Characters are missing?????

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Marshaik, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. Marshaik Apprentice

    You'll be just fine, no need to petition each character, they know people characters are missing and working on it.

    Edit - as yes, there you have it lol
  2. Bummak Journeyman

    Not sure I am missing any characters. I have six accts and was just setting up to go kill stuff when I saw that the server was coming down. On a side note, I did NOT check to see if my characters were all there, but they seemed to be. I know the characters I was taking to kill stuff with were all there, but who actively LOOKS to see if all there characters are there when everything seemed to load ok. I did like this first post tho, just in case some WERE missing!
  3. Asus New Member

    "I never break things, ever."
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  4. niente Developer

    If you have missing characters after servers come back up, you can submit a support ticket or send me a PM. Don't make a new character with the name of any missing characters.
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  5. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Hypothetically, if a friend told me his toon was missing this morning, and I get home from work before him, and make a toon with the same name, just how big of a hole would I be ripping in the fabric of space time?
  6. niente Developer

    EQ's spacetime was created by fallible humans, and has many holes, players fall into them all the time. If you did this I would be sad though and so would your friend. :p
  7. klanderso Developer

    Servers are back up! If you still have missing characters, please follow niente's instructions :)
  8. Grabatz Lorekeeper

    What did you do to the servers?
    It took me 9 tries to log into Xegony - 8 times i found myself back on the desktop after selecting Xegony and clicking "Play Everquest". :(

    But my missing characters are back! :)
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  9. Uuvin Augur

    There was no way to do this without rolling back the accounts? I lost 2 hours play time , the xps and the 3 velks lab collectibles I got. This is painful. /sigh
  10. Thunderkiks Augur

    I actually tested this. I had just started a newer characters EoK progression and when they had the message about servers coming down I camped 3 of the 4 out at the 8 minutes to go message. I left my main in until 1 minute message and camped her out. The only one that had a rollback was my main which didnt matter to me. I lost only a bit of loot and some Magelo padding AA lol. The character that mattered had all previous tasks still compete, was in the exact spot I camped her, and had the quest I was working on at the time half completed like it was before maintenance.

    So camp early when this stuff happens to preserve your work.
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