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  1. Crimsonshade New Member

    I have been trying to transfer one character to another account for over a year now. Every time I look onto the support page for account transfers, the message, "we're likely still a couple of months away" is still being displayed. They've basically been saying that they are a couple of months away for over twelve months now. Either the devs don't understand what a "couple" means or they are lying. Is there any accurate information out there as to when DBG might actually turn this feature on again? It is hard to imagine why they would have turned it off in the first place. Players, such as myself, pay money for this feature. I would be transferring a character to an account that I would then have to start paying for (and purchase expansions for) thus increasing DBG's revenue. It just doesn't make sense to me how they would not want this. It also doesn't make sense that something like this would break after years of working; but, that is another issue altogether (much like the anchors suddenly breaking after working properly for multiple years, etc.). Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. Dythan Augur

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  3. Crimsonshade New Member

    Okay, thank you. That thread had a lot of arguing and in-fighting; however, I believe the answer is: something with the game mechanics needs the older version of windows. I don't know enough about the windows OS to dispute that. With DBG's apparent thirst for cash, it seems likely that they would put a programer onto the problem, as it is in their best interests to do so. If it fully went down in August 2017 though, I highly doubt that they did that. I wish they would change the statement to reflect their decision not to bring that function back.
  4. Draxton New Member

    Maybe they don’t want to “fix” account to account transfers? Why would they want to give you the ability to sell characters to other accounts when DBG wants use to buy heroic characters instead?
  5. Lisard Augur

    Account to Account Transfers requires a real live Person at Daybreak to handle the transfer via account verifying ect, they do not run a Script nor is it done automatically. so time/resources is the reason its "disabled"

    with that said, I think it would be a nice "cash grab" if they did like 1-2 months a year where Account to Account Transfers were Open. having 1-2 people do that over that 1-2 months would prolly be a nice Cash flow to invest back into the game and pay for those 1-2 employees time investment =P
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  6. Crimsonshade New Member

    That is a really good idea. Hopefully a "decider" sees that. Having an "open season" for account to account transfers would allow DBG to generate revenue without having a dedicated 24/7 12mo/yr team. I think players would go for it as a compromise as well.
  7. Intenso Augur

    I think they used to track original owner with cc info now u can have account with no cc number legal mine field ?
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I think its just a database issue of some sort. Always felt they made some major upgrades or changes database wise and I guess one of the problems is account transfers are not as easy or cost efficient as they were before without work that may also not be cost efficient in DBGs eyes.
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  9. snailish Augur

    They also know how lucrative this was in the past, maybe it isn't worth the bother but they don't want to upset some by saying that?
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  10. Allayna Augur

    Account to account transfers required:

    Transferring Your Character (Account-to-Account - With or Without a Server Change)

    If you wish to transfer a character to another account, you will need to first need to contact Customer Support.
    Before submitting your petition, however, it's advised that you prepare your character for transfer, so that nothing gets left behind if you're offline when we get your move request. You may wish to review this list, as well as our transfer prerequisites (if you haven't already), to ensure your character transfer goes smoothly.
    In your petition, please include the following information:
    Source Account
    - Your Real Name:
    - Station Username:
    - Name on Credit Card:
    - The last four digits of Credit Card used on the account:
    - Current Answer to the Security Question: (click here to look up your Secret Question):
    - Email Address:

    Character Info
    - Source Account Name:
    - Current Server:
    - Destination Server (If Applicable):
    - Number of Characters to move:
    - Character Name(s):
    - Transferring To a Different Account?:
    - Destination Account Name?:
    This information is required. If you cannot provide all the necessary information, we will not be able to grant your account-to-account transfer request.
    Once we've verified ownership of both accounts, you will be notified and asked to purchase 2500 Station Cash ($25). Please wait until your accounts have been verified before purchasing Station Cash, as we cannot grant refunds for Station Cash which has already been purchased. Thank you!
    Prerequisites for Transferring a Character

    In order to successfully transfer a character, your account/character must meet all of the following criteria:
    • Your character must be at least level 20.
    • The account you're transferring from must be at least 30 days old.
    • Once a character is transferred, there is a 24 hour lockout in which that character cannot be transferred again and an overall limit of 8 character transfers in a 180 day period for any account. If your character has been transferred within this timeframe, you will need to wait before you can transfer them again.

    It required the secret recovery question for both accounts, to verify ownership.

  11. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I love these threads. It always still a "tech" issue or some type of cost\benefit business decision where "manpower" is the factor. Just not enough widget crankers we are told. I don't really have a need for this so I don't have a "dog in this fight" as it were, but I still say that if the zeal for anti-RMT were distilled from this DBG cocktail, these transfers would resume within a few weeks vs. the months to years or never we hear about now.
  12. Intenso Augur

    well in 2002 they said original cc info had to match or i had to know last 4 digits
  13. Intenso Augur

    but i think bank only holds info on cc for so long i guess lol

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