Chaotic Vortex in BoT broken

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Miark, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Lighteningrod Augur

    If you had bothered to read the posted link: "If you are unsure of where you are on this chart you can figure it out using the Seer Information."

    #1 Google match for "planes of power seer responses"

    #2 Google match for "planes of power seer responses"

    My thoughts regarding your effort are irrelevant. It's obvious you didn't try.
  2. Myrdale New Member

    I am working on my Conqueror achievements, and for Bastion of Thunder, I only have Agnarr left, who according to track happens to be up.

    While I have had a great time working back through this zone over the last couple of days, I have just made it to the room before Agnarr.

    When I hail Askr the Lost, the A Chaotic Vortex spawns. Right click and "U" simply cons the NPC as ally, it does not port me up.

    Hailing Askr again spawns another, and then another. Watching them I got a little dizzy ><.

    Anyone know if this is broken. I did find this thread from several years ago.
  3. Roufas New Member

    In Agnarr server (punt not intended) we tried a DZ first, then we went to the open world and we could not port up to Agnarr, after the patch.

    We could before so yay.
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  4. Repo New Member

    Hey folks we had this issue as well - this happens in both DZ and open world, please take a look it's blocking progression for everyone.
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  5. Repo New Member

    Bump this is broken again as of the 2018-05-16 patch, instead of being a vendor he just doesn't port anyone up. This is the same in a DZ or open world.
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  6. Prathun Developer

    One of the dumbest things in our Codebase strikes again. This was a side effect of cleaning up bad merchant list data for the May update. Several NPCs that were extraplanar merchants, a the combination of which gave them teleportation powers, are no longer merchants. We are looking into a fix.
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  7. Yinla Augur

    Got to love EQ code :)
  8. Prathun Developer

    This should be fixed internally. Though there were more than a handful of NPCs that were until recently set up as extraplanar merchant teleporter types, only two appear to spawn and have valid teleport data.
  9. Bobbybick Augur

    Don't leave us hanging, who is the other?
  10. dentalplan New Member

    Possible to hotfix this Prathun? It's going to be pretty bad for the Agnarr server if planar progression is completely broken for another 30 days.
  11. Rage_Sk Journeyman

    So in the fix for Rathe Council ... you broke the port up to Agnarr in BoT. The server's have been jacked up for the last 2 days. ... Also you may want to stop Askr from spawning an unlimited amount of vortex's...
  12. taliefer Augur

    less rage, more description of the problem.

    also, after they knowingly pushed a patch live last month that broke all instances on test and did the same on live, cant really be surprised at anything any more
  13. Rage_Sk Journeyman

    Forgive me good sir if I was some how unclear, let me try to restate this in a manner that you may understand by grasping a firm hold of each cheek and inserting my cranium directly into my rectum.. After killing Emmerik Skyfury and saying storm to Askr, he spawns a chaos vortex. To port you up to Agnarr the storm lord's room. Currently my good fellow, you can not interact in any way with the chaos vortex, thus it is not possible to get to Agnarr.
  14. Eloin New Member

    He is 100% correct concerning this bug. My guild tried to do this on Wednesday after the patch in a DZ and Open World. We could not port up to Agnarr, exactly as the poster stated. We did an open world Agnarr kill the day before the patch (Tuesday), so we knew exactly what we were doing.

    The port up to Agnarr is broken, period.
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  15. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    You are right this bug sucks, and I hope they hotfix it for you soon. However, I can't even begin to understand how you have this level of forum incompetence. There's 2 threads (at least) addressing this problem, and already a response from Prathun that it's been fixed internally. What was that again about the devs' attitudes? Grow up.

  16. Hober New Member

    According to reddit the Rathe Council event is broken still as well. The poster claims that the council no longer respawns at all. Truth or fiction Agnarr?
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Its probably best the servers just come down for a week while they figure this all out.
  18. Baldur Augur

    That isn't necessarily broken. You only care about them respawning if you fail the event.

    If all goes well and you kill all 12 within the time period then you don't care if they don't respawn.

    Mobs in instances don't tend to respawn in AoCs.

    You get 1 chance in the instance to succeed. That's not broken, that's probably what they intended.
  19. ShaggyGrant Journeyman

    Not, you will fail because they aren't all killed in 7 minutes and you don't have a chance style of not respawning, but instead, single pull and kill all of them and win style of not respawning. Since the trigger for AOE is just having all of them dead.

    Edit aka: there is no longer any challenge to this event.
  20. Hober New Member

    No, the claim is that they don’t respawn at all no matter how long you take to kill each one. Thus, there is no time limit on the encounter and you can succeed even if it takes you 2 hours to pull and kill each individually.

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