Charm of the Crystal Circle... Bugged?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by shiftie, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. shiftie Augur

    Increases in power as you raise your faction with the Crystal Circle Builders.


    For some reason my charm is not working correctly despite being max ally with the crystal circle builders.
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  2. Liliana Augur

    Hmm Im max as well but mine is only showing 351hp, dont know why everyone is showing different stats at max ally.

    Were you max ally before RoF launched?
  3. A-Quad Augur

    I'm max ally with the Builders and my charm's stats are more in-line with the OPs. (aka "+1" btw /eyeroll)

    If different players with max ally are showing variations in stats, then one must conclude that the charm's power is affected by something other than "faction with the Crystal Circle Builders"... thus rendering the current Item Information erroneous.
  4. Kyoya Geohound New Member

    For a new expansion charm item it is really weak considering that alot of the charms for lower levels are extremely better. I am using a charm from HoT and it stats just blow away this charm.
  5. shiftie Augur

    I have a strong inclination to believe this charm is actually using the script that increases as you complete t1 tasks instead of the item description.
  6. Chandrok Augur

    Your inclination was 100% correct. The charm was indeed using the wrong script. It will be fixed next patch.
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