race who's going to run out of mana first.

    The only way to stop this is if the 51% damage tally is not cleared during a charm.
  9. Atabishii Elder

    Poison and disease dots do not get dispelled, only fire ones. Soooo use your brain if you know you are competing and don't use fire dots. You should already be casting dispell 1-2 seconds after you see the enchanter casting charm so that it instantly breaks. This isn't rocket science. If you have dispell you shouldn't be losing to an enchanter charm.
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  10. howitz Journeyman

    I don't understand why people are sticking up for the scum bags who do this stuff.

    Maybe I do, you got a dog in this race? Atabishi & code-zero...
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  11. Silver-Crow Augur

    A very valid point :)
    poison/disease it is :)
  12. Atabishii Elder

    I play a solo SK on mangler, 0 boxes. I haven't farmed a single item or mob on this server other than darkforge at the beginning. I posted because I think it's funny someone is having a mental breakdown against a strat that is so easily countered if they took just 1 minute to think about it instead of the time they took to make this thread.
  13. Racci New Member

    I like the way the necros all complain about charm/gate. DPS racing is ok, highly encouraged, cause we as KSing necros and mags can do that, oh wait someone else has a tactic that we wont win...BAN IT !
  14. trevock Augur

    There's unfortunately nothing you can do except:

    1. Use dispel. It's in your arsenal of tools. Use it.

    2. Make your own mage army and compete for the mobs.

    Literally that's all you can do. DBG isn't going to help you with this.
  15. howitz Journeyman

    No ones having a mental breakdown, it's just annoying as hell when this stuff happens.

    If I see someone has tagged a mob, then I just let them kill it, however the new rules seem to be screw everyone else do whatever you want.
    As a mostly solo druid, this happens to me all the time sea furries in OOT pointless, hill giants pointless, quillmane stolen 3 times. The list just goes on.

    Stop defending the scum bags, not all classes can compete with these tossers.
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  16. phaeril Augur

    You're confusing "sticking up for" and "informing about how to deal with." People point out the counter because we've been playing on TLP long enough to know that the only weapon is to play better. Everyone can hold a pumice, literally everyone in the game has the counter available to them.

    Sure, charm stealing mobs is scummy... but acting like anyone is totally helpless against it is just pathetic. It's not defending anything, it's just reality.

    PS: Druids have Nullify Magic.
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  17. howitz Journeyman

    I'm fully aware of how to play my class, and yes you are defending the people who do this.

    If I use nullify magic I remove my snare, root and my main damage deal which is the sting swarm line, so it becomes a nuke off against a auto army. Guess who wins.

    It's not often I post on these forums and I have over 19 years paid subscribtion, it just seems the morals the last years have become toxic to say the least.
  18. Atabishii Elder

    It's not toxic if it's part of the game and well within the rules. The rules are to DPS race. If you are playing a class that can't DPS race and doesn't have all the tools to battle competition, play a different class if its so important to you.

    You know there was a time in basketball where dunking wasn't a thing, it hadn't been discovered yet. Then eventually someone dunked for the first time. Dunking is perfectly within the rules of the game. Is dunking toxic behavior because not everyone can do it?

    Realize that there are capabilities and limitations to your class. Just because whatever specific class you chose to play can't compete at every camp that you want to do, doesn't mean that people should play around you and to your class limitations. Should we start allowing clerics to be able to solo any mob just because there are classes that can?
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  19. Sterling-Silverfox Elder

    If you want some one in customer service to do something, just get in a debate with said character about gender neutrality. I am sure it will get some attention.
  20. trevock Augur


    Not defending these guys. They're scum bags, but like I said, there isn't anything DBG is going to do about it so you have to adjust yourself and the way to do that is to use dispell and/or make your own mage team and compete for the mobs.

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