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  1. Silias McKendrick Augur

    So instead of messing with mechanics, what would have been so hard
    to take a few hrs and mark npc's that are rare/quest not charmable?
    I mean yeah there are quite a few quest npcs, but take a min and make
    the ones that are like super rare / epic bottle neck . From classic to pop
    and after that it all takes care of itself.
    Now all we got are charm coth and charm bard speed.....
  2. Silias McKendrick Augur

    Is that a picture of you Kixx? isn't you just the cutest little thing, you need a bottle? diaper change? I mean your sure does stank.
  3. Fizon Elder

    It's been about 3 days since someone whined about enchanters. We were over do
  4. snailish Augur

    I've been in favor of certain named being immune to charm (and possibly other things).

    I'm also in favour of the high-drama prePoP loot being made nodrop.

    I concede the argument that nonraid loots should not have the 28 minute decay timer (benefits loot rights sellers more than anything)

    The changes made to charm/gate aren't necessarily a bad thing --but as many have said, new shenanigans will rise to the top of the complaint list.
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Fv trade server please!
  6. a_librarian Augur

    Imagine the pet weapons you could give a charm on a free trade server. Giving pets ridiculous weapons (like primals from sleepers) is one of the things that sounds the most fun to me about that server type