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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by PhantasmaRathe, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. PhantasmaRathe New Member

    The charmed enchanter pet has always been the caster's way of providing a tank for his/her party when there wasn't one or to go out into the world and solo on his/her own. Its a powerful tool that can tear its caster and or party apart, so its a risky thing to do and not easy to maintain. This expansion in ToV, the charmed pet can no longer tank mobs. Its never had a taunt button to help it with its tanking ability and it still doesn't but it appears the mob itself is not auto taunting on its own. I can only surmise that possibly its auto taunting ability needs switched on or possibly Daybreak was attempting to give the caster more control of the charmed mob and have us turn it on and off with a pet command, which again is not available. Group members easily take aggro from the start over my charmed pet, as do the mercs... all end up dead unfortunately :( I beg that you please fix our charmed pets so that we few who dedicate ourselves to playing the Enchanter class can continue to support the rest of the player base who do not have tanks and are willing to allow us to give them an exciting and risky group to play in :)
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  2. Cloud the Third Augur

    I have noticed even my merc aren't behaving well either. Sometimes my merc just won't even attack a mob until it is like below 90% health.
  3. GNOME_POWER Augur

    I watched the ToV-video on Twitch and Youtube and thought that there was no problem with the charmed mob.
  4. PhantasmaRathe New Member

    I'd offer you the opportunity to play the class and try charming for yourself
  5. PhantasmaRathe New Member

    is that when your using a charmed pet?
  6. Cloud the Third Augur

    No this is just using mercs in general I was in skyshrine the other day and was just training through to get to yelinak and noticed that my dps merc was not even attacking the mobs sometimes. Not sure if this is just a change they did to npc behavior in general that affects charm and merc npc.
  7. kizant Augur

    The charm pets do seem to produce less aggro in ToV. Either that or they've remained the same for the past few years and they're now falling behind what players typically produce. I can still use silent casting and burn a named without issue and if I hit my hate reduction AAs and try not to over do it they still work fine for me.
  8. PhantasmaRathe New Member

    i agree with the use of short term aa's you can utilize a charmed pet as a tank in ToV... but you can not maintain that usage due to the aa's not refreshing quickly enough to recast to keep them on going. To tank a single mob sure, but if you want to utilize the charmed pet as a tank for your group while you adventuring its not practical anymore :(
  9. Havanap Elder

    The reason that charmed pets produce such little aggro is because they produce such little damage output. ONLY IN SOME ZONES.

    For example, go to Crystal Caverns and charm a lvl 114 crystal webmaster - you get decent (about right, considering previous expansions) damage output, somewhere around 18-20k per swing, and they hold aggro just fine.

    Hit another TOV zone like Great Divide. Charmed pets top out around 7k per swing and struggle to hold aggro, I tried a couple of restless miners. I used root a lot. Same problem with spiders in Velks.

    Plz fix whatever is broken with most of the mobs in most of the zones that caps their damage at 7k per swing when charmed.
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  10. Aelen Augur

    Charm pet templates do seem broken in ToV.

    Ry`Gorr Caverns and Crystal Caverns appears to have roughly modern, functioning charm pets.

    It may be they also should be a little higher on damage output than they are given it’s a new expansion, but they’re roughly on par with a similar level charm in TBL, which could not be charmed last expansion. And higher than what could be charmed in TBL last expansion.

    Charm pet damage has stagnated a lot and continues to relative to players, but the RC and CC mobs do seem to be at least in step with what would be expected. EW, GD, and associated missions should be upped to at least there. Velks, Kael, ToFS and associated missions should likely be a small bump higher.

    Also re-affirming that damage output and aggro are linked for charm pets, so this is relevant to the aggro problem noted.

    Rough, very short tests. Bad for real values, likely good indicators to check based on size of disparity.

    No outside buffs, no outside auras. Attempted to give pet weapons to some, but in no instance that a ToV mob accepted a weapon did I note any significant change on a retest. If there is one where this makes a large difference I missed it.

    Damage output is being buffed by the built in haste buff on Enchanter charm, Deviser’s Command Rk. 1

    'Stratos - a gale - 36kish DPS'

    'Esianti - a veterchiki warder - 37.5kish DPS'

    'Mearatas - a zephyr philosopher - 44kish DPS'

    'Mearatas - A rock warden - 53kish DPS' (Only charmable as of ToV)

    'Eastern Wastes - A cold ghoul - 7.6kish DPS'

    'Eastern Wastes mission - Could not find charmable basepop'

    'Great Divide - A frigid cadaver - 7.6kish DPS'

    'Great Divide Mission - A frozen coldain - 18.5kish DPS'

    'Ry`Gorr Caverns - A Ry`Gorr watchman - 49kish DPS'

    'Crystal Caverns - A crystal webmaster - 53kish DPS'

    'Velks - A crystal gargoyle - 12.1kish DPS'

    'Velks mission - a Coldain wanderer - 12kish DPS'

    'Tower of Frozen Shadow - a golem usher - 19.5kish DPS'

    'Kael Drakkel - an aggressive corpse - 12kish DPS'

    'Kael Drakkel Mission - Could not find charmable basepop'

    EW/GD/Velks/ToFS/Kael/EW Mission/Velk’s Mission seem broken, basically. Mostly seemed related to average hit and max hit. Weapons may not have been updated properly? Or bad scaling value for the zones?
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  11. Genusii Journeyman

    I love the numbers, Aelen. However, the reduction has been going on for the last 5 expansions. The percent of dps from charming has deteriorated from 30% (GoD through TBM), to 25%(EoK), to 20%(RoS), to 15%(TBL), to current 10% (VoT).

    It's not a "bug". It's another reformation the game has undergone. I feel sorry for necromancers who have no idea they, too, were fixed out of 150k dps pet. Bards, too.

    The fix is a pet that will do 150k - 300k (30% of current NPC damage) depending on the npc being charmed. Yes, that is exactly where charm should be. Remove the lock down on charm pet dps. Return it to the proper 30%.

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