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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Cstoner187, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Cstoner187 Elder

    Really? I'm glad you guys have time to play an April Fools joke on us and change the font type. Yet, there is about 3,000 broken problems in game. Way to make use of your time.
  2. Oakenblade Augur

    I came here specifically to find Forum-Quest style whining over this non-issue. I was not disappointed.
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  3. Cstoner187 Elder

    Whining is far from what I posted. It was a simple "way to make use of your time."
  4. Lorilei Journeyman

    The font change was funny. The font size was too small. Grats me on needing bifocals. Or reading glasses. Please test the font size before doing that again.
  5. Jeisenne New Member

    Comic Sans font FTL :p:eek:
  6. Maedhros Augur

    Gee wonder whats so special about today that messed up the font!?
  7. Mesil New Member

    I am not playing with this font, so logged out.
  8. Stephen51 Augur

    How do you change it back permanently? (Changing font /fontface works until you zone or log to char screen)
  9. Tiane New Member

    WTF, I mean... the stick figures at least didn't interfere with gameplay. I can't even read this game now.

    Turn it off or give us the option like... now.
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  10. p2aa Augur

    In Options / General Tab, current font size is saying arial next to it, but the box below is empty. Choosing in the box below "Arial" will solve the font size back to usual.
  11. Bigstomp Augur

    I logged into the forum before the game (about to sleep), can you screenshot or comment with more detail why this matters? And if it's April first why it matters more than having some April fools fun?
  12. Pootle Elder

    Just goes to show people will cry about anything. An April Fools joke that probably took 2 mins to flip a font name, and people start getting all triggered.
  13. Stephen51 Augur

    Thanks, but once you zone the joke font returns.

    It appears that some people are unhappy with the jokes played on April 1st, and I can understand that, because it interrupts their game play.

    How much fun would it be if your power company cut the power on April 1st as a joke.

    This is a service you pay for and I think people would take it much better if, the joke wasn't always aimed at the player. Aim it at Daybreak, at the mobs or at the environment, and maybe make it short lived or give people the option to opt out, and you may get less complaints.
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  14. Stephen51 Augur

    I've set up a hotkey

    /fontface arial

    To click every time I zone.
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  15. Itaru New Member

    April fools jokes are supposed to be fun. Not make us want to cancel our accounts.
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  16. Shimmerleaf Augur

    I try not to go off on the devs. I understand they have a difficult job and horrible situation in trying to please bosses, players and maintain their sanity.

    With cataracts and 4 eye surgeries, it is a challenge to do anything online. Therefore please accept this in the spirit in which it is intended.

    Whoever came up with this font crap and whoever approved it is a frakking moron. Anyone who cannot understand the frustration of trying to play a game when the eyes are really bad is calmly invited to go to hell.

    Thank you
  17. dc.hawkeyegold Lorekeeper

    Loaded up to April (Ha Ha!) Fools day whacko font that I am unable to read because I am old and my eyesight is failing, go into the fonts, change to dynamic font, client crashes to desktop.

    Reload, wait for character to log out, log in character, client crashes to desktop.

    Google dynamic font CTD EQ and get nothing useful.

    Anyone know if I can edit one of these ini files to reset my font, w/o resetting my character setup, which though using the vanilla ui, is pretty elaborate?
  18. dc.hawkeyegold Lorekeeper

    I was able to figure this out myself, but in the interest of helping anyone else who may get this problem, go into the character UI file in your EQ directory, find the UI_Charname_servername.ini file, open it, go to the last line, should be '' and change dynamic to arial, then save the file, then restart and you should be good to go.

    Yay! Happy April Fools day to us!!
  19. Moege Augur

    Unfortunately every time you zone it goes back to the joke font.
  20. Zaviere Augur

    Comic Sans... the biggest troll font there is.


    Eh, 7/10 at best.

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