Charm Gate ?

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  1. Balrigard Journeyman

    So charm gate was supposedly fixed ?

    Thanks for making life even worse than it previously was.
    Atleast prior to the change we had a chance of obtaining hard camped items, now we have little to no chance.

    On top of it, you have bards n enchs running together with a random mage in zone to circumvent the no gate change.

    Is there going to be an update or change to this ?
    Or should i make a bard and just charmlock a key mob so noone else can get it ?

    PS. Over 15 AJ all of which were bard or charn gated,CoTH,Rezed to circumvent your recent change.

    Fix it, make haste. This is complete BS
  2. Ruhi Augur

  3. Bard2019 Elder

    As an exceptional bard myself, this post is nonsense. I've camped the AJ quite a lot since the change and other classes out there have had no trouble whatsoever, out-DPS'ing, out-dotting, harmtouching and dispelling it on a regular basis. If on whatever server you are on, they are all being taken by a bard doing the same thing over and over, you may want to learn by that and adjust your tactics. It has very few hitpoints and generally doesn't live long enough for a bard to not only run to it, but to get off their 3 second charm. In fact, that charm cast + a 12 second long CoTH cast gives you a whopping total of 15 seconds to dispel.
  4. Riptide666 Elder

    Anyone taking 15 seconds to charm and CotH is not getting any AJ's. The RMT/Box squads have already "adjusted tactics" and are quite good at timing the CotH. Right now the best counter to bard charm is another bard to chase it down and dispell/highsun while on the move.

    That aside, AJ is just plain @#$@$. VP keys are a @#$%@$ keying mechanic that is in need updating. There are far more players trying to get keyed in far less time than it was designed for. For the inevitable posters following this who defend the current state of things: Go fly a kite. Its a nice day outside.
  5. uk6999 Augur

    For sure the flavor of the week/month or whatever is bard charming/running it around the zone so it regens whatever dmg is done to it then they run it to their group or over the water. It isnt new but with charm gating gone it has taken over. The whole zone instantly knows when it spawns and ill leave you to wander how that happens so at least there is a level playing field there I guess. The camp is gross. VP isnt really worth the effort but with 3 months in Kunark not much else to do then to fight over a spawn.
  6. Elemenopi Augur

    Someone just found out?
  7. Torqe New Member

    DBG will address the symptoms and not the actual problem.

    Solving the problem would be to take named / rare / key spawns and marking them as uncharmable. (They've done it to nearly every guard in every city I've attempted to charm. So it can absolutely be done) No idea why they thought this would be a proper solution.
  8. MahHero New Member

    In today's Test server patch notes, CotH now breaks Charm as does accepting a rez. So you can expect that to roll to Live soon I am sure.
  9. Korea numbah3 Elder

    I'm hoping since they rolled out a nerf for pulling pets around that they fixed the bugged pet window that when you die and rez w/o exiting zone and re-charm the window doesn't poof after breaking. And while we're at it.. If you zone with multiple pet classes at the same time, they sometimes change names of the other pets in group. I've bought many companion re-names but those still change too.
  10. uk6999 Augur

    I have to give some props to the guy who CoTH's AJ to the top of the FV statue after running it around his bard. As annoying as it is and the guy seems like a complete tool ( referencing ooc battles ) it was comical to see. I dont even need that piece but hanging out in FV to help guild members you get to see some stuff and some things man.
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  11. Gronns Lorekeeper

    They should really eliminate the getting a pet then cothing thing that mechanic should not exist. If you use pets on the regular and get a summon pet spell that is one thing otherwise leave the pet where it was prior to coth. I dont think this was fixed as I just did it in pofire.
  12. Imukai Augur

    Next patch breaks charm on CotH, per the notes on Test. They can enjoy it while it lasts.
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