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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Bardie, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Bardie New Member


    Apologies, my brother is having difficulty getting help and is at work. He is having an impossible time getting his character fixed:

    Here is the situation:
    • He has 3 toons (and uses 3 mercs)
    • On the 16th (we believe he was auto kicked due to the server reset
    • When he logged back in, his Tank was rolled back 2+ weeks
    How does he know
    1. He's aa's are behind 600+ (like his 100AA each was maxxed now it's not)
    2. He has been working hard on Heroic Achieves etc for the AA's, and now his tank is (for example 5/40, where his other toons are say 30/40)
    3. His merc is behind 25/30 AA's (based on how many he is behind)

    He opened a ticket, he waited days and received nothing, then he received a response (auto) and then nothing. he then responded to that and waited days.

    • He received a response, but the response was pretty much TELL US everything you are missing...
    • That is impossible. There is no person that can tell you exactly what they lost in a 2+ week period.
    I would have to assume a few things
    1. That you have some time stamps for characters when you (or us) make changes
    2. That there are backups done much sooner than ever 2-3 weeks
    3. That you could easily restore his toon as of just before the 16th downtime and he would be golden.

    My ask is who can we get this escalated too so it will actually receive the proper attention? It is easy for anyone who researches it and compares him on the 15th of this month to today and see the massive different.

    Can someone please help, with a bit more than keep opening tickets, which are going no where.

    Pretty Please. I just need to know how to help him.
  2. CatsPaws SMH

    Usually if there is a roll back a large number of players are affected. I had not heard of one near the 16th when the patches occurred. I hate to be the bad news bearer but when they do respond they will most likely tell him to "reacquire items thru gameplay". On the good side of things since it was only 2 weeks rollback then he should be able to recover really fast with the experience bonus going on now. May be a better bet to play and get that than spend time fussing with petitions.
  3. Bardie New Member

    It's not about getting items back. Re-doing multiple weeks of heroic quests etc and achievements isn't that easy. Possible, of course, but that's like saying, hey Dynamics 365 user, just go back and re-enter all your data, because we deleted it, whoops. LOL :)

    Shouldn't matter if it's 1 person or 1000 people, it's not hard for them to restore it.

    They gave him back like... 2 AA's lol and then said please list everything you lost. that was my point, it is not possible to remember everything perfectly, nor should people have to do that when it would literally take a few moments to review the logs to see what happened.

    Heck they restored a character my ex had deleted literally over a year ago, the to the exact moment he was deleted...

    So I know they can restore, it's a matter of them doing it.

    It's actually surprising to me, Dunbar (GM) is usually so thorough, in all these years never had an issue...

    Agree, in the end, while I am shocked, they could say that. Sucks though.

    Have fun :) get lots of AA's. I just personally cancelled all 14 of my 105 accounts, too much hassle.
  4. CatsPaws SMH

    Can I have your stuff?;)
  5. Bardie New Member

    haha sorry Cats :) have a great week / weekend!!
  6. Derd Augur

    You lost me at 14 accounts, find a hobby.
  7. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Why would you criticize someone for boxing and having multiple configurations? Don't you want EQ to stick around for several more years so you and everyone else who plays can continue to do so? Seems like a really unnecessary negative comment to me.
  8. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I suggest getting in touch with Brad Wilcox aka @thegreatmutato on Twitter and letting him know what's going on. If you can give him the ticket number it will be easier for him to look into it and see what he is able to do for you. He is the head of Daybreak CS unless that has recently changed.
  9. Derd Augur

    Criticize? Why would you consider what I said as critical. I mean really he posted about someone else's problem , even starting off with "apologies" then informed us all about the situation as he see's it. Then he tell's us that he's obviously not being helped by daybreak, even though they gave him "some" of his aa's back, though he's not sure how many, maybe 2! Then 7 hours later as I guess he thought this post would certainly gather attention from the powers that be , but hadn't. He posts that he's cancelling his 14 accounts and is done with Eq.

    As I said, he lost me with this , especially considering the short time frame between posts, that he went straight to I'm taking my (insert random number of accounts here) and never playing eq again game. Even though it wasn't even his account that has some problem.

    And as I said he'll need to get a hobby, cause if he truly played 14 accounts he is going to have tons and tons of free time.

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