Character transfer token missing?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Fidler, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Fidler New Member

    I submitted an account to account character transfer request via tech support and went to buy the character transfer token that it tells you to buy and I can no longer find it in the market place. Is this no longer used or am I just not seeing it?

  2. TSR-AlexS Augur

    Fidler, you may need to submit a support ticket to our accounts/billing team so they can figure out why you're not able to see the token. For more information, please read the knowledge base below:

    Character Transfers
  3. Tobynn Augur

    I see the Character Transfer Token for sale in Marketplace. Still costs 2500 SC, and the description still states that transfers to Firiona Vie are free and do not require the purchase of a token.
  4. yaddab Augur

    If you are trying to do an account to account on Firiona Vie you will not see the token. When I did it someone in CS just deducted the appropriate amount of station cash. I did phone though it was very quick and easy - one I explained to him the difference between an account to account transfer and a server transfer (edit) and to explain to him that account to account transfers were allowed on Firiona Vie
  5. TSR-AlexS Augur

    Fidler, were you able to resolve your character transfer issue?

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