Chaotic Vortex in BoT broken

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Miark, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Fhiele Augur

    Two guilds, including the one I am in, did Rathe Council on Wed with no problems. The other guild did with like..56, so props to them, we did it with 72. It was not "easy" by any means. Probably our hardest fight since the first time we did the "no pull emp to zone" emperor fight in Luclin.
  2. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

    Ya, but you did it the right way before the bug was discovered
  3. Ryak Augur

    I feel like cheesing the only difficult encounter the server will ever have is kind of counterproductive, though.

    But i suppose this is the same server where a significant number of guilds were ok with pulling emp to the basement, so who knows...
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  4. tankNspank Elder

    Cheese mod engage!!!! But you gotta take out those distillates just cause! really sad about the RC bug, why not just hand everyone time keys? Prolly save you time.
  5. Eloin New Member

    There are multiple guilds on the Agnarr server that need this fixed to progress into the upper planes. Many guilds recently got everyone BoT keyed and are ready to move on. If this waits until the next patch, there will be a sizable portion of the server that will be out of content (that we actually want to do) for a month.

    I just want to make sure you understand that the timing of this on the recently PoP-unlocked Agnarr server means that several guilds will not have viable raid content for one month. It will be a huge morale hit and a huge set back. I understand that we are a small portion of one server, but this impacts us massively. I would describe it as devastating.
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  6. Risiko Augur

    This would make sense if every single person on the server was ONLY trying to kill Agnarr right now.

    I am going to guess that there are a lot of people on the Agnarr server doing something OTHER THAN trying to raid Agnarr, but yeah they should totally take the server down because YOU can't raid ONE target... lol.... really? o_O
  7. NiNiK New Member

    *a particularly small and excitable gnome scurries up, crayon in hand*

    Allo allo! Is me, NiNiK! Gnome also wanted offer prayer to Bristlebane to helps Askr remembers how to create portal! Lotsa mine's friens dint gets keys right 'way fer go Bastion of Thunder, cuz prefer waits nuntil ninitial fussfuss is over, so less 'nanigans an' gen'ral meanieheadedness when dem collect dem medallions! But almos' ev'rybody readyready now! Pease, pretty pease, gnome-shaped cookies wit' frostin' on top (can't offers ice cream cuz ice cream churn nin Plane of Tranquility is a lie!) pease helps Askr remember! Gnome solemnly swears us will makes plenty of gnew mischief nin the Lelemental Planes iffin so. Tanks you very much!
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  8. Death Strudel Augur

    Yes, the bug you hit escaped due to a lack of source control.
  9. Repo New Member

    Seconded here, as I'm sure with many others on Agnarr TLP. This is blocking PoP progression so it'd be really, really awesome if there was a way to get it fixed soon and not have to wait a week/month or whatever the next patch cycle is.
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  10. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    The devs are aware of this and it has already been fixed internally.
  11. wherehouse Lorekeeper

    And when will this be fixed externally?
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  12. Krezzy Augur

    This issue and the non-respawning of the Rathe Council for PoE are both having very significant impact on the Agnarr TLP server where PoP progression is in full swing. Non-Elemental guilds are blocked from advancement, while Elemental guilds have trivial access to Plane of Time. These issues should both be addressed ASAP rather than waiting for the usual June date.
  13. EnchFWO Augur

    Didn't the people serious about getting into Time ASAP kill the open world version which wasn't bugged? How many guilds have cheez'd TRC since Wednesday and got into Time?
  14. Hober New Member

    Did you mean to post "these issues" rather than "this"? Or are you guys going to leave Rathe Council broken?
  15. Jeisenne New Member

    On Monday, a few of my guildies and I did an open world Agnarr without any issues. Wednesday we tried again with our full raid force for progression, first in a DZ, and then again in open world, but this time we could not get past the Chaotic Vortexes. This is definitely due to something being broken in the patch.

    Making guilds wait until June to fix this is bad business practice, as it more than likely wouldn't take more than a few minutes to fix the code that broke Askr the Lost and borked the Chaotic Vortexes. Not saying take the server down a week to fix it, but this is a 19 year old game and Planes of Power is a nearly 15 year old expansion. How did one of your coders break it so badly that many guilds on a progression server are now blocked from progression because of a patch meant to fix things?
  16. EnchFWO Augur

    It was explained by a dev on page 1 of this thread on exactly what caused it to break.
  17. Beatboy New Member

    This will literally kill the server really quickly if a fix is not put in for a month. Jokes aside about Agnarr being a prison server, only a few of the top guilds are in elemental/time currently. Many of the other guilds are at the point where they are about to gain access to elementals. If people cannot progress and get stuck with the pre elemental raids only, expect many cancellations.
    This might not seem like a big deal if you are not personally in the shoes of the people in this situation. Though try to imagine how you would feel if you spent the last year progressing on Agnarr and suddenly had to stop for a month before the final tier of meaningful raids on the server. While some people may consider this a long term server, many are in it for the roller coaster ride and this situation completely ruins that. A month of waiting will be entirely unacceptable and I hope you consider how many players this will disappoint.
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  18. Krezzy Augur

    The next scheduled patch is for ... June 20th?

    This leaves over a month for players on Agnarr (server) to stew in the irony of not having access to Agnarr (boss).
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  19. Trajor New Member

    This needs to be seriously considered for a hotfix. How many guilds and players will now be locked out of elemental planes because they can't reach Agnarr?
  20. Dythan Augur

    If I lose game time on phinny or a live server so a small portion of the total eq population can do a raid, I will be upset. You don't get to ruin the majorities time. Hotfixes are for game wide issues.

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